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MARCHing along in ABQ

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Hey I've started the new thread :
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Tsk Tsk - that smilie is not allowed before 8 am - only these ones :
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oh, and also, I can't believe you would start the March thread KNOWING that means our baaaaaaybeeeees will turn 1 in March. Horrible lady.
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Happy March to all.
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We're allowed to start March just not reach the middle or end. I told D I might just spontaniously start crying at random parts of the month, it doesn't help that 3 of her top teeth are now in she doesn't look like a baby at all anymore.
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Well MY baby doesn't turn 1 in March, so ha!
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Can't believe the babies are almost one! My baby turns 2 next month.

Wish I could have made it to emans house yesterday. Maybe we can try again soon. If things don't get better with my back soon my mom is gonna fly out to help me. Maybe she could help me get dd to a pg while she's here.

Isn't the weather just gorgeous! :
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We played outside all morning and promptly got in a bath. Both kids were just covered in dirt. I love this weather.
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It was almost hot today. Whats up with that?
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i got baby c's cute soft shoes in the mail today - they are so stinkin cute. And to celebrate he walked all around the house! He walks really carefully for such a beast.
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YAY Baby C!
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A is very excited that it's March. 2 weeks until she's 4 yo. Of course she always has to add that after 4 she'll be 5.

I get the good mom award today...Since the Valentine's party at ASF's house, A has been complaining that her foot hurt. She had stepped on a goathead or something. Anyway, I looked at her foot and there was a little bump and a dark dot. I figured it was just healing. Last night in the bath, I got a HUGE splinter thing out of that spot that was sticking straight into her foot. The poor thing has been walking on it for a few weeks.
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Whoops! COMommy.

ASF, Yay for walking c!
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C got into the hippy school! There were over 70 entries and she got in!!!!!
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Ouch CoMommy!

ASF, congratulations! Is hippy school Monday-Friday?
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right now they have half days on fridays

the span school was in the lead until i realized they have uniforms like this SID kid would ever wear a turtleneck or polo or slacks - hah! So they are even right now because for the span school i would have to deal with the drama of exemptions and being "that mom" from the start. And the hippy school has the drawback of being 5 days. This is hard yo!
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Yikes. Decisions, decisions!
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Yeah for C and C.

Comommy it happens yikes.

So I was reading NM kids today and the UV "ped" (and I use that word loosly) that treated M at Pres is opening a private practice
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Eman's, Oh boy.

My nephew is visiting us tonight.
Is this what it's like with 3 kids? Adam and I haven't even finished a conversation since he got home and when we tried to have a conversation with the kids at dinner, it was as if we were trying to talk to hyper puppies. ........
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D and I haven't had a conversation in years

COmommy, could you post some of the books you were talking about the kids reading?
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