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by-the-lake---WOW, CONGRATSSSS, OMG, this is great!::
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WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! YAY by-the-lake!!!! I am so happy for you! YAY!
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By-The - Lake: Congrats!!!:::
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So happy for you by-the-lake!!!!

Guess the being the thread keeper worked for you.

I'd like to think it was the acupuncture since I am now undergoing treatments
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Please add me on to your thread

Hi Everyone, sounds like some good news going around. Congratulations!!!

I have been ttc for almost 2 years. I got pregnant with my first IUI and miscarried. I've since had three more IUIs all failed attempts. My first IUI I got pregnant with clomid and only 1 follicle. I've never had more than 2 follicles. I had given up and moved to IVF but due to poor response they just switched me to IUI. I have four mature follies but E2 is only 523. I am stimming tonight and then the first IUI will be 36 hours later and the second 60 hours later. Does this sound crazy? All of my other IUIs were 12 and then 36 hours after stim. I am on ganorelix to suppress ovulation because I had started out IVF, so they figure it will take me at least 36 hours to ovulate. Has anyone else ever heard of this?
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Congratualtions by-the-lake!!!
: ::: :: :

See you in the DDC!
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Originally Posted by by-the-lake View Post
So.....um....as anti POAS I am, I decided to this morning, 12DPO, so I could go off progesterone, as I am blaming the progesterone for all my pregnancy sx. Except its not the progesterones fault. My digital said "Pregnant" right away. I am being cautiously optimistic. My doc happened to be on call, so I confirmed with him it was not the Hcg trigger. He said its not!!!! Beta and progesterone tomorrow morning. I can't believe this....
Hip, Hip Hooray!!!!! Another wisconsinite grad:::uating!!!!! Congratulations
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Hi ~ I would love to be added to this thread as it seems I am FINALLY moving forward with things...

We've been TTC #1 now for about 22 months - found out in July '08 that my husband's sperm count is ~300,000, so we can only get preggo with IVF. After our initial consultation in Dec. '08, we learned that he has a genetic defect called a Robertsonian translocation (2 of his chromosomes are fused together, so we're at risk for Trisomy 13 and 14). This means that we need to do PGD for each IVF cycle... we've been delayed twice so far due to red-tape bureaucratic crap, but things appear to be lining up for me to start Lupron on the 19th! :

Anyway, that's my story, and I am looking forward to keeping up with all of you in March...
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Originally Posted by Laci View Post
So happy for you by-the-lake!!!!

Guess the being the thread keeper worked for you.

I'd like to think it was the acupuncture since I am now undergoing treatments
I was thinking it was the AP too.
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: Yay by-the-lake!!!!! : So excited for you!!!
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Cross post:

I am now on hold due to golf ball sized cyst in my right ovary. ugh!
What is it that they say, Murphy's law?
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Laci this is suckitude time. Stupid cysts. Did they put you on bcp to help get rid of it. I had 3 big cysts back in november and I was put on bcp to get rid of them.

I will be going in tomorrow am "bright and cheery eye" for my us and bw. RN was shocked to hear my one day period and told me that I HAVE to come in tomorrow. See what wonderful news I get this time! What could it be this time, ovaries disappeared. You can tell I am loosing it.

by-the -lake--beta! waiting to see your results.
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Wgt- LOL, I know what you mean about the next big roadblock. I'm always expecting something not so good lurking around te corner. Except I'm sure your ovaries are hanging out. Keep us posted.

AFM- Beta 103 on 13DPO, progesterone 24. Will keep on the progesterone, but its not giving me bad side effects like before, so its ok. Repeat beta Thurs. Can I hang here a bit before I go to the DDC? I know how things can go...... I cannot thank you ladies enough for all the support. I would have given up long ago if not for everyone here.
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By-the-lake since your are the thread keeper you will need to pass it on. I recommend wtg, if she wants it! Send some GL her way. The last 2 thread keepers got there BFP'S
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I will keep it until April. Then Wgt should def. keep it. It may be good luck
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by the lake congrats!! hope you have a H & H 9 months!!!

afm I had my hsg yesterday. Tubes are clear! That was one of the worst things I have ever had done, my uterus is tilted and my cervix wasn't cooperating so out came the tenaculum. Holy cow! that sob freakin hurts!!! I think we are doing an IUI this month, unless its going to be a repeat of the hsg!! Not going thru that again!

everyone else, good luck! haven't been on here much- trying to de-obsess!! if that is possible
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crystal- Sorry your HSG was bad. I totally understand. Mine was horrific. Glad your tubes are clear.

by-the-lake- Beta sounds great!!! Congrats! What is your due date?

laci- Sorry about the cyst.

AFM- CD3, just waiting to O.
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I am so flabergasted that I have been recommended for the thread mistress. Maybe I can do it in April unless someone wants it. Julia's mom is doing a great job on the IVF thread. I think I can manage it in April.

crystal-mommy nice to see you back here. Great your tubes are clear. You definately don't want what I have. Its a horrible nightmare. I would do anything to have my tubes clear.

nummies-gl with this cycle. Hope everything is all set with the clinic.

by-the-lake--I am still surprised.

Laci--My goodness gracious they were so busy today. I got there 700am, first person there, then after I was done there was at least 14 couples waiting there. Wow. They told me yesterday was worse, they treated over 150 patients on the one side and the nurse said its not even counting the procedures done on the other side.

hello to atlgirl and everyone else who is lurking here!
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So what did they say WTG?
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I am joining you in the cyst land. They had to find 2 cysts in my left ovary again. So they put me on bcps. This should not screw up my cycle much. They just have to go away when I am done with my pack of pills. Once af arrives again I have to go in for baselines. Then if I get the high five then I can start stimming. I figure its not much of a big deal being on bcps so I won't feel so bad that I am ovulating and we don't have a snowball of a chance to get pregnant. Its a horrible feeling to ovulate and knowing the egg just disappears in your abdomen and never gets a chance to meet the swimmers. Hey I have been posting alot in the IVF thread.
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