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Tribe for pregnant and over 35?

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Is there one? I tried to search for one but this place is SO big!
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moving to i'm pregnant.
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I'm 36! Just over the hump! Would love to share concerns & insights with those other mamas with "old lady eggs". I'm on baby #3 and overall I feel everything should go as well as the first two pregs & births & children, but nothing is guaranteed. At any rate, I'm in and would love to hear from other wise women...
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Me! I was 36 one whole month before getting pregs! My first was born after I turned 30--late starter I guess:0)
I'm not feeling at all high risk either. I have my first MW appointment on Friday the 13th (da dum!) I will be 9 weeks then...so, I shall wait and see what she thinks/says!
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Hi you guys, I'm 41. Nice to meet you! :
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I'm 36. I'm not how it happened, though.
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i'm 37, and was 35 when i had my ds.

my midwife doesn't consider my age a factor, neither do i really. there is a history of later pregnancies in my family (my grandmother had her 1st at 33 and last at 47 for example). many of my closest friends have just started their families as well (all late 30s and older), i actually don't even know anyone in their 20s with children and i have friends in the 22-55yr old range more or less.

just don't call me grandma when you see me with my son

good idea for a thread!
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i'm 40, will be 41 soon and this is baby #2 for me.

question for all: are you doing any testing ie, NT scan, blood screenings?
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Originally Posted by BHappy View Post
Hi you guys, I'm 41. Nice to meet you! :
I'll be 41 by the time this little one is born.

It's nice to see others in my age range on here.

Is this going to be the thread for us?
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Can I join? I'm 35 now but will be 36 a month after this bean is born.
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I am 35 and will be 36 when this one comes along. I am currently living in Europe and apparently AMA isn't nearly as big a deal over here!

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I am 41 and will be 42 before this baby is born. There was a thread for over 40 preggo mamas at one point. I posted on it during 2 of my 3 pregnancies last year but it seems to have dispapeared now and besides many of you are younger than that so I think this works better.

I was 35 and 36 when my 2 other kids were born so I have never been anything BUT an "older" mama. So I can't really say whether it is "ahrder" to be PG when you are older.

The only thing harder for me this time around was actually getting, and staying PG.

I had 2 early losses in 2008 and then got Pg with this baby on Hallowe'en.

I am 19w5d and feel great. I ran home from work last night (about 3 miles), I do yoga twice a week and work out with a trainer once.

My risk of Down's in this PG is apparently 1 in 670 so I have forgone the ammnio.

My "big" ultrasound is this afternoon.

Nice to meet you all.
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I don't have any plans to do the "old lady" tests...

Nice to see you all here! Hey veganmama!! Didn't know you were 41!! Way cool! Looking forward to "hearing" about your u/s today :0)
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I'm 40, I hope to have the baby on my 41st birthday! I'd like to see this tribe keep going.:
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
I was 35 and 36 when my 2 other kids were born so I have never been anything BUT an "older" mama. So I can't really say whether it is "ahrder" to be PG when you are older.
I was 27 and 33 when I had my older children. I'm not that far along yet but so far I haven't noticed anything different. If anything the m/s feels much worse but it may have very well been this bad with the other two and I just don't remember.
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oh darcytrue! Yours are spread out too... Most people that I'm near have children all so close together and they just think I'm so strange for having another so far apart from the first... I think it's pretty funny, they all have three in diapers and one barely out of diapers (4 under 4!!) and they think I'm crazy! LOL!! To each their own :0)
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I will be 37 next month. Not doing any old lady testing either. My MW laughed when I asked her if she was concerned about my advanced maternal age. It made me feel better!
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I'd like to join! I just turned 38 and will be having baby #2 fairly soon (I hope). I had heard of some people my age having Down's babies, so I was pretty spooked with this pregnancy until I got the nuchal fold testing (w/ the first round of blood tests). The results were fantastic, so I decided not to get the AFP because I had absolutely no intention of getting an amnio. I have several friends and relatives who have had healthy, normal pregnancies into their early 40's, so I think docs are so risk averse that they scare us into believing that over 35 is too old to be having babies.
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i'm really on the fence about the NT scan and blood work. i'm 12 weeks, so it's decision time. i have a NT appointment scheduled for next week, but am considering cancelling it. a big part of me says don't go looking for trouble. i can't see aborting for downs syndrome, and my understanding is that the other worse conditions are exceedingly rare.

i am a big worrier, so i'm really much more concerned about getting a negative, even a false negative, and being consumed with worry for the next six months. also i have the feeling that the baby, if god forbid he/she was affected by downs, it might be better off not knowing until the birth. but i'm not 100 percent convinced of that either. just that my husband might handle it better at that point, versus thinking about the possibilities now. and of course any negative test invites further testing, ie amnio. i just really am not made up my mind on this topic!

last pregnancy i was 37 and did do the bloodwork but nothing else. i had a lower risk of downs then, than would be expected for my age at the time, and that made me feel good.

for what it's worth, i don't feel worried at all about my pregnancy. i have a generally good feeling about it, think all is well, and am expecting another trouble free, uneventful pregnancy.
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I'm 36. This is my 6th baby. My kids ages are: 19, 17, 10, 7, and 5. I started young...

For this baby I have only had the NT scan, as far as the AMA screenings. I did have a fetal cardiac echo done because I'm a T1 diabetic. Also, because of the diabetes, the AFP or quad-screen or whatever you call it is actually not recommended because diabetic blood skews the results (or something to that effect the peri told me). I also opted out of the amnio since my Down's screen from the NT came back at something like 1:3400. I'm not worried, nor would we have aborted.

I've been released from the perinatologist to just see my OB for the rest of the pregnancy. I do have to have another fetal echo at 32 weeks. Other than that, everything looks really good.
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