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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
Still I could use some recs for some new exercise videos, preferably not much in the way of equipment necessary.
My strategy is to check out all the ones at the public library and see what works best. Also, you don't have to worry about coordination when you're doing it alone in your house!

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Penelope, An undergrad? That would totally make my day!
Being mistaken for an undergrad might make my day, but somehow being mistaken for a grad student just seems to piss me off.

I had a lovely afternoon with Callie! I just love being able to see people in their native environment, even if it's only for another few months.

I had a totally smooth trip -- evidently one of the only people coming from the east. We left when it was 17F, blowing snow, and 15 mph winds. It was 82F when we landed. Now I'm just hot.
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I just had a great lunch and coffee meetup with Wendy! : : :

So much fun to have a chance to see a Dingo.

She and Gaye are the only Dingos that know I really exist and am not some random internet person
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Penelope, that is too funny! When I was on one of my campus job interviews in January, they took me to a brew pub for dinner and I got carded :
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
I just had a great lunch and coffee meetup with Wendy! : : :

So much fun to have a chance to see a Dingo.

She and Gaye are the only Dingos that know I really exist and am not some random internet person
I have met enough Dingos or at least spoken with them on the phone to believe that they aren't scary random internet people It is such an amazing group of women
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Hey, my last two days of skiing has been entirely with random internet people. I even stayed with several of them last night. And yes, I will vouch that Callie really exists!

I'm done skiing, another very nice day. I need to go shower before we go out for our mod dinner, and then a long drive home tonight. I am tired, but happy.
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I hate the whole bullying scene

dd has been in a funk for a couple of weeks now and it has been really bad teh last few days. I was out with thsekids doing some errands earlier and when we got home there was a voice mail so I listened to it. It was a little girl leaving a horrible, insulting message for my dd Fortunately dd didn't hear it, doesn't know about it, and I can talk to the other girl's parents and teacher about it.

I hate this kind of stuff.
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Five miles done this afternoon. They sort of sucked, but I'm glad I stuck it out for all 5. There was a point where I can go home or go for another 1.5, and I was really tempted, but put on a good song and dug in.

It looks like we are (maybe? possibly?) finally going to the movie shoot tomorrow. the crazy weather screwed everything up, and we have had to punt so many times I can't even think about it. At this point, I'll just be glad when it's done. Hoping tomorrow is at least kind of fun and interesting, but we'll see.

Shanti, good to "see" you and I'm so sorry about your dd. I was bullied on and off as a kid (moving a lot does that to ya) and it SUCKS. Glad you were able to catch the message before it did the damage.

I actually have to roll my hair, old school style, before I go to bed, so I better get crackin. Take care mamas.
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
I actually have to roll my hair, old school style, before I go to bed, so I better get crackin. Take care mamas.
wow, i'm impressed you even know how to do something like that. probably there are many ladies here with this skill.

it's snowing all afternoon here, and the roads were crap so i couldn't go to the gym and attempt to make up my missed bike ride. ended up doing an out-the-front door x-country ski which included laps around the outside of our neighboring cemetary and some up and down the hill in back of our house. and it was all done by headlamp.

now i'm trying to figure out a new shopping cart format for the soap store since the old one vaporized.
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Shanti, that bites. I'm glad you can intervene on your dd's behalf.

Callie, how is your search going?

I was totally happy to be mistaken for a young'un, although our school does have plenty of non-traditional-age students, so he might have thought I was a 34 yo undergrad. It beats being taken for the department secretary (which there isn't one) which has happened when I've failed to use the Dr. in front of my name when introducing myself. Mmm, sexist much?

Still no running, and the ungraded papers are calling my name.
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SS: Ty TY TY.. my ss is totally outdoing herself. I got some awesome fuels to try, and a copt of tehnew Tri magazine, which is geared toward beginners. I have been devouring it, I LOVE this one!!!

I got my 2nd copy of Triathlete mag today. it's their beginner issue, and I have been devouring it. there is a 12 week trainging plan in there, and based on that, I am soooo ready!!! I am working so much longer already, and my tri is exactly 3 months away.

I think I'm going to add a tri. at the end of March, there is an indoor tri at my gym, LifetimeFitness. It's a 10 min swim, 10 min T1, 30 min spin, 5min T2, and a 20 min TM run. The total distance that you cover is your final result. I think it's only $25, so I may do it just to get a feel for everything in a more controlled environment.

ETA: Bec, awesome on teh BMI, congrats!!! even though I think the BMI # is not necessarially the only way to gauge fitness, I know how nice it is to hit those numbers

MBelle, wanna join me for that indoor tri at LTF ALpha on 3/28 to try it out???
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I did get my run in this AM. 3.5+ (can't remember exactly...maybe it was 4?) on the TM, plus some other stuff on the floor. Then when it was time to leave, discovered that dh took my car keys. So he had to come home and give me keys. : Not the greatest start to a week. Then we got some grim financials at work, but hey. Still working.

Dh finished painting the dining room tonight, too. It looks awesome. I wish he hadn't hung all the crap back up on the wall. I wanted to take the opportunity to make those walls crap-free.. :

OK. Got to do a timesheet and get to bed. Running again tomorrow.

p.s. I have had consistently good results with meeting Dingos.
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Wow Shantimama - how hard to intercept that, and how bold of that little girl! I have a lot of thoughts about this topic, but I can share them via pm if you like...no need to get on my soap box and bore the masses

I have one last package to send out for my ss...I'm having a hard time thinking of what to do...my creativity juices have faltered.

nice going Jo!

