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Here I am with my bad self, getting all coffeed before TMing it. That's right, I'm doing it. Going to channel some of Plady's and mamabeth's and Gaye's gumption, and RM's love of the TM, and see where that gets me before work today. Fueled on latte.

And bbm, I am right there with you on both the health and money issues with dh. We are in the same kinda boat. I work less than ft and am looking to reduce further because of our choices about the kids. But it seems like I am the only one willingly, mindfully making the sacrifices to do it without nose-diving into ruin. It makes me crazy. And the frustration does sometimes come out in scary rage feelings. I get you.

Wendy and Callie, I hope you two can lunch today. Have fun! Take a picture!
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Gigi-I can't believe my kids DON'T have school today. Mondays are so busy for me and they're just going to be dragged around from the Y to sitting outside of my choir room for 2 hours. Plus, what fun is a snow day when you don't have any actual SNOW!?! : I guess the southern part of our county (nearly an hour away) got more than we did, so the whole county is out. We did have fun in it yesterday though.

Wish me luck today ladies-I'm teaching 4-5 songs in Zumba!!!
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Can I give a gloppy ?

It's only due to the dingoes that I motivated myself to do a Tae Bo dvd today after not exercising for a good 3 weeks.

Of course, I couldn't finish it. But what the hey, I still went at it for 30 mins.
With a foot of snow on the ground, unlikely to get out for a run!

Still I could use some recs for some new exercise videos, preferably not much in the way of equipment necessary. Also keeping in mind that I am not very coordinated (which is why I've always loved running...only requires forward motion)...remind me to tell you all someday the funny story of my getting kicked out of step class (asked politely to leave) b/c I kept going the wrong way at the wrong time and endangering those next to me.
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And why is rage so bad? Im just sayin'

No, seriously. I think rage is normal, that is, normal per our biology. I think it is only now that we are civilized that rage seems inappropriate, because arguably, we dont need it as much. I find myself enraged when an issue goes on and on, like asking for something over many months that never happens, or I guess it would be more apt to say when a need goes unmet? What happens to ongoing frustration? Add to that some sleep deprivation and hunger, and watch out Ive actually been giving this some thought lately as dd1 is very aggressive. Not with other people but with her brother, and sometimes, rarely with us. When he aggravates her, she gets PISSED, and often lashes out physically. I have offered alternative strategies, and practice them with her, "lets pretend Im F..." and then I bug her, and we laugh, trying to come up with good ways for her to respond. But I know for my part, when I am really pissed at the kids, it is only because Im an adult and can "control" it that I dont lash out, but truthfully, I want to. I realize that what I want is to get it out. So Ive been encouraging her to beat the shit out of the couch and scream at the top of her lungs in the playroom, and then come back to talk to him. I think trying to be reasonable when you are really angry can be bad, b/c you are having to stuff that anger (and then down the road you get to rage). I dont want her to be a stuffer, as I am And I think punching and screaming can feel good, but you may not do it to/at a person. Am I crazy?

So couldnt our rage just be a longstanding need to be heard? And when reasonable words are not heard, we ramp it up until we get to rage, b/c rage will be heard?

Nic - my heart just aches for that family wtg on excercise!!
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Nic - I was so sad to hear about the loss of that little boy.

I couldn't get him and the situation off my mind all morning yesterday. Then around noon I received a phone call from a friend who said that a mutual friend of ours, only 35 years old, simply didn't wake up yesterday morning. She died in her sleep and they have no idea why I hate how far away I live from everyone, but I am heading to the city tomorrow.

It looks like my surgery date has been moved up sooner so it might even be this month. Anyone want some slightly used Enells? I can't wait to lose most of this chest!
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Thanks ST for the condolences (and all the other mamas).

So, it's traditional in Judaism for mourners to follow the aron (casket) to escort it to its final resting place (we also bury our dead as soon as possible, and don't leave a deceased person alone until burial, for reasons of respect to the dead).

Yesterday after the actual funeral the procession made its way back to our neighborhood (in cars) and stopped in front of the Chabad shul which the rabbi and rebbitzen established. There were many hundreds of people there (incl. my family). The rabbi and rebbitzen got out along with the other close family mourners, and walked after the hearse with the aron (casket), followed slowly by all the members of the community. We walked with them, all crying, and silent (saying psalms), for a few blocks. Then they got back into their car and the procession continued to the cemetary.


