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Last night was barley with squash and sausage. Tonight I'm making chicken and dumplings.
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Tonight is panini's with the leftover ham. With chips and fresh veggies.
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Tonight is beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes & asparagus!

Tomorrow is chicken & dumplings!
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Last night we grilled hamburgers - tonight we're having pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with potatoes and veggies (I think I'll roast some broccoli and cauliflower).
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We are having chicken caccaitore with brown rice and steamed greens beans. We will also have a loaf of french bread if it decides to rise. It was frozen and I don't have high hopes.
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Spicy corn chowder with one of the last bags of corn that I froze from last summer.

I served this with some of my sourdough bread and a spinach salad with blood oranges. :
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We're having chicken strips and fries tonight.
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Tonight we're having the leftover chicken, carrots, celery and potatoes from last night's chicken and dumplings. I don't feel like making a new batch of dumplings, so we'll be having zucchini bread instead.
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Tonight is Chicken Kiev with Asparagus and 4 cheese rice
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DH is making a chicken caesar tonight. He usually makes dinner on Tuesdays, because I have choir rehearsal, and it takes some of the frantic craziness out of my evening.

Last night, I made hunter's pie (with grated carrot, chopped onion, celery, parsley and garlic, plus spices, added to the meat), brussels sprouts and a green salad with tomatoes.

I think I'm making butter chicken either tomorrow or the next day.
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Tonight we had spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread...ds1's favorite meal in the whole wide world - I sneak extra veggies into the sauce too..we were gonna have a salad, but my lettuce went south ...Tomorrow I'm thinking lemon chicken...
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We had tostadas last night, so taco salad for tonight. I think I need something else to go with it, but don't really want rice. I'll think of something I'm sure between now and then.
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Tonight is dinner at church, I think they are having turkey and dressing
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Tonight is vegetable soup & caesar salad topped with leftover beef tenderloin!
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Tacos - Needed something easy because I'm packing for vacation

Tomorrow is probably take out because we leave Saturday morning and I don't want to have a kitchen to clean up! lol
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