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Dec. '07 Mamas....let's March! :D

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Whazzup, mamas??? Already the 3rd, and no new thread! Geez, it's like y'all are busy chasing toddlers or something :

How's it going? I saw a robin in my back yard yesterday!!! Even snapped a picture....I was so excited! Spring WILL come...eventually. Won't it? WON'T IT????

I am soooooo : but it doesn't seem to deter the kids. And Bethy refuses to leave her socks on. And seeing her bare toes makes me cold ALL OVER!!

Speaking of Bethy, I put 3 videos on my facebook....pretty please come find me and befriend me! :

I am perusing seed catalogs and so forth....can't wait to start a garden. Was planning to have a garden party for dd1 (she'll be 5 in a couple weeks) where instead of gifts people bring seeds and plants, etc. We've been talking about doing it for a while, and she is super excited about it. Problem is, someone rained on my parade and told me that there's not much you can plant yet this early. *pout* My friends back in Florida are already harvesting stuff!! Sigh....

So now I'm trying to figure out if we can still do a garden party, and if so, how....any other gardeners in zone 3 who can help me out??
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hi! i cant believe its march already. i hate march. its soooo long and dreary and cold and wet and just plain gross.

i have a little bit of news (no im NOT PREGNANT, lol). i am going back to school in the fall! : i cant wait! my husband is going to also, but he might only go part time, he's not sure.

jen - those pics of cyrus are breathtaking. what a beautiful boy.
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SheBear, we're still buried under a couple of feet of snow and I can't imagine even thinking of planting anything yet. We don't even hear about community garden assignments until next month. I'm fantasizing about what we're going to plant and already pre-freaking out about canning in my tinsy kitchen, though.
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Sarah - I can't make myself get on facebook, are the videos anywhere else? Are you on flickr? We are flickr fanatics, but we are private, so let me know if you have an account and we can friend each other on there

Emily - congrats on school! What are you going to study?

We had almost 4 inches of snow this past weekend, and we made sure to go out and play in it (not only b/c it's probably the last snow of winter, but also b/c we may be moving to NM!). : Of course now it's supposed to be almost 70 degrees tomorrow. Here are a couple pics of ds in the snow.

Is anyone else's LO eating like a horse? ds has been eating 24/7, which is strange b/c he's always been a light eater. I'm sure it's partly due to the fact that he's so active, but I think he's also getting ready to grow. He's already such a thin thing, he's going to look like a bean if he grows taller.

He has been feeding his stuffed animals - sometimes they "nurse" on me and other times they eat wooden blocks. It's too cute. He also loves wooden puzzles, music, books, and a plastic slide that we have in the living room. I really want to get him some kind of climber/slide outside toys for when it gets warmer, but man they are expensive.

One of the things that makes me laugh every day is how he wakes up rom his naps. If he happens to be ending a nap on my lap (which is quite often he's still a horrible sleeper), as soon as he wakes up he sits up and immediately starts signing. Usually it's "papa," "candle," "music," "book," "eat fish" (which means he wants to feed the fish), and "phone." Also "cracker." The boy loves his crackers.

He continues to amaze me with how much and how quickly he can learn. I see his long term memory developing, his ability to anticipate, and he is a wonderful mimic. Yesterday in the car we had a poopy diaper that was quite ripe. I said "peeee uuuu!" and held my nose - and monkey see monkey do did the same thing (well it wasn't exactly p.u., but he mimicked the noise I made).

And now I'm going to attempt to lay him in bed, wish me luck!
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MahnaMahna, those snow pictures are SO cute! I wish we'd been more prepared for the snow....snow pants, etc. The older kids only have coats/hats/boots, we didn't even have mittens to fit everyone! And Bethany hasn't been able to enjoy it at all, as we had no boots or snowsuit for her. Next year we'll be better prepared, but we missed out on a lot of fun by not being outfitted properly!

I'm not on flickr....have no idea how to do it, LOL! I might give it a try when I have a chance to figure it out without a baby in my lap.....I do have photobucket...can you do videos on there? I dunno...again, a project for when my lap isn't full of baby!

I think there's a way I can share the facebook link with non-fb friends; I'll see if I can find that. I know you can do that with photos....

Belleweather, this move has been quite a climate shock for me....my friends in FL are already harvesting peas/lettuce/etc....sigh. I'll comfort myself in the knowledge that the produce up here tastes SO much better, even if you have to wait for it! The soil in FL isn't nearly as good...
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attempting to share a facebook video:

okay, obviously I have no clue how to embed something. Meh. will try again later!
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i'm so jealous you are thinking about your garden already shebear! we don't plant until memorial day generally. we are still buried in snow here.
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gardening... who talke about gardening this early? It's still the middle of winter isn't it? Actually the snow was starting to melt the other day, and then it turned cold again. <<sigh>>
Avye is finally getting some teeth. She got her first one a couple of months ago, and two more popped through yesterday. The second bottom one and one on the top, plus the other front one on the top is about to poke through. She was miserable!!! Poor little thing. I hate this whole teething thing.

