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the thing about annie is that she knows how to play. playing is her profession. and playing in a way that is strategic is a part of her profession.

others who come to the game do not necessarily have to work at that level of strategy to make their income. i mean, i do have a strategic plan for my business marketing and such, but it doesn't involve reading my competition, understanding the implicit aspects of THEIR game as well as my own, etc.

i don't think it makes her a 'snake' but i do see how she is 'manipulating' the game in her own favor. it's part of what she does.

so, is annie a nice person? i'm sure she's a lovely person. is she also a seasoned strategic player of games? absolutely.

my guess is that when she's not playing a game, she's more 'normal'--but when she is playing a game, she plays to win, which means strategy.

as the guest judge said, she did a good job of being in that strang position of being able to take credit for everything should they win, yet be responsible for nothing should they loose.

that is GOOD strategy.
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I just read an article about poker players recently that said they are *always* playing. They are very charming and fun to talk to, because they are always *reading* you to see what they can say to make you happy (said this article). So, it totally makes sense that that is what Annie is doing with Melissa and Brande. They are just so new to this type of game that they can't figure it out--which is why Melissa got so offended and Brande now thinks she is such a born Apprentice. I mean, seriously. She thinks that just because she finally answered a question directly ("I think Melissa should go home, how's that?!"), and has made it this far that she actually has some skills. Puh-lease. What does she think is going to happen now that it is just her and Annie on the team? Obviously Annie is not going to be so in love with her if/when the two of them are alone in the boardroom together.
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I had a feeling it was going to be Joan and Annie as the final 2. I think Trump (and the producers) knew that that would provide dramatic tension for the final. It might have been interesting to see Jessie there. Funny how everyone thought he ought to get some money out of his wife and her friends. He obviously bristled at that.
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yeah I'm a bit grumpy that isn't not Jessie and Annie in the finals. I agree it would be SO much more drama with Joan and Annie and that's exactly why they chose Joan over Jessie.

still love Annie. can't believe all the crap and all the nastiness and "it's all about me" on the show/in the world today. guess celebrities even moreso than regular folks but still I see it a bunch in regular folks too.
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I think Jessie and Annie would've been great to see in the finals - especially because he's the "sleeper" of the bunch; even if just to see what he's got in him, ya know? And WHO CARES if Piers couldn't figure him out...wouldn't that have made the finals that much more interesting? Also to see if it would "shake" Annie some to make her think she doesn't have to work so hard to beat Jessie - and he come out of nowhere and DOMINATE? But oh well...

Joan is definitely gonna bring some drama; hope she can get her team to work with her. As long as Melissa isn't on Annie's team I don't think she'll have a problem with her team; she didn't really make any enemies except for the Rivers.
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I'm so bummed they kept Joan instead of Jesse. I really liked Jesse. Basically Donald didn't want to keep him because he wasn't going to get his wife (Sandra Bullock) to donate a bunch of money or come around with all her friends. And Jesse was so right about this not being all about charity. It's about ratings, of course! Although I like her, Joan is just a side-show at this point due to all the drama with Annie and Melissa.
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I'm glad it's going to be Joan vs. Annie. I actually would have been OK with Jesse vs. Joan too. I like Jesse. I like Joan. I like Annie, but she annoys me a lot. She plays people too much... although I realize that's her job...so probably hard to get away from that.

I liked Clint's jingle and KOTU's ad better than Annie & Brande's. But... even if they had won, I still think we'd see Joan vs. Annie in the finale. Wouldn't have changed anything except giving Clint's charity money vs. Annie's charity.

My guess is that Annie will win in the end.
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I really like Annie. If you remember from the first part of the season her team really did not like her, she was way to bossy. The girls kept winning so she never could be voted off. I the girls would have lost I think she would have gone to the board room more often.
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I don't like annie's personality but I want her to win...She has don't very well and raised lots and is tough...
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Yes, I have a feeling Annie will win. Remember last season no one liked Piers either but he raised the most money, and I think when it comes down to it that's what it's about. I don't like Annie either. But I think she's really just playing the game and probably isn't her "real" self. After all how could she have so many friends who were so willing to give money when asked if she didn't have some redeeming qualities outside the show?
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I just watched the opening and I want to laugh so bad - but my 5 week old baby is settling down to fall asleep on my chest! Donald was walking thru the museum and saying he has to choose between Joan Rivers (flash to dinosoar bones) and Annie Duke (notice shark hanging on the wall behind his back) - HILARIOUS!!!

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Not happy with the ending...Why does everyone love Joan so much?
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Originally Posted by kimiij View Post
Not happy with the ending...Why does everyone love Joan so much?
I don't get it either.
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Originally Posted by kimiij View Post
Not happy with the ending...Why does everyone love Joan so much?
I have no idea, I wanted Annie to win since Jesse wasn't in the final. Joan just came off as nuts the entire season
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Yeah, I agree. It did seem like Joan did better on the last task but Annie did way better overall in the game, and brought in way more money. I thought for sure Annie would win, partly because she reminded me of Piers on the last season-- no one liked him either but he played the game well and brought it loads of money. You know the thing about Joan I think is that people gave her a lot of credit for making it to the final, and working so hard being as old as she is. She also seemed very committed to her charity.
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I was so happy Joan won!


I like her a lot better than Annie. I loved how Joan called her charity to help out.. and thought that the use of female impersonators was a great idea.

I think part of the reason Joan won was that people who worked for her genuinely liked her. I realize Piers was the complete opposite.. but in general, you do better in business if your employees like you. I also think that perhaps Donald was trying to emphasize that it takes more skills than just raising a lot of $$$.. although that is important as well.

I wouldn't have been upset if Annie had won, although I just like Joan more and I think she has a more caring heart. I think Joan had a more personal connection to her charity and that came through. Annie, I think, supported her charity... but it was more about her *winning* than anything else.
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I thought Joan's outburst in the boardroom was outrageous and uncalled for.

Did I miss something? Annie was telling the truth about the event company quitting because of Joan, right? They did quit because Joan was being such a pain in the a** (not to say that the event guy was right either...he didnt' seem to know what he was talking about). The way that I saw it, Joan put Annie in a very tough position re: the event and, if only for that reason, I did not think Joan should have won.

I did think it was ridiculous that both of them made it so personal, but I think they are both very passionate people, and they just has opposing views.
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add me to the 'upset Joan won' camp. She can't do anything for herself...I have feeling she's been that way her whole life, not just that she's old. of course I respect her for being in such great shape for 75. Even Donald kept mentioning her energy level. Annie outplayed her all the way around.
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Annie outplayed her and should have won. Who gives a rip about how much energy she has...yeah, impressive. But the game's not about rewarding the most energetic. I'm confused by that ending.

I was a little saddened by physical reaction to Donald firing her. I rewound and watched her actions 3 times. It was like she was gasping in excitement and then realized what he said...like she really expected to win. I'd love to see a post interview.
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They always have curve balls thrown to them... like losing a planner. IMHO, Annie protested way too much. Saying that Joan needed to die? Way to keep your cool.

I thought Annie is living in a state of denial when she said that poker is not gambling. : While she might not like to acknowledge it, in general, gambling is not viewed as a great way to make a living. Gambling destroys many lives. It's very few people who can make a living at it. Heck, gambling (especially casino-oriented) is illegal in most states in the U.S. It usually occurs on Native American-owned land. Just because poker has become very popular lately (especially through online gambling sites), does not mean that it is illegal in most states and destroys many lives.
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