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It's March 3 - who is STILL waiting?

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I thought I would restart this thread (there is much older one but it has gotten quite out of date) about who is still waiting in their little one to arrive. I saw that BathrobeGoddess had her sweetie, and I know she was still waiting. I am still waiting, with almost NO signs of an impending labor. I am trying to be patient and excited and appreciate these last days of rest and the last few days of my partner and I being a family just us two... but I must say, it is getting harder and harder to be patient. I was "due" Feb 25, and I know that first time Mamas can take a week or two extra and I thought I was prepared, but I am just tired of sitting around. I am not feeling well enough to do much. Ah, isn't that always how it goes. I'm sure I'll look back on these days of just resting and waiting and lots of sleep and wonder how I couldn't appreciate them......

How is everyone else who is waiting?
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for those still waiting.
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I am here and waiting...41 weeks, 5 days.:

Some days I find more difficult than others - I just want to meet this little one already!!
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Well, it seems that there are at least two of us still waiting. I think I remember someone else (who hasn't posted a birth announcement yet) from the earlier and longer "who is still waiting" thread. I am 41 weeks today. I tried out our birth pool and LOVED it. I had planned on just using it to labor and not water birth, but I was so amazed at how comfortable I was that I may just birth there as well. Has anyone noticed any challenges birthing in a pool when gravity isn't pulling the baby down as much due to the water/weightlessness?
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to the waiting mamas...I had absolutly no sign of labor until 3 hours before ds was born. I also had an unplanned water birth...he pushed his way out...I didn't do a thing...it was such a strange feeling!
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ejg123, any changes for you?

Hmm, I haven't heard others talk about challenges in the tub due to lack of gravity but if there is anyone out there, hopefully they speak up. I am also planning a waterbirth. No changes with me. I'm 42 weeks tomorrow. I've been 4-5 cm dilated for over a week but no consistent contractions. I really want my baby to come on his/her own terms but I think the longer I go, the more difficult it will be to keep my anxiety down.

Hope you have some good news to share soon!
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Hugs and support to the mommies-in-waiting!!!!
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Yes, I'm still waiting, too....I thought this would be an appropriate first post! I've been lurking for a couple of years now.

I was due Feb 24th, and am fortunately (?) feeling great. I've had too many days/nights of contractions 6-10 minutes apart that eventually fade that I'm not keeping track anymore. DD1 was induced after 42 weeks and I don't want to go that route this time, although I'm considering getting my membranes stripped tomorrow. We'll see!
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Well, welcome, dieharfen! I also tend to lurk for a while before posting, so I understand, but I'm glad this post brought you out. I plan on researching homeopathic stuff in the next day or so to see if that might help move things along. I don't want anything harsh, but I would like to nudge the little one a bit if possible. My midwife is of the mind that babies come when they come, period, and that as long as heart rate is fine, we can just wait. But I do think sometimes a gentle nudge can help. We shall see....

Good luck as you wait for your little one to arrive! Let us know how things go and if you decide to have the membranes stripped.

All the best, E
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Welcome, dieharfen!

Is it really just the 3 of us still waiting??
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Well, as of 03-02 Cherry_Alive was still waiting (she mentioned it on the other, longer, older who is still waiting thread). So there are possibly four of us. I remember considering "joining" the March due date thread early on, thinking I would go late, so maybe others due in late Feb did that as well, thus the reason we are so few. I mean, it is only March 5 (well, now 6th). And it is typically for women to go over a week or even two... so maybe later Feb "due" dates joined in over there.

Oh well..... here is to babies arriving this weekend!!
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I haven't really been active on this board, but I was due on February 17 and am still waiting 42 weeks 3 days today.
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Welcome, brokensemaphore! I think it helps to know you are not alone during this looong wait.

Yes, here's to a very productive weekend for us all!
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Hope to hear some good news from you mamas soon! :
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I missed this thread earlier...but I was still waiting until the 5th- 40+6. Not all that long considering some of you.

to those of you still waiting. I know how tough it can be!
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Anyone else still waiting ?
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I am :/ 43 weeks tomorrow.
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going in today...

I'm still waiting...but not for too much longer! Had my membranes stripped on Friday, lots of bloody show on Saturday but no regular contrax. Had NST yesterday and fluid levels had dropped significantly and some slight concern about the breathing means I'm headed to the hospital this morning to be induced. Not thrilled about induction #2 but I am excited to meet my new little one.

Best of luck to anyone who is still waiting!
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My little girl arrived on 3/9. I was 42 weeks, 4 days. She was born at home in the water after only 1.75 hours of active labor - amazing! 10 lbs, 3 ozs - we are so in love with her and so is her big brother!
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Anyone else still waiting?? If so, good luck and let us know when your little ones arrive!
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