SheBear - those video's of Bethy are sooo adorable!!! I especially liked the toilet paper one.
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We're a few hours north of SheBear and are rushing to get our peppers and tomatoes started indoors. Yesterday it was 57 and right now it's 63. I know there is more snow to come before spring is really here, and it's a while before we'll be planting anything outside, but gardening has definitely been on my mind.

Things are crazy here, as usual. We switched from propane to wood for heat when our propane tank ran dry and are getting by without running hot water for the time being. Got 15 baby chicks Wednesday and 14 are still going strong (and cute as all get out!). So, between chopping wood, heating water on the stove for laundry and dishes, and taking care of the chicks, we're definitely keeping busy :

Congrats to the newly pg mamas! : I myself am very glad we still have about 14 months before we TTC #2. I'm barely getting by with just DS right now
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HELLO. miss me? i miss you guys! i'm sorry i haven't been here in forever! it took me this long just to find the thread. i can't believe i missed out on our time in life with a babe. ack!

m's 15 months old today and we're doing great. she's still nursing - some days every TWO HOURS. wtf? i am hoping to get pregnant again soon (not TTC yet, but hoping to start next cycle - or the one after - DH's dragging his feet and thus his, ahem, member) but i can't imagine what it'd be like if she's still nursing as if she was 2 months old.

things are going well. i think i last came here when the hubs lost his job in october. happily he did find a new job in january that he loves. we moved (like the fourth move since i got pregnant with m, UGH) to a new (rental) house last month and things are going well. finally settling in. for the most part.

it's march 10, which is nuts - 2 years ago i hadn't O'd yet and had no clue there would be a little one taking up residence in my womb. what a wonderful turn life took!

shebear, and anyone else on facebook, PM me your facebook profile and i will add you! i am much more active there than i am here. if any of you have photos of your babes on flickr, friend me!

anyway... i only had a moment to be online, but i found myself at MDC and just had to say hello. i'm subbed to the thread now so i will be back again before the month ends, and i will catch up on everyone else! i had to choose between posting and reading today and i chose posting - glad to say hi, but sorry to not get a chance to see how everyone is. much love to you all! :
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It's been awhile! Congrats on hubby's new job, Mme Muffin.

I have a facebook.

Is this it? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...03&ref=profile

I am new to it, so add me, everyone. But send me a note telling me who you are, so I don't skip you. :

We got a new iMac and the internet so I am back online and I've missed everyone! Now to figure out a new balance including the computer without abandoning my children...I'm working on it again.

I have almost all of my garden stuff. I would not recommend ordering from Peaceful Valley supply co. because it has been FOREVER and I have not received my stuff which really p!$$es me off after spending $26 in shipping for a blueberry plant and some seeds. I need to start my peas, but alas my inoculant isn't here yet. I am new to it all and doing a total container garden since we have no yard and narry any sunlight, so I am a little behind so far.

That is busy, Sihaya! But I am totally dying with jealousy inside. We still can't find a house. Especially not one with any land or in a place I can have chickens or a goat and it's definitely making me a bit bitter.
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I've totally missed this month! Subbing to come back. I've got company in town and a Klingon (cling-on. . . Dante's literally hanging off my leg while I walk around lately and refuses to go in a baby carrier )

ps MahnaMahna... haven't forgotten! Ds wakes up signing "cracker" too, it cracks me up
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Welcome back Muffin and Kittywitty! You've been missed.

Shame on all of us for our thread being buried in the forum!

Well I've just spent the worst week of my life. Iris was in the hospital for a few days, but we're back home now. What started out as a simple stomach bug for me and several of our friends turned horribly bad for Iris. She was dehydrated to the point of being acidotic with her CO2 level dropping to 1/5 of what it should have been, and it took much longer for her to recover than expected. I'm just glad we're finally home and she can finish recovering here. It was terrifying, and I hope to never experience that again.

My laptop is also recovering (hopefully). I spilled a full glass of water in it, so it is locked up tight with some silica gel for a MONTH, hopefully drying out enough so it will work again. In the meantime, I have my ancient, slow desktop to see me through...

I hope all of the babies, er, I mean toddlers are doing well. Happy Spring!
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Oh no! I'm so glad that Iris is okay! I tend to think of our babies as being big enough not to have to worry about dehydration, but when I think about it they're really quite little. I'm glad she's recovering at home and I hope she gets her strength back fast.

We just got back from looking at the first in what I'm sure will be a long line of houses before we find the right one. (We're not buying this one; it has a mold problem and a soggy basement and weird layout) I'm actually really excited -- tying ourselves down with a house purchase makes my inner gypsy scream, but I feel so peaceful and excited about home repair and painting and decorating and putting chickens in the back yard that it's got to be the right thing to do. Plus, that means when we're ready for #3 (T-minus a year and change...) I'll get to birth in my very own home and not have to worry about rentals and landlords.

