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anyone use the Ergo baby carrier?

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The Ergo carrier was suggested to me and I was wondering what kind of reviews you all had on it. I have a sling but we haven't adapted so well to it and I feel there is a better fit for me out there. My LO wants to be held constantly so I really need to the ability to go hands free. I also want to use it for hiking. I am looking for something:

1) light weight
2) comfy for babe & mama
3) non-disruptive to hip development, etc.
4) breathable
5) easy in & out

I am only 5'2" so I need something that is not big & bulky. Does the Ergo meet these criteria?
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We loved our Ergo, dh used it a lot to go out hiking.

If you want something more flexible though -not big & bulky - think about a mei tei. While the Ergo is very comfy, it's better if you don't have to take the kid out while using it. If you may have a need to do that, a mei tei is a lot easier, similar in how it works/wears and is really lightweight.

Check out babywearing too.
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I'm a small mama, too-- only an inch taller than you. I love love love my Ergo. The shoulder straps are a little bulky, but the other good features of the carrier make it totally worth it, in my opinion.

That said, if you don't mind a little steeper learning curve, a Mei Tai will give you the same basic fit for baby as you get with the Ergo, but it's more adjustable, lighter in weight for the most part, more breathable, and less bulky. I found it easier to nurse in the Mei Tai, and there wasn't the constant fussing with the straps that I had with the Ergo.

So I'd say it's a tossup. But the Ergo is great, if you decide to go with that. I had both, and liked both a lot.
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We have a mei tei and an Ergo. I think if you want something to hike in I'd go with the ergo. Also, there is a newer version of the ergo that has less bulky straps. We prefer it to the traditional ergo.
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How old is your LO? The ergo is nice and we started using it after my DD was 6 months. Prior to that I used a mei tai ALL THE TIME! I am 5'1" and like the ergo but find that it puts a little pressure on my hips. I think it may depend on build. It is a nice carrier though and we use it a lot.
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It's really personal to both your shape and your baby's weight/shape. We used the Ergo fairly early on with good success. I find it much more comfortable than a sling or bjorn. But my husband likes the bjorn. But I also have a ring sling and love that for short trips out or around the house. I've nursed in very public places (the subway and airport) in the Ergo without anyone knowing the better. The hood is a lovely feature and always got my LO to sleep. I only just this week (at 7 months) have started using the stroller when out on errands. Truthfully, it's more exhausting than carrying her!

We just started trying it on the back so I'm hoping that will be a new option for times when I need more openess with my arms.

It has been worth the investment for us, as has the ring sling.

My babe is 19 lbs now and we still use the Ergo comfortably.

Hopet his helps.
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I started using the Ergo when my son was about 5 months old and I still use it everyday (he's almost 21 months). I am just under 5'2" and I LOVE it. I had a Mei Tai too which was great but when the weather got rainy I found the straps would trail in the mud whenever I had to adjust it. I like that the Ergo can be set to fit perfectly and that's it. I still currently nurse my son in it and wear him down in it for all naps and bedtime.
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Here's my review: :

It's awesome. I have a MT that I used constantly when dd was little, but for back carries I prefer the Ergo. I can still carry my 40lb 3yo in it totally comfortably. I'm also 5'2.

I just wish they'd come out with their cuter colors before we got ours...we're stuck with camel
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I love my Ergo! We also have a Mei Tai, which is very comfortable, but with the long straps it's more difficult to take on and off getting in and out of the car without the straps dragging on the ground.

Our guy is 18 pounds, and I can comfortably carry him on my back or front for hours. It's very quick getting him in and out. The straps are bulky, which makes it harder to carry a shoulder bag. It's still one of my favorite carriers, though.

The new Ergo Sport is supposedly made of a cooler cotton/poly blend. Although, we used our regular Ergo (with bulky infant insert!) during the hot, midwestern summer months, and it was comfortable enough.
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I used an Ergo extensively with a little boy I babysat. I hate the belt. I absolutely hate the belt. It cuts across my abdomen in just the wrong spot and not only do I feel sort of poorly (because I think it affects digestion) I look weird too. Squishy belly looks pretty bad when you put a tight belt on it. And the shoulder strap things .. they didn't work very well for me. Somehow my body and the Ergo don't work well together. FWIW, I'm 5'4 and about 170lbs.

I vastly prefer a chunei to an Ergo. They rock. I have one and it was so comfortable that I could carry my nearly 2 year old all over airports in Europe this summer and I was 20 weeks pregnant. The weight isn't on your shoulders or on the belt but is spread across your chest. I got mine from Jen at the Korean Baby. I got the mesh Baby Comfort one and recommend it to everyone who asks!
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I could not live without my Ergo. I found it so easy to use while out and about. I would put dd in it before leaving the house. Then, when we got to the car, dd would go in the carseat, and I left the Ergo waistband strapped on. It never seemed really bulky, and I was able to easily put my seatbelt on with the Ergo still strapped around my waist.

I also have a mei tai, but I infinitely prefer the Ergo to my mei tai. The mei tai was fine when dd was a baby, but when she got heavy, the Ergo was so much more comfortable. I'm really small with a bad back, so I needed something that would help support dd's weight. Our mei tai got about a month's worth of use, but the Ergo has been in service for years now. And I like how my husband loves the Ergo; he refused to wear the mei tai.
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I have found that mommas that don't have much fat around their middle find the ergo comfortable. For me I like a mei tie because it doesn't 'cut-in' to my figure like the ergo does. I'm 5'2" and 150 if that buts it in perspective.
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: I love my ergo.. but really only started using it about 4 minths or so. Before that it was def my ring sling that was a saving grace!
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