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Have to pee, but can't go

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What is the deal with this???? I'm only 13 weeks and the past 2 days I have to pee almost constantly (not new), but I have to really work to get it out. It's almost like something is pinching off my bladder. Is it possible my expanding uterus could be doing something like this? I eventually can go, but usually, it just happens- now it takes a few seconds of real concentration and almost pushing. It's like constipation of the urinary tract. I have a dr appt next week- so I can ask then, but if anyone knows here, that would be great.

Also, I've had a headache for the past week or so, starting around 3 or 4 in the afternoon lasting for a few hours. One day last week it got so bad, I ended up taking 2 tylenol and resting for 2 hours (not easy with 2 little ones- my dd was a gem and ds was napping also). That really bad one actually lasted from the time I woke up until almost bedtime, just got really, really bad in the afternoon.
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Is it possible you may a urinary tract infection? Any other symptoms? I know one symptom is "need to urinate" but no actual output.

Just a thought...
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I'm pretty sure it's not a UTI. I know there is urine there, I'm just having a hard time getting to it. It's just a trickle. I also just got over a nasty UTI in October and there is no mistaking that.

Also, I'm starting to pee every time I sneeze- not very pleasant. I'm going to need to start wearing pantiliners. (Sorry, TMI, I know.)
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You could still have a UTI or a bladder infection. Apparently during pregnancy not all women experience the same pain they do when they are not pregnant. I've had two this pregnancy that I did not know about until I went to the doctor for something else. Both were confirmed with cultures from a lab because I did't believe my doc. I had the same thing as you-- hard time peeing but no pain. With one I had the headaches and fatigue, which I typically get. My doc said something about the pelvic muscles being more relaxed, but I don't know about all of that. He is a family practicioner.

Is cranberry extract safe in pregnancy? I can't see why it wouldn't be. Anyway, you should definitely mention it to your doctor.
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I get this every now and then, too. Had it recently (I'm also 17 weeks pregnant) and couldn't attribute it to anything I did. Made a point to drink more water. Peeing went back to normal within a day or two.

Before I was pregnant, I would feel like this occasionally and I determined it was probably neurological (I have other neurological issues) and somehow food triggered. It lasted for a week or so and then went away. It's annoying, but I can live with it being temporary.

No real words of wisdom to impart. Maybe try to increase your water intake, do some simple stretches to move the internal organs a little bit in your abdomen, rest more... I'm guessing here now!

Hope you feel back to your pregnancy normal soon!

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Thanks. I do have an appt on Monday, so I'll ask about it then. I know my bladder is full, I can feel it. It's almost like if someone steps on a garden hose, the water slows down but doesn't stop completely.

I'm concerned if I don't have a UTI, I'll get one b/c I'm not sure I'm emptying my bladder completely. I try, but it's hard to tell.

I do have fatigue- pretty normal during pg with 2 toddlers, and headaches. Why can't symptoms be the same all around???? I've had UTIs before- I know what they feel like, but it sounds like it's possible this could be one with new symptoms.

I will increase the water I'm drinking. It will be hard b/c I feel like I'm drinking all day already.

Thanks for the ideas.
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That actually sounds like the one and only UTI I had while I was pregnant (though they tested me constantly because I had preterm labor ). Cranberry juice, that's all I can say. As much actual cranberry in it as you can stand. I don't like the stuff, but I think of it as "taking medicine". It really helps, send dh out for some now!
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This actually happened to a friend of mine. She was early pregnancy and her urethra was pinched off so that she couldn't urinate at all. You could have some extra pressure there making it more difficult for you to go. I would suggest the cranberry juice as a precautionary measure along with plenty of other fluids to make sure things stay not prone to infections.
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You're getting some pressure on your bladder and urethra from the baby. Next time you try to pee, lift your little belly a bit. Worked for me every time.
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Rebecca- that's the lines I was thinking, I just couldn't believe it would happen at only 13 weeks. I'm still going to ask about the UTI next week. My first 2 were born 5 weeks early and they said premature births can be triggered by UTI's. If I had no symptoms- I suppose it's possible. The only thing that worries me is if pg UTIs seem the same as regular big belly/squished bladder, how am I supposed to know the difference?
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You're getting some pressure on your bladder and urethra from the baby. Next time you try to pee, lift your little belly a bit. Worked for me every time.
Ditto. Worked for me every time too!

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Well, it's still happening, but I'm noticing it usually only happens when I wake up. It's like I'm working so hard at keeping my bladder closed when I'm sleeping, it doesn't want to release when I wake up. Last night, it took 10 minutes to go, and a full bladder is the reason I woke up. I was going to ask the doc today, but I had to reschedule and can't get in until next week.

Also, I've tried lifting the belly- and it doesn't help me much. Thanks anyway.
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