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Doularn, I'm just a meany, but if I made it all the way to school, I might have just left him there. Glad you are home thought, I've been following your trip on FB

Comommy get well.

Elm, Wow that is a lot you must really be feeling better.

I've done 8 loads of laundry today and they are even half put up.
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Eman- I was so close but with Shelly there and he would have made a major scene... I am a weak mother. I was so pissed at myself. But I have to trust that he was telling me something cause he usually goes right in. Either that or he was manipulating me big time. However I would not have wanted to go to work today for anything, so i can only assume he felt as crummy as I did. I should have listened to my gut and just rolled over this morning...
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do we have a plan for playgroup this week?

can everyone dye the weekend after easter?
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Thanks for all the dance school recommendations. I can do dye the week after Easter. I just need to get some stuff first.

Sorry doularn about your rough morning yesterday.
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I am working...:

So I had to tell you all that I had lunch with DH today and was discussing my dilemna of which path to take to be a midwife 1. go to school 2. hookup with a HB midwife here and apprentice... and among other things he said "I really, really want you to do what you want to do because I dont want us to be old and hear how you didnt get to do what you wanted to do. " i said" Yes, because if that happens it WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT because I keep TRYING to do what I want to do and it gets screwed up everytime."

Its been almost three years I've been here. I'm waiting for the three year event. Its due anyday now.

He also said he was ready for a vas, cause he thinks I will have sex with him more if he does that... apparetnly I said that at one point.

I know, TMI.....
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Playgroup: I'm good any day this week.

Dyeing: That weekend works for me. We're doing this without kids, right?

Doularn, we all over share in our group.
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The weekend after easter is just as good as any.

DoulaRN, last PG there was tons of sharing. Heck if he gets it done it can't hurt right? D isn't having it done until I find someone that will let me cut the tubes, it only seems fair.

Ok I need a minute, D is normally a super guy, but man...... So I call him today basically to say not to rush home, that I'd rather have him take time off at the end of the week to help out around here. I'm treading water with a 20 pound brick and I feel like I'm going down any minute, you know what that man says to me..... Well I'm running data for K so she can take tomorrow off!!!!!!!! EXCUSE ME, you are doing work for other people (lower on the food chain) so they can take time off meanwhile I'm over here drowning and you will be gone all next week. If you are done over there then why aren't you here helping me out!!!!!
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So hey, guess what?

I smelled gas in the utility room this morning and call NMGC. They came and wondered why we didn't DIE since our gas water heater vents...into the utility room. The vent piping is too short. Since this fall! M is fixing it and I'm left wondering if I should get blood tests.

The room is often closed and no one hangs out in it for extended periods of time. The carbon monoxide monitor we installed in there this afternoon is giving a clean reading so I guess it didn't linger long. I'm a little unnerved, though.
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Holy crap Kermit. Not cool. Glad you all are safe and have a cm monitor now.
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How nice that little S liked the Ergo, Elm. Is it easy to bend and move with it on?

Doularn, I don't know the backstory but I figure a can't hurt. Or maybe the commiserating eye-rolling smiley? That's around here somewhere...I think you made the right calling letting L go back home and rest a day.

Eman's, that would drive me CRAZY. I am selfish, I like dh to be here with us if he can be.
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KMJ wow that is scary, glad you are all ok, if the meter isn't going off you are probably fine but if you'd feel better with blood tests then I'd do it.
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I'm just gobsmacked. How does one survive 4-5 months of daily leaks? Our hot water heater runs a lot!

I read up on symptoms and we've had headaches and M and I certainly have memory loss, but we've been chalking it up to sleeplessness with H (I know, he sleeps more than many babies, ). H has been a crankpot lately but everything seems age appropriate.

Everything I've read says if you suggest you've been poisoned, go directly to the ER and do not pass Go. But I can't find anything on slow, prolonged exposure.

Must not freak out. Off to call the pediatrician, see what he thinks.
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KMJ- CO poisoning can be slow and insidious. I'd get checked just for peace of mind.

I need some PG time!!!! Cant see it happening for two more week tho'

Crazy- When can we talk about financial aid?

Eman- Men are just ... from another planet.

Just now DH called to see how much he could pledge for public radio yearly gulit trip. So we decided on a number and he said " cause I feel guilty for not pledgeing" I said wasnt it enough that we support the homeless sheltr and two midwifery non profits and we are going to give some money to the NACC foundation? He said "oh yeah" I said if you really want to feel guilty about something I can give you quite a list but not giving today to the public radio is not on the list. Geeez...
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dd is bugging about learning spanish - so i am looking into lessons. i have found 3 people who will do group and individual lessons for both kids and parents if anyone wants in on it.
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Doularn, and *sigh*.

KMJ, how scary!!! I'm glad the problem is fixed. I agree with getting checked out for peace of mind.

ASF, that's cool. We are trying out that Rosetta Stone. I realized I know a lot more words than I think I do. lol
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Okay so I am meeting on Friday with two HB midwives about apprenticing and helping them out. TUrns out there might be a way to get my CNM using an apprentice based model without having to endure a university.

More decisions.....if I do this, one of ya'all need to get knocked up.
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Doularn, I will get knocked up for you.

Poor Adam read that over my shoulder. :
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Rach, he's got a bit of time.

DoulaRN I hope it works out for you.
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That sounds like a great opportunity, Doularn, especially the no uni part. We'll be having one more baby but it'll be six months to a year before I get pregnant again if I have it my way.

Called the ped yesterday and described the situation to the nurses, who were stymied and said the doctor would call me. He did not call. My DL expires tomorrow so I have to go to MVD. Also, groceries are needed. I am tired just thinking about it -- better get started!
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