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teething @ 3 months?

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so ds has started drooling up a storm, mouthing his whole hand (and sometimes gagging on it, lol), and having more frequent, runnier poops. he has also been really unhappy for up to an hour or two at a time, with high pitched screaming and crying until his whole body is just shaking and his breathing gets all erratic (he tends to be a bit of a fussy guy at times, but this is different - more insistent, louder, higher pitched). at these times, nothing works - not the breast, not the wrap with a walk or a bounce, not singing, not holding and rocking. we're trying some homeopathic teething remedies, and I think they help, but I'm looking for advice or suggestions. I don't remember teething being so painful at such an early age for my other lo's (but maybe I've just blocked it out!) could it be something else that I'm missing? he's got no temp, and throughout the day is full of smiles and giggles. we are working on some suspected food sensitivities, I have cut out dairy and so soy far. is anyone else dealing with teething yet? or have some great magic mama teething tricks?
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Evangeline is three months, two weeks and I think she is beginning to teeth, too. When we run our fingers along her gum lines there are two pronounced "bumps." She also can drool better than all three of our dogs combined now and often shoves the majority of her hand in her mouth.

Her crying has decreased BUT the meds for her GERD have really just started to be effective, SO we might have an unbalanced version of what "normal" crying is

We plan on getting an amber necklace for me, the chamomille natural tooth/gum rubs, and the raspberry teethers that you put in the freezer.

What else should we be prepared to do?
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I've read that it is possible to get teeth this early (I think they're called neonatal teeth? Or maybe that is the term used for babies who get teeth shortly after birth. Can't remember).

But, has he been given any vaccines recently?
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Hi crashing from Oct 09 DDC-but had to say my DD had her first 2 teeth at 3.5 months. It's totally possible. Her cousin also was the same way and his mama said none of her other kids was ever teething that early. I used teething tablets often and some Hylands. Honestly my DD got so bad when she was a bit older and we broke down and gave her some ibuprofen for her swelling and pain because nothing else was working, she was miserable and so were we.

Our best saving grace was those no-choke food bag thingies, putting a frozen piece of fruit in there seemed to help so much. She was like 6 months when we did that though.
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Awe... I'm so sorry that your little one is having such a painful and stressful time of it.

My first daughter had her first tooth by 3 months. My other two daughters started teething around 4 months.

Lucien will be 16 weeks old on Thursday and he started teething about 10 days ago. He pours rivers of drool all over himself. He's learning how to grab his balnket and he chews on it, but he doesn't have the dexterity to hold a teething ring yet. He's a bit grumpy, but not screaming or anything.
None of my kids have had a bad time with teething, just general grouchiness and the need for more attention.

You can give your babe .5 ml of tempra or tylenol. Aside from that I'd do anything that relaxed him more often. Lucien LOVES baths so he's spending more time in the water. And I give him a massage more often as well because he just melts. He loves to be outside so I bundle him up and go for a walk.

I hope you can find a way to help him through his pain!
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I baby sat a girl who was born with 2 teeth so now i REALLY know it's possible!
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Ds3 got his first tooth at 3 months old. Aya is drooling up a storm and using her fist a lot. She may get hers soon too.

I saw some hemp/flax seed teethers on etsy and want to get some for her. I would also use wooden teethers like this one with felted wool.

good luck, I hope your babe feels better soon
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Thanks so much everyone - I really appreciate all your advice and encouragement! We won't vaccinate until much, much later (probably a few years!), so I know it's not that. Thankfully it's intermittent with lots of happy times so we can still enjoy the sweetness of this age. I have a feeling his sensitivity might also be related to how much more awake and engaged he is through the day now - he gets really tired and overstimulated by the evening time so probably expresses his frustration and pain more strongly. By 7 pm he's more than ready for bed. I just need to figure how to make the whole dinner/cleanup easier so it's less stressful for all of us.
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Jonathan was born with one of the "neonatal" teeth...my mw had yet to see one. It's cute, lol.

My DDs all started teething with DD1 being the worst pain wise. We used alternated Tylenol & Motrin...but she had 6 teeth come in over the course of 24 hrs! We used washcloths...wet them & froze thekm (sometimes w/baby apple juice to change it up).

Good Luck!
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