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I've been wanting to read The Birth House again lately, but I'm not so sure I should, what with the two or three deaths... It's got a great recipe for groaning cake though, so maybe I'll dig it out and just read that part

Interestingly, the book Midwives fascinated me more than scared me. I was 17 and I hadn't realized their was an alternative to hospital birth... I applied to a Midwifery Education Program a few months later (didn't get accepted though...boo!)
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The Joy Luck Club had me bawling last pregnancy (one of the women drowns her baby). I was not at all expecting that.

Also, The Time-Traveler's Wife. I've only listened to the audiobook, but I cried HARD (not even pg) when she kept miscarrying.
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I think I just about woke my husband and ds from laughing at the David Bowie/pants/Labrynth comments. I *LOVE* that movie, and just might have to watch it tomorrow!
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Here's my list (and I really dislike the newer crappy horror flicks too):

The Omen + all sequels
It's Alive + all sequels (wow, those were actually really crappy movies too)
Syriana (stopped watching it right after the pool scene--shudder--I have a son)

If you don't want to dehydrate yourself crying, avoid all sad or heartwarming movies. I can't even talk about the end of Michael Moore's "Sicko" without welling up. I loved "Juno", but I thought it was very unenlightened of them to have the classic hospital birth scene (complete with old-school stirrups), I would NEVER subject a little girl to that kind of birth.

I think we should all watch nice lighthearted romantic comedies and really low-brow comedies (like "White Chicks" or "Austin Powers"). Just try not to have an accident if you laugh too hard.
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Originally Posted by dawncayden View Post
Revolutionary Road (watched it last night)
Yup, made that mistake when it first came out and I bawled through the whole thing. It was TERRIBLE!
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Originally Posted by randomacts View Post
I watched Eraserhead while pregnant and wish I hadn't (malformed baby) but really, it was just a really weird movie and no one should EVER watch it.
Haha, I watched Eraserhead while pregnant too! I had some weird dreams afterward, but other than that I was fine. I guess because it was so bizarre. I liked it though!
I also watched Nightmare on Elm Street 5: the Dream Child while pregnant, but, uh it was so bad and ridiculous that it didn't have much of an effect on me. Now THAT is a movie I wouldn't recommend to anyone! Unless you are just in the mood for a bad horror film which happens to me sometimes so I understand.
I'm with other people that said TV is the worst. Nothing really scares me too much, but things sure do irritate me! I would assume most soap operas (sorry, I can't help myself!) would be bad if you are either upset by bad outcomes or annoyed by over-the-top pregnancy/birth stuff because there is almost always something horribly wrong with the mother or baby (or both!) and it frequently seems as though someone just read a list of pregnancy symptoms and put ultra exaggerated versions of every single one of them in the script.
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Originally Posted by ihugtrees View Post
I went in to The Changeling (pregnant) thinking it was going to be about a corrupt police system and a woman fighting to be heard even though she was a woman. I don't know what I thought about the little boy.

I was so sickened and disturbed by that movie, that I couldn't sleep for a few days. I wanted to walk out, but they kept making it seem like they were going to find him, and I just wanted to see a happy ending. Wish I'd known it was a true story, and I would've looked it up ahead of time and stayed away.

Same here! I really have a hard time leaving a story in the middle and need some kind of resolution.....but seriously, there are images and ideas in this film that I really wish I could get out of my head. I wasn't prepared for the brutality or the turn the story took with the serial kidnapping/killing.
It's really so very disturbing.... so very heartbreaking.
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