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nice rr MB

I'm going to check out my gym's run club this Sat at 7am. It's free for members, and my new friend, speedy-fast-ballerina-mom, loves teh trainer who runs it. So I'm going to check it out.

MBelle, if sugarloaf doesn;t have masters classes (I don;t think JC does), check out swim atlanta. when I looked into it, SA was cheaper (and they are better IMO). Wanna meet me at Mountain Brook on 4/26 for an indoor tri? I think I'm going to do that one too
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veryerin~ and welcome! I have used and liked Hal Higdon's training plans, and I know others here have as well. Of course, I've only done half-marys but I think at least one person here used his plan for a full. He has novice, intermediate, and advanced plans on his site. www.halhigdon.com

mamabeth~Great rr! You rocked it...2:13 with lots of hills is awesome!

Not too much excitement going on here today. DS had music class this morning, which I realized at the end of class was the first class of the new session (which I hadn't registered for yet) rather than the last class of the old one. We had a make-up class to use anyway, but I felt a little bad. Guess I need to get on the ball and get registered.

I'm making my first attempt ever at homemade granola right now. I just got tired of paying so much for the storebought, even though I love it, and figured it can't be THAT hard. Of course, I couldn't find a recipe that I liked or that called for what I wanted to put in, so I had to kind of wing it. I'm getting adventurous in my old age, I used to be a VERY strict recipe follower. In just the past month, I've just kind of made up stuff for enchiladas, potato soup, and now granola. Crazy!
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Nice RR, mamabeth!

I'm feeling exhausted and overworked, and a little stressed about ds's birthday party which is the day after I get back from a conference for which the paper is mostly done and I have sixty exams to grade... wah!

My half turns out to have hills (which I didn't bother to check out) and I'm freaking out. (It's flat here.) I did hill repeats on my treadmill today which - was a good workout but not as satisfying as a longer run. Maybe I can work in a short hill run once a week before my 9am class.

Today, at work, I participated in the theft of a colleague's shoe, and the composition of a ransom note for said shoe. I do not know why this makes me laugh so hard. We're just going to wait for him to figure it out. (It wasn't a shoe currently in play, but a new one from a recently delivered package. A shoe he was wearing would be a wierd thing to steal.) (I'm an adult, I swear.)
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hello people of the dingo thread....anyone want to email me a photo of their kid running (side view please)....?:


muchas gracias!
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penelope - for you...:

flatten those hills!
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
hello people of the dingo thread....anyone want to email me a photo of their kid running (side view please)....?
I put three different ones (best I could do) on my flickr page

Just back from a last minute, late season XC ski with my friend Carol. So fun. Little blizzard here today cancelled school :, I got in a bonus ski for the season and a little chatting with a good friend.
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Thanks Jo for the words, it's nice sometimes just to be heard.

Another 5 in the jogger today - ds was asleep within moments and I was just left alone with the road.
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Wow MB, WTG!! Yah, Knoxville has some killer hills!

I just wanted to pop in to complain to someone before bed. I had to miss my lovely afternoon run today because I got a "small" job from my favorite client. Well, that turned out to be the nightmare job from hell, and I just finished it an hour late at 10pm. My first ever, officially late job. I usually plan in plenty of *cushion* so that I won't have to stress out at the last minute. I just despise this situation, because it was a little job (only a few $) but major stress (so I was mean to my little ds who wanted/needed to sit on my lap and my dd2 who has a long day on Tuesdays and I like to snuggle with her at bedtime to make up for it). Not to mention that dh is now irritated (he didn't say it, but I can tell!). And the icing on the cake is that I was so rushed and stressed that I'm sure the quality wasn't up to what I would like it to be. ARG all around.

But I am getting up at 6 am to run 3 miles with my new RP. So it's all good in the end.

G'night everybody! Thanks for letting me vent!
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MB--yay! Congrats on your time and thanks for sharing the rr.

poppy--here's DD from last summer: runnergirl
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Mel, that's one thing about WAH that can seriously su-uck. I tend to do that when I get "little rush" things in when I am at home. : To the letter. I hope the client was ok with the lateness. I am sure you were capable of explaining that it might not have been as small as it seemed.

Yesterday's run was decent. I am feeling a little better, but still overwhelmed. To the point that I am sweaty (and smelly!) all the time from the stress. Trying to work it out on the TM so I am not so eeww at work. I have back-to-back meetings scheduled all day (including over lunch), every day this week, and I have to do the "productive" stuff when I get home (which is now because I am too tired at night). So I just emailed some stuff off, and I am going to recommend that we change from hard copy to technology for our other meeting, just to waste less and take some of the pressure off me.

I have also spoken some with our IT mgr about our available WAH technologies. They have EVERYTHING, already in-house, to make it so I could reasonably do it. Easily. With instant, face-to-face access to supervisors and coworkers. It just makes me : that the trust isn't there. We're looking at piloting something...

OK. Should really put a couple miles on before the day gets ahead of me.

Psst. Someone start a new thread. Please?
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