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Originally Posted by KD's Momma View Post
I have a can of baby only organic formula in the pantry for an emergency - I don't have to be run over for it to be used We haven't had to use it so far and hopefully won't have to but it keeps mine and Dh stress down about it being there and if LO needs it and I am not around or won't be for awhile then it's there for use. But LO is eating solids now, so we can generally hold him off with a solid snack until I get back.
Same here. Eleven months on it's still unopened, but it's nice to know it's there if need be. But I also don't share the opinion of some people on here that formula is the devil...not the optimum baby food by a long shot, but OK if used occasionally.
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Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post
If we did have an emergency, baby wouldn't be dumb enough to drink it.
What does that mean?
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Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post
baby wouldn't be dumb enough to drink it

I have a can of organic. Also have the freezer stash of EBM... Just makes me feel better to have it. It doesn't tempt me. Kind of forget it's there really.
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Mamas, let's keep in mind that formula bashing is neither in the spirit of Mothering nor in line with the User Agreement:
MDC serves an online community of parents, families, and parent, child and family advocates considering, learning, practicing, and advocating attachment parenting and natural family living. Our discussions concern the real world of mothering and are first and foremost, for support, information, and community. Mothering invites you to read and participate in the discussions. In doing so we ask that you agree to respect and uphold the integrity of this community. Through your direct or indirect participation here you agree to make a personal effort to maintain a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for our guests and members.
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no. i have frozen bm.
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Originally Posted by _betsy_ View Post
There are 24 hour stores if there's truly an emergency. And in the case that you're taken to a hospital, if you're alive and able you can likely pump there. And there's generally a nursery there if baby is hungry and DH needs emergency formula.

I figure it's readily available for what I consider the wrong reasons, why I would assume it wouldn't be there when a legitimate need arises?
yeah to all this.

unless you live like 50 miles from the nearest store of any kind and only have one car, then i really don't see a point to stock up on formula. i thought about what you're saying back when DD was a baby, but we live 2 blocks from the nearest store that sells formula

or i suppose in an emergency, that would be
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I had about six cans of saamples that I got while I was pregnant for the first few months. But he never had any formula, i don't think he would drink it at this point (7 months). He barely will take breast milk out of a cup and refuses to drink it out of a bottle. I liked having them there just in case I was away and he needed something. Although. in total I think I have only left him alone for maybe 14 hours without me.

I gave my cans to my cousing who is going back to work after 4-8 weeks pp and doesn't plan to bf too long. I figure that she will get some use out of them. If we have another baby I don't think I will keep them simply because now I believe I can bf and I doubt they would get used.
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No, we don't keep any "emergency" formula, at least partly because it would probably get used in a non-emergency. We live within 5 blocks of two stores that sell formula (one of them 24hr) if a true emergency were to come up. However, I doubt it would be as easy as DP giving baby a bottle while she waited for the ambulance to arrive for me or something, since DD has refused the bottle since she was 5 months old and has never had formula. There would be an adjustment period, for sure.
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Originally Posted by lizzylou View Post
I received a few samples when I was pregnant and I just stuck them in the closet. I've never used them and barring disaster, I never will. I do have several days worth of frozen breastmilk in case of emergency.
I got a few samples too mailed to me before DS was born, my brother, SIL and my sat down and ate the powder it was just in some small tiny bag things. We use to eat our baby sister powder formula at home.

Other than that, no I never bought any can of formula. I tried to pump and have a small stash just in case. I know it can be tired, especially remembering to change them when they get to old. If I am out of service for so long that there is no way to breastfeed and no one to offer BM, then I will tell DH to just buy those at the Whole Food Stores or get the most natural/organic ones.
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Do you have a can/packet of formula in your home just in case you, the breastfeeding mother, are in some horrible accident and either die or are in surgery/recovery for hours?
No, and I never have had it. If something horrible happened to me, dh could call one of my friends who is lactating and leave the baby with her while he's with me in the hospital. He could ask my friends to pump. Or he could go to the store and buy formula, but I hope he wouldn't have to.
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NO. If I was that concerned about an emergency, I would pump and freeze some milk, but if I did die in my sleep, I imagine my partner would have to call a friend or family member for help in any case and they could pick up some formula at a 24 hour store.
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I have some Similac they sent me in the mail (who knows why) and I haven't bothered throwing it away. It's stashed up high in a cabinet. I suppose I have kept it there for the sort of scenario you described. Keeping it there is a passive act - they sent it, so I figured I might as well keep it in case of emergency.

I don't think I'd have gone out and bought formula for this purpose, but perhaps I SHOULD do the research into what I'd really want to have in case of emergency, buy that and toss the Similac (assuming this is not what I'd want - I know nothing about formula brands at this point, but I suppose I might prefer something organic).
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I had breastmilk stored in the freezer at almost all times when nursing my children. No need for formula. Even if I died, DH would have been fine for a few days (sometimes a few weeks).
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I had "emergency formula" in the house when our oldest was very young. It was actually a massive collection of sample cans I'd collected while pregnant. As soon as I had a freezer stash of breast milk I got rid of it though.
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