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anyone else 'daily blogging' challenged?!?!

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I am 'daily blogging' challenged... I'd love to blog every day, but quite frankly, who has the time, who wants to read what I write ever day, and, maybe most of all, WHAT do I have that I want to write about each and every day that is of any interest to anyone outside me, myself, and I?!??!?! I just feel if I am posting to 'make my quota' my posts SUCK - flat out stink.

anyone have any tips/ideas/advice on how to kick blogging writer's block?

how many times a week/month do you blog?

do you blog everyday?

how do you keep up the momentum?

I really like what I do blog about when I blog...but trying to 'keep up' with others to keep readers is quite exhausting, mentally speaking...
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I do it every day but seriously..it's about an hour and I'm done. I then take time throughout the day to check other blogs. Sometimes I have three or posts going at once though but I try to finish one every day. My posts are long but they don't take a lot of time.

Right now I have the time..summer..maybe not so much. Or I'll write in a note book and type it in at night.

Ps...I've read your blog..I like it.
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Even every other day is ok.

You can share a quote, a recipe, something that inspires you, a question, a poll, a photo, participate in a meme.
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I try to blog every few days. Right now I'm working on a blog series so that gives me a reason to blog everyday. Plus I have people waiting on it so it requires me to write it. I also love writing so blogging is fun for me (-: And our family is very far away so I try to write about our little family to keep everyone updated.
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my readership goes down exponentially when I don't update frequently. For instance, if I post on a Monday, I'll have 600 hits. then tuesday, no post, it goes down to 400. if I don't post Wednesday, I'm down to 100. I don't know what would happen if I went longer than that. I try not to.
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Also, as an experiement, post eveyr day and see what day gets you the most hits. No one ever reads my blog on Sunday or Monday, my readership is low those days. Wednesdays through Saturdays are my big days so I try to always post on W, Th, F & Sa.
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here's a stupid question - how do I know how many hits I get?
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Originally Posted by MommyHawk View Post
here's a stupid question - how do I know how many hits I get?
I've installed a site meter..go wayyyyyyyyyy down to the bottom of my blog and you'll see it..and then there is another one on the side that tells me whose on at a particular time..rather it tells me where they are in the world.

If you click on either of them I think it'll take you to the site where you can get them, for free and how to install them..which is really easy.

My blog is in my siggy.

ps..sorry about your popcorn
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I started blogging everyday and boy does it really make a difference! So many visitors ...I skipped one day and the # of visitors hit the floor!

Now that I see it (I'm one of those people, gatta see it to believe it) I'll make sure to put something out there everyday, if only a quick blurb

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I try to blog something every day. Lots of times it's just rubbish but it makes me keep at things. When I first started I would get stalled by the idea that every post had to be perfect, not just spelling and grammar but to have a beginning a middle and an end, to have a point etc, sometimes I just waffle but it makes me make the effort and it's worth it( to me) for the posts I write when I feel I am in the 'zone'.

MommyHawk, if you don't have a counter inserted on your blog you can sheck all stats through your dashboard, mine says 'blog stats', that gives me not only numbers but where traffic is coming from and which posts are getting the most peeks.
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I usually publish 5 days out of every week. I, too, notice a drop in the number of hits I get when I skip a day (or two).

What helps me keep on track is having a set topic a few days a week. For example, on Fridays, a friend and I do a "Friday Firsts" segment on our respective blogs. We write about our first ______. Today, for instance, we wrote about our first 'time.' Juicy. LOL. On Saturdays, I like to post my food menu for the upcoming week, and on Sundays, I do a round up of other sites I've discovered, and I call those posts my "Sunday Drive" posts. (Those aren't written every Sunday... When I've compiled a list of other site/blogs that I enjoy, I write a mini review of the sites, link to them, and shoot the blog owners/authors an email to let them know I've 'featured' them on my blog).

If you'd like to see my blog, you can get the addy from my profile here on Mothering. I have an Amazon link on my blog, so I don't think I can link to it here.

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Sometimes I go a few days with no posts and sometimes I have several in one day (3 yesterday!). I used to participate in several blog carnivals (Menu Plan Monday, etc) but haven't been doing those lately.
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Yes, most definitely challenged! When I began I couldn't wait to get online and start blabbing, sometimes twice in one day. Now, the novelty has worn off and I'm so tired all the time I'm lucky if I write once a week. I am trying to balance writing in my own personal journal - which tends to get put on the bottom of the pile - my job, planning, marketing, and teaching a journal workshop, and of course being a mom and wife. But I do still enjoy writing the blog and seeing it online gives me a little thrill every time. I write it more for me than anyone else so readership numbers (for now) is not my greatest concern.
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oooh yes. but then, i doubt anyone would want to read "today i washed some socks" & that sort of hting, so it doesn't really bother me not to blog on days like that.
plus, i get really nervous now that i have quite a few readers, i don't like to disappoint them :/
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when i don't have a daily thing to write, i tell a funny story, like about the time my dad shot the barbecue grill with a handgun. people love that kind of stuff, even if it doesn't "go."

one other way i cheat - i have several of these "story" posts that I finish up but never publish. i just keep them saved as a draft. then i go and change the date when i'm ready to publish it. (i work in blogger, i bet you can do this with any platform though.)
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I have started writing blogs all at once (say for a week at a time) then scheduling them to publish. It is easier for me this way instead of having to worry about writing every day per blog. I have heard if you want lots of traffic you should post often.
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