But I could tell, when they came up the street (police cars escorting them in front and back) that they were touched that the entire town basically came out to be menachem avel (comfort the mourners).

Shiva (the week of mourning) starts today; I don't think I can get there today b/c of the snow and my kids are home (not so appropriate to bring them, at least the younger ones) but hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.


I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that there was no suffering. We also believe that every soul is sent to this world to complete a mission. Clearly his soul's mission was done -- and that he was taken on Shabbos is also, traditionally for us, a mark of a truly righteous soul -- because Shabbos is the day of comfort and rest, and we view Olam HaBa (the World to Come) as the ultimate Shabbos.


Back in this world, I am blowing off housework and enjoying the snow day by...fooling around on the computer.

Still could use some exercise video recommendations. Went out to get the paper and the snow came up over my (calf-high) boots. My kids are going to have a great time this afternoon outside but the wind is still pretty brutal.

My dh, who has been driving me batty, did a very nice thing today. He cleaned off my van. Which was wonderful, but it's doubtful I'll be able to get it out of the driveway in any case!
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Ice, ice, ice, ice, ice. And more ice. And did I mention ice? In order of preference, I would do an ice bath, ice cup (freeze in paper dixie cups and rub on shins for an ice/massage combo), ice pack or bag. Have you changed anything recently? They're usually brought on by a change in training...shoes, surface you're running on, intensity, etc.
ice is nice! ok, will do. i did ice it yesterday after my run but i will keep it up several times.

i have no idea what happened! i don't have new shoes, i didn't change my running surface or increase anything...i did read this

While the root cause of shin splints are tight calf muscles and weak shin muscles, the injury may have been further aggravated by a variety of factors. Running on hard surfaces can put an added strain on your front leg muscles. You may have a foot that tilts in (pronates) or out (supinates) when you run, causing your front leg muscles to work harder to achieve foot stability. Or you may have developed flat feet, which you should treat separately. Most likely, however, is that you're simply running too much.
(bolding is mine) and i have been complaining of tight calves in the last few weeks. could that be it?

anyway i have some stretches to do....
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cornflake girl, enjoy your new dog. I hope he does fine with your cat.

Realrellim, I hope your DH comes around and understands why those weekends don't work

tjsmama, enjoy skiing today! Sounds like you're having a great time!

1jooj, have a good TM run.

HBM, good luck for Zumba! You'll do great!

Nickarolaberry, I am so sorry. I read the article you posted in the Feb thread. So sad

I am also enjoying a snow day. I am shocked that my University is closed but I'll take it Charging my ipod and then off to the gym, the walk there is going to be nice and snowy. I'm hoping I can run without pain.

Have a good day all
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K, just ordered: Biggest Loser Power Yoga; Biggest Loser Bootcamp; and Dance Your Way To Fitness: Brazilian (hey the music sounds great )

Hopefully I'll actually do them. I love being able to buy used ones really cheap -- I have sold and bought lots and outlay is actually quite minimal once you re-sell the ones you don't like.
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Nic, hugs to you and the boy's family. We started a women's exercise group at my church and we've been doing a bunch of DVDs that different women bring to the group. So far my favorites are part of the 10 Minute Solution series, which is buy one get one 50% off at Costco right now! Each one has about five 10 minute segments that focus on something different. They're mostly strength training.

The exercise group meets this morning at 9:15 but I don't see myself getting there, since Baby Girl is due for a nap right about then, and I'm exhausted from all her nightwaking. If I end up going, I'll probably have to hold/wear her the whole time because she'll be tired and fussy. That makes for some pretty crummy exercise. Sigh. I think I've actually gained weight since she was born--counting from after I lost the actual baby part of the baby weight. There's no time or energy for exercise right now. Ok, end of whine now!

Shanti, that is super-exciting that your surgery might be this very month! I bet it will be such a great change for you!

