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Mvelopes users?

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I got so excited about using Mvelopes and we signed up, only to have had horrible "technical difficulties" adding our bank accounts. I have spent over 2 hours yesterday on an online customer service "chat" with their customer service agent, been issued a "trouble ticket", which supposedly got resolved. Today I tried to add our accounts again- same problem- another 2 hours online with customer service, another "trouble ticket" issued. I hope it is just security issues with my bank, as I had a friend recommend this system to me and they had absolutely no issues setting it up. Has anyone had initial headaches with set up and then gone on to smooth sailing with Mvelopes?
Is this worth the hassle? I have researched a few other budgeting sites and this one seems to be the best fit and appeared to be the most user friendly (AFTER set up apparently).
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I use Mvelopes and really like it.

I have also seen problems from time to time with adding and updating accounts. As I understand it, the problems are because of the way the system works: Mvelopes basically goes to the bank's web site and virtually logs in for you, and reads the information from the web site. So whenever the bank's web site changes, or asks for more security questions, you may have a temporary problem until Mvelopes makes a corresponding change to access the bank's web site correctly. I have not found this to be too much of a problem but it does happen from time to time.
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We use it, and really like it. We haven't had any trouble setting it up.

Sorry, that's really not much help is it? But I do think if you can get the glitches worked out it would be worth it.
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