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Pediatric Dentist needed in NEPA

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Anyone have a recommendation for a pediatric dentist in NEPA? Dr. Wezmar in Scranton will not allow us in the room while doing work on DD's teeth, so we canceled he appointment there, but she still needs to get work done.
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I go to Dr McNamara in Clarks Summit. He is not a ped dentist specifically, but does do kids, I believe. His office is unbelievably kid friendly. At my last cleaning one of my dd's sat on my lap a good part of the time. They are just so relaxed there and they have great toys! My kids just run around there to whole time dh and I are in the chair. The staff is absolutely wonderful. Once my kids start going to the dentist they will definitely go to him, I am not going to fool with a ped dentist. And I would be shocked if you were not allowed in the room while your dc was getting work done there.


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There is a holistic dentist in easton who does kids- shes really nice. www.beatacarlson.com
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There's also Dr. Grube in Scranton. She's holistic -- no flouride, no mercury. I'm always in the room with my kids. 

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