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NST at 40 weeks?

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I am headed in for a prenatal visit tomorrow. I'll be 40w+1d (I am due today). I know that my midwife will ask me to schedule a NST, because she mentioned that I'd have to start them at my visit last week. She also keeps saying things like "it's easier to push out a 7 pounder than a 9 pounder!" and "haven't you told that baby that it's time to come out yet?" These statements make me really uncomfortable, because I honestly feel like my baby will come when he's good and ready, and not before. It's not as though I'm holding on to him, I would certainly be thrilled to go into labor tonight! But I trust my body, and my baby, to know when it's time.

While I understand that she is concerned about the increased risk associated with going post-dates, I am not there yet. In fact, I'm still two full weeks from being post-dates, and I'm pretty darned sure of conception date! Should I just accept the NST to appease my midwife? I wouldn't consent to either a biophysical profile or an oxytocin challenge test, if I were to have a nonreactive NST, so it seems like a waste of money and a lot of stress for nothing. :

I feel like this testing is really a CYA sort of thing, especially since there are no other indications that my pregnancy is anything besides normal at this point. My kick counts are normal, the baby is moving in a regular pattern, and I don't feel like there are any problems.

I think I'm going to refuse the NST when she offers it tomorrow, but I'd like to hear what you'd do!
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Ugh, sounds like she needs a swift kick to the heinie, CYA issue or not. I'd tell her to stick the NST where the sun doesn't shine. You're the patient, you're the mom, and you, like with an OB, have every right to tell her what flies and what doesn't, whether or not she likes it.
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I would agree to schedule it... 14 days after your due date.
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I like going to mine to get a break from the kids and dh LOL just teasing...I dont know what you should do. I'm really high risk this time, so I get them even before my EDD, they are pretty easy and no big deal we usually pass but with my clotting disorder they are necessary because it can potentially cause stillbirth. If you are feeling the baby move and are ok then it should be fine to wait.
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Politely decline. Tell her you'll record kicks instead.
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