Please give me the boot to do my 5 on the TM. I blew off a 6-miler last week and I'm just not feeling the love.
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Hello everyone!

jooj - How nice to have a freshly painted dining room! Arg, I wish I could get my dh to finish this bathroom. I sit at my computer and look at the bare plumbing to the sink every day. :

bec, what a great milestone to reach that bmi range. Congrats!: I always check mine, too. It is the upper limit of normal, so I am also working toward the upper middle range. I've been stuck for quite some time, though!

shanti, good that you caught that message. Bullying is the pits, and I'm glad that you are aware of it.

Mamabeth, How did those curlers work out? I always hated sleeping on those - ah, one must suffer to be beautiful!

Me, I am in a funk these days. I ran a long run Saturday, did nothing much to speak of on Sunday, then had my weight class last night. There were no TMs free after my class, cause I would have loved to run a bit. I feeling really angry with my kids in a pent-up way. Usually, the cause of that is my feeling that I am a bad mother, and then I turn it on them. So basically, I did my class, started to feel better, then came home to dh angry with me - which started the whole cycle again of me feeling bad for something and turning that bad feeling into anger directed AT him! I suppose all of this is probably hormone-driven and will pass.

So, 3 miles planned for today, and I'm going to try to do that on the bridge again. I hope it works out!!
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Okay, babybugmama, load up my PM box!!! I need all of the thoughts I can get on this one! We dealt with some bullying with ds a few years ago, but the girl bullying scene is completely different.

I phoned the girl's mom last night and that went okay - she is coming over in a few minutes to talk. I really hope it goes okay. I saved the message in case she wants to hear it herself. This morning I phoned the school and spoke with the girls' teacher and that was frustrating. This teacher is young and a creative teacher but just does not seem to 'get' or respond to emotional and social issues. My other dd had her for two years and communicating with this woman always frustrates me. This morning I told her what had happened, I didn't say who the child was, just that I had spoken with her mother and that my dd had not heard the message, but that I thought she should know this was going on in her class. She responded with, "Oh, okay, glad your dd didn't hear it." I hope she uses the information to address the topic in the class somehow. I think I will follow up with her next week about it. Just because dd didn't hear the phone message doesn't mean that all of the playground and whispered classroom comments don't hurt, you know? My dd is an excellent student, usually a very happy, playful, creative kid and for the past month she has been crabby, angry, unhappy with her art work, hating school, not sleeping well, crying a lot - I really want more than a "whatever" response from her teacher, you know?

Ugh. I remember so well how challenging three year olds are. I hate to break it to those Dingos who have still-little-girls, but eight year old girls are enough to make you because at this age all of their friend's 'stuff' comes home with them as well as their own

Tomorrow I see my surgeon and get a firm date for my surgery. Someone recommended that I bring in a bra in the size I want to be as well as one I am wearing now to show the doctor what I want. OMG - what a joke. I bought something on the bigger end of what I want and it is completely dwarfed by my present bra If she can make it happen for me, I may have to keep the woman supplied with chocolate for the rest of her life. It is recommended that I not run until well after I am completely healed, but I am already looking forward to running without all of this extra luggage on my chest every day.
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Jumping in to say;

BBM - I would like to hear your thoughts too. Since if we're not there, we may be. I know my sister had this happen with her kids at that age, and I can already see the bud of this in the clique-y way dd1 plays with her friends, or her friends play with her...

ETA: I just finished reading Shanti's post. We live next door to two houses with 2, and 3 girls in them, so with dd, it makes 6 girls between the ages of 4-8, with three 6 year olds, one 4 and two 8. One eight year old is wonderful; conscientious, thoughtful, nice. One is kind of a nightmare; deceptive. manipulative.... of course, the yuckier one is my dd's favorite . Eeeeeek. We're hoping to move before the influence sinks in
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Shanti - I'm so sorry you are going through this. My eldest is going to turn 8 in a little over a week (how did that happen?!), and I hear you on how things from school are starting to come home! Katie has never been overly bothered with the social scene, but I have seen a little bullying (it was quickly resolved), and have heard about gossip and rumors going around the school about other kids (a little girl in my brownie troop). So, I would love to hear your thoughts, too, BBM!

One more thought on teasing, and the like, though. My brownies just read (as a troop), One Hundred Dresses. It was written, I believe, in the fifties, and is about teasing, name calling, and, ultimately how to do the right thing and how to stand up to it. I think the girls got a lot out of it. It's a really good book, easy for the 7-8 year old set to read on their own, or with a parent, with a lot of complex thoughts to digest.

Originally Posted by CathToria View Post

ETA: Bec, awesome on teh BMI, congrats!!! even though I think the BMI # is not necessarially the only way to gauge fitness, I know how nice it is to hit those numbers
Gigi - I tend to think that the BMI numbers are crap, particularly for athletes. It just doesn't account for a high percentage of muscle mass. But, after being overweight and obese for so many years, it's nice to conform!

RR: I got my tempo run in toda. I did 3.72 miles in 35 minutes! I averaged 9:28 pace for this run.
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I'd also be interested in the raising girls/gossip/clique conversation. As a mom to 3 girls, I need all of the ammo in my parenting arsenal!
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Penelope - thank you for asking! I just last week accepted an offer for a TT position in Rochester NY: so I know I will be picking your brain in a few months (I already started on Wendy yesterday) on surviving the first year

Shanti - for you and your DD, I am so sorry she is going through that
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shanti~hug for you and dd

RR: just ran 6 miles on the TM. ready for the shower.
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BBM~I know what you are saying about rage, it controlled me and I was scared and didn't want to feel that way. I didn't know why I felt that way either, which was so upsetting. I am soooooo happy that I was able to find something to help me (fish oil) and that I don't have to feel like that.
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