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Favorite Hemp Prefolds?

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I'm thinking about switching to hemp prefolds. What are your experiences with hemp prefolds? Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Hi mama! I love my hemp babies bigger weeds they are really flats, but I use them as prefolds and add a joeybunz to the center to make it more of a prefold.

I love babykicks hemp prefolds too! They are REALLY absorbant, but they take a while to dry, thus the reason why I like my hemp babies!
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I have only used Babykicks hemp fleece prefolds. I liked them at first, but over time (10+ washes), they lose their Snappi-ability. This was a deal-breaker for me, sitting there with a wailing baby while the Snappi kept slipping off. I sold them.
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my favorites

I use Hemp Babies Little and Bigger Weeds. We use one of each at night and have NEVER had a leak in 12 months or more. They ROCK!:

We pin them...hemp doesn't tend to have a weave that is open enough for a SNAPPI.
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Thanks for the suggestions, Ladies! I'm not sure about the non-snappiability. Hmmm.
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I use Polar Babies with a snappy. They are great!
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Knickernappies has a hemp/cotton prefold that can be snappied.
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