Also, I think Rhysie is weaning. He's down to nursing 2x/day, max. I'm sorry to give it up, but I must admit that being both not-pregnant AND not-nursing seems completely decadent! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself!
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OMG lynn! i'm so glad iris is okay. i can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you with her in the hospital. you must have been so scared! poor little iris, and poor you! glad that she's recovering back at home now. you both must be way more comfortable.

Originally Posted by Belleweather View Post
I'm actually really excited -- tying ourselves down with a house purchase makes my inner gypsy scream, but I feel so peaceful and excited about home repair and painting and decorating and putting chickens in the back yard that it's got to be the right thing to do. Plus, that means when we're ready for #3 (T-minus a year and change...) I'll get to birth in my very own home and not have to worry about rentals and landlords.
i think that sounds pretty cool! i feel like we are years away from owning our own home. unless someone wants to buy it for us. but we don't have any wealthy benefactors in our circle of friends and family... oh well...

anyway in "me" news things are fine. had the TTC talk with the hubby and we're finally on the same page! he is ready to try! WOOOOOO! i'm kind of in the 2 week wait right now, but i'm not exactly sure what's up 'cause i charted so half-assedly this month. oh well, we'll see what happens; whenever #2 comes around there will be much excitement.

anyone else have a kiddo who just DOES NOT EAT? m eats hardly anything. maybe a few handfuls of cheese and a few grapes a day. she's doing great, very energetic and happy, and the doc says she looks fantastic. she still nurses a ton. so i'm not concerned... but i always hear from people with kiddos who eat a ton of food, so i'm wondering if anyone else has an LO who eats like a bird!

oh crap she's up, gotta go resettle her back to bed!
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Hello mamas! I've been away for what seems like forever, this is my first post in the toddlers section :

15 month old Braden is my little wild boy. He's a monkey who will climb anything and everything. He has no fear about opening up the front door and just wandering out. He's still nursing tons especially lately, maybe cause he's got a cold and some teeth are coming in. We turned a sleep corner about a month ago and he is now STTN for the first time ever, I'm so grateful. We're down to just one quick nap a day as well. No words at all yet but tons of babbling.

Just stopping in to say hello to everyone!
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hey hey mamas!
Muffin! I was wondering where you'd gone! :
We got ten new chicks a few weeks ago. A mix of auracanas, australorps and rhode islands. We're also gonna get some silkies as "pet" chickens. We're about to breed the goat so that we'll have fresh goat milk and I can start making cheese. Woot!
Liam went in for another round of allergy testing and nothing showed (again) so we had to do a barium test. It was so sad to have to pin him down. On the plus side, the tech and I talked cloth diapers for a minute. We seem no closer to figuring out this puking thing he's got going on.
Erin, how's your etsy store going?
StarryMama- congrats on going back to school! I'm contemplating it for the fall but... geez it seems like so much work to even enroll.
wholewheatmama- oh... are YOU ok? I know I was more traumatized than Liam by the whole hospital testing.

OHOHOH guess what? I totes got the go ahead to start planning for another babe! We're getting married next September and we're going to start trying immediately! Yay! I think I'm going to drive myself insane and not find out gender this time. I have a boy and a girl so I'm good on clothes... it'll be cloth diaper shopping that'll kill me. I'm secretly hoping for a girl (shhh).
I'm also on facebook more than mothering. pm me with your email and I'll add you!
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Congrats on getting married in Sept- Nikki. That is very exciting : I love weddings. My best friend is getting married in July, and both Sofie and Avye are going to be her flower girls.
Well I am trying to pack (and failing at it) as we move next Friday. Thankfully we don't have to move all our stuff right now. We don't get possession of our house until Aug, and right now we are renting from my dad, and my sister isn't moving in until Aug, so we can keep all our stuff here until we have a house to put it in. But we are going to move a lot of the girls toys and their beds, kitchen, and table and chairs, + all our clothes. But I am thinking I should really start packing all the books and stuff as I'll be 20+ weeks pregnant before we are back here to pack the rest of the stuff up, and I don't know how much I'll be able to do then.
Av finally has 5 teeth... and is getting her 6th. It has been a miserable past few nights. Poor little thing. I am dreading her molars!
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I've got a biter on my hands, will only bite me at certain times. He thinks it's hilarious. I don't know how to handle it, it's making me really upset- it HURTS! He's got almost all of his teeth! He'll bite me anywhere, forehead, back, arms! He's got all my attention so that's not it. Any advice appreciated!
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Mommas, I hope you don't mind if I join you. My DD was due in January, so I didn't join the December group. But I just noticed the thread and thought I'd jump in. I'm starting school in the fall and lusting after a garden, too.
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