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Natural birth @ NW Birthing Center in Tucson?

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I am planning a natural birth for my first child (unless I change my mind once I am actually in labor) and right now I am with a doc through NW birthing center. I considered the Tucson birth center, but it seems like nowadays most first time moms there end up getting transferred to TMC, and I figured I might as well start off at the hospital rather then be transferred.

So my question: Has anyone had a successful & good experience birthing naturally at Northwest? I plan on attending a tour of the facility soon. Thanks for the input!
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Also wanted to add that I will have a doula.
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I interviewed for a job there in 2005. For a hospital I was impressed by the manager, but I think she may have left and I don't know what it's like now. It did appear that, like all hospitals, it depends on which nurse you get.

My adopted daughter was born there in August. We met her at 6 hours. The nursery nurses were all great--I actually knew a few from when I worked at UMC NICU. I got a private room for our night there and threw the mattress on the floor. Nurses saw and didn't say a thing. (I wasn't comfortable sleeping with the baby on either of the beds.)

May I offer you reconsider the birth center. Even if you get transferred to TMC (I didn't,) you'll at least have a midwife throughout your labor. Since it's the nurse, and not the doctor, that is with you throughout your labor you don't want to trust it to getting the right nurse. With a midwife, they are with you and are much more supportive of what you want than most doctors.

Have you considered a home birth? I wish I'd been able to do that, but couldn't.
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Northwest has the highest C-section rate in town.

What makes you think you would end up a birth center transfer? Most first-time mothers do not get transferred from the birth center, it is definately not a 'most' statistic. Have you ben to the birth center and had a negative experience? They do operate with pretty rigid practice guidelines, but I know many mommas that have had excellent births there.
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it is not a birth center- it is just a separate hospital building, partly to draw people in with the name and partly to reduce general hospital germs - the philosophy is straight hospital- yep highest epidurals and highest c-section and it isn't as high level of hospital (doesn't handle as many high risk patients) as UMC or TMC so not as many reasons to have c-sections as the hospitals with the higher risk clients... there are a few docs who have privileges there that are good providers but it is hit and miss-- so yes the Birth Center that is close to TMC has a high transfer rate/ maybe 50-60% so that you may end up with a hospital birth but the NW birth center is 100% chance of hospital birth-
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Where are you getting the info that Northwest has the highest C section rate in town? I would think that depends on your doctor, not the center. This is sooo frustrating.

I say that most first timers get transferred at the birth center because that is what they flat out told me when I went to their tour. I don't know if any of you have been on their tour lately. And my doula agreed that a lot (though she didn't say most) of first time moms do get transferred. However the center did say that their "approval" rating with birthing moms was still very high (I think around 90%) even amongst the transferred moms. I am so not about getting an unnecessary C section so I think I will ask my OB more about her C section rate at my upcoming doctors appt.
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mostly reports from mom/clients (who have given birth there), birth educators, nurses and tecs I know that work there and at other hosptials very frequent topic of conversation .the people that work there give warnings about not coming there to give birth if you want to have a natural birth- sure there are some good docs there, I think I have said that, but you still have hospital protocols that are laid out by someone other than your provider
I can't re-find but had downloaded some info from DHS that had areas and procedures ---
I still say if you start at the REAL birth center and then transfer you have a lower "hospital" birth rate because some are still giving birth at the center and what is their c-section rate even with transfer? --- there is a great deal of behind the scenes crap going on (basically conflict of interest) perinatologist who want to get rid of the independent birth center and turn it into one just like the one at NW--and that influences what happens---
I do think that a doula is essential no matter which place you give birth at because the extra help is just needed--
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I worked as a labor nurse both in hospitals and at the birth center. I am a great labor nurse. I worked with other wonderful L&D nurses. We helped moms have the birth experience they wanted.

I have worked ICU nurseries and taken student nurses to the obstetric rotations. I have watched how nurses who are not so dedicated to natural childbirth work. I have watched doctors who are loved by their patients (but have really high c/s rates) work. I have said to my students, "Watch that doctor. She has just taken that patient by the hand and will lead her to an unnecessary c-section." I was right. But that doctor is totally loved by her patients because her bedside manner is so good and her doctor skills are so...doctor.

Your labor will be managed by whatever nurse is assigned to you. She will call the doctor and give her impressions. Via the phone, your doctor will probably agree with much of what the nurse requests. So, the nurse you get can be far more important than which doctor you have. This is why where you go is so important. What the nursing culture is like is crucial to your experience. We had a really low c/s rate where I worked because we didn't do epidurals and the nurses only called the jerk doctors when we HAD to. We managed the labors following the doctor's orders and we made sure we didn't get orders for any more than we needed to.

When I worked with the crunchy granola nurses, we had some really jerk doctors. They only showed up once the baby was crowning. So their patients had amazing labors with short moments of hell from the time the doctor rushed in and rushed out again. Fortunately they weren't around very long so the women's experiences weren't too bad.

But what will you do if you get a nurse who is too lazy to do natural childbirth...from the nurse's perspective that is a lot more work than an epidural. From the doctor's perspective it really doesn't matter much. THey're not around for the labor. They're just there to catch the baby. SO, make sure you go some place where the nurses don't mind the hard work of natural childbirth OR make sure you have the nastiest, most verbal, most will fight for you doula around.
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Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

I decided to make an appt at the birthing center, just to be sure. Luckily they were still available for June due dates. I don't know ladies, this is all stressing me out.
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Hi, lurker here. I wanted to speak up about my sister's experience at NW. She had her son there two months ago, 100% natural. No epidural, no episiotomy, no pitocin, no anything except her own body telling her what to do. She didn't want to be told how many cm dialated she was either or want any fetal monitoring, she wanted to wait until she had the urge to push, and they did not give her any flack about following her wishes. She initially thought she'd go to the birth center but was refered to the high-risk docs at TMC due to a bleeding/clotting disorder. She didn't feel comfortable there and switched to NW during her last trimester. She also had a doula with her, along with me and her husband and our mom got there right at the end. I was expecting to have to advicate for her, but they went right along with the plan, no questions asked. The baby nursed immediately after being born and didn't have Vit K goop either. I think good and bad experiences can be had pretty much anywhere.

Hope this helps.
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My friend had both of her babies at the Tucson Birthing Center and cannot speak highly enough of it!

Im so gald its here in town, when the time comes for baby #2 im def. going there
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