Jo, GL on the treadmill. You sound very motivated, channeling all that Dingo energy.
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Oh, you know, I've heard that Jillian Whatshername's (from the Biggest Loser) 30 Day Shred is really good, too.
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post
And why is rage so bad? Im just sayin'
For me, I want to control it b/c teh rage comes on usually from my kids bickering and aggravating me.... just doing normal kids stuff. And then when I can't control myself, I'll yell at my babies, in a voice and with a look in my eyes that even I don;t recognize. Once I told my dd to "shut up", and I'm suprised that I didn;t say "shut the F--- up".

Anyway, for me, I think that my (thankfully few) rage outburts could have caused (unnecessary) hurt to my kids, and that's not the way that I want to parent.

I think it's fine to be angry, but for me, I think of rage as those out of control moments when your behavior contradicts normal behavior. And for me, I don;t want to EVER act like that again.
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Not that I want to contradict what you're saying sparkletruck...but growing up in a very rageful home I think it can be extremely damaging. I think CathToria describes it well when you talk of it as being out of control. It's not just angry. What you describe would make me angry as well, as it should...anger is to communicate to ourselves that there is something wrong, or we've been wronged in some way...it gives us the energy to do something about it. The rage I've been feeling though isn't even like anger that has brewed for too long. I think that's why it has scared me so much. I just feel this horrible anger...and I have NO reason for it. Nothing is going on, it's just my body going crazy.

Anyway, I send this out with as much peace as this hormonal bag of a woman can muster . I really do mean well. Perhaps this is why it is so disturbing to me, growing up in a home where anger was not healthy and not expressed healthily and something I have always struggled with...and now feeling like it's beyond my control. It scares me...I don't want to become what I was afraid of, IYKWIM?
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I was just about finished with a post last evening when the electricity went out!

Nic..that is aweful.

CT...I'm thinking more about doing the tri! I'm leaning more towards doing it, because it really sounds fun!

bbm...love the shoes! I love shoes!

mb...what kind of dansko's? the clogs?

ahh..lunch is almost over, and I need to do math lessons, so I can go run!
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no, super cute ones that look like ballet flats. Hoping I can wear them on Sunday and have comfy feet!

I am yet again gathering the mojo for a run (outside, at least!) that I really feel too tired to do. I slept in this morning (relatively) bc I was up last night for a long time obsessing about all this stuff going on, HATE that! But today went well, I ROCKED the funeral (have you ever heard that phrase before?). And I cannot do my last sermon, my brain is full, and so I am going for a run to try to jar something loose because it basically has to be done tonight! five miles, hope to report back that it's done in a bit.
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BBM - that makes complete sense. I think I am talking about powerful anger, but maybe not rage? What you describe does sound scary, and moreso because of your past Im glad you can talk it out here - it benefits us all

I stumbled on a diastasis thread last night and am now feeling renewed about my stupid stomach!! How many years can one person rue their saggy gut!?
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Nic - I read the article you posted, and the comments, and my heart was just breaking, not just for that family, but for the entire community. Hearing the different ways that people deal with their grief. You could hear the sadness, the outrage, and anger that losing a child causes. I wish you, the family of this boy, and your community peace and healing as you all work through your grief. He was obviously a special person that touched many lives in his short time here.

RR/FM: I have been an active girl! I ran 3.5 miles this morning (split up into two segments), as well as a Total Body Conditioning class. I love that class. It is so hard, and challenging. I was also pleased with my speed. I'm consistently running a sub 10 minute pace, which is so much faster than I was at this time last year! I just love seeing the progress! Oh, and I'm only 1 pound away from being in the "Normal" BMI range!
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Thanks, Bec.

Apparently he died of Influenza A (labs back today). But there were no warning signs of illness at all.
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, Nic.

I'm still in my rut of overworked/anxious/stressed and have now added a cold to the mix. But my colleague made me a couple of CD's, and I got *mistaken for an undergraduate* today (as in, "And, what's your major?" from someone in a meeting) and dh is taking dd to dance, so I'm going to hunker in and get some work done.

Can't decide whether to run tomorrow - I'm still a little sore from my long run on Sat. and am sick, but I always feel so much better when I run... maybe I'll give it a shot, if I can wrangle it between other stuff.
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Penelope, An undergrad? That would totally make my day!

Way to go bec. It sounds like a good workout.

Nic, the death of any child is so sad. My heart breaks for his family and friends.

I am making minestrone soup for dinner but due to a late start it won't be ready until about 7:00. Just poor planning on my part.
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