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natural non-med remedies?

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anyone know of any other options to handle ppd other than meds? so far increasing by B1, calmag, taking walks and eating better have worked for me. i was curious to know if there were any other things i could do?

i would also like to know to be able to offer other moms non-med advice for ppd.

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I have also heard great things about taking fish oil supplements, also you might consider having bloodwork done to see if you're deficient in anything. I did this and was borderline low for zinc. I would also suggest reading "Mother Nurture." It gives a lot of ideas for helping yourself feel better, including vitamins, homeopathics, etc. Exercise is also great...wish I could get myself to do it more often!

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Wanted to add re: fish oil supplements, that you should buy a good brand that screens for toxins such as mercury in their product. Carlson is one brand known for excellent quality.
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Co-enzyme Q10

My naturopath prescribed co-enzyme Q10 for me with DD1. It is good for you and the baby.

I also want to second the fish oil supplements (I use "Nordic Naturals")... or some other source of Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids, such as primrose oil or my favorite, flaxseed oil (add to drinks or cereal or use on bread).

I wish you the best.

-- Caitlin
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B complex injections (bypass unreliable absorption through the gut)
EPA /essential fatty acids (depleted from pregnancy)
5-htp (tryptophan)( precursor to serotonin and norepinephrine )

A naturopathic dr tested me for amino acids, these can be supplemented if you discover which are low. (the tryptophan)

natural progesterone (progestone) real powerful for my recovery which included a PMS component

address the possibility of adrenal exhaustion, read up on it, follow self care suggestions, couldn't hurt anyone. Some supplement with adrenal glandulars.

I am doing all the above and finally after 9 months of SUFFERING, I am feeling excellent results.

Good Luck and Blessings
Colleen Magier
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natural progesterone

Just wanted to backup the natural progesterone. A couple years before having my first I started a lot of reading to help with infertility. I had a feeling my hormones were a bit screwed up and I came across this book called "what your dr. never told you about menopause" by Dr. John Lee. Anyhow I wasn't close to menopause but it had a lot of useful information. He said a pregnant womens progesterone level increases some 300times by her ninth month. Progesterone is thought to be a feel good hormone accounting for our bursts of energy (when not uncomfortable) in our last trimester. After delivery your progesterone drops rapidly and it is thought to be a significant contributor to all the ppd. Anyhow after reading that I knew I would start taking the progesterone if I ever got preg.. So after 3 children I have never experienced ppd and have always taken natural progesterone as soon as I delivered. After my 2nd child I came across a Dr. I could actually respect who is now our family physician. Turns out he does all home births and was selling Dr. Lees book in his office. He sells the progesterone to all of his patients and has no complaints of ppd in the practice. It's also recommended for female health overall and I still take it. Recommended 3 weeks on, one week off during mensturation. It changes if menopausal. Good Luck.
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I thought I'd say that I take SAM-e. I believe it's supposed to be a precursor for some brain chemical (can't remember exactly), but it is more natural than drug anti-depressants.
But it sounds like the hormones work well...
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Thank you for all the help ladies. My dd is now 4 months and I am actually feeling a lot better. All I used was vitamin & mineral therapy, walks and other ways to get me outside my head.

Thanks again!

Hope other moms will also find the suggestions you made helpful in seeking non-drug alternatives for PPD.
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Wanted to bump up this thread to see if anyone else had any thoughts?
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