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today is the day...

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Like I have said in the past I am a high risk pregnancy (blood clotting disorder,Ges diabetes,blood pressure issues ETC.) Induction is something that I knew was going to happen since my risk of still birth increases drastically and the baby and I are at risk for complications, his movements are very few now too . Anyway so today is our day, i've been in early labor for days so my body will do well. I have to call in a few hrs and see if they have a bed for me and off we go. I have super fast labors so it wont last long. I am hopeful that we will both be healthy and do well and I'm almost 40 weeks so its looking good. I am really happy that my ob will be there too because he is fantastic and we will be in exceptional hands. so wish us luck and happiness that this long medically crazy pregnancy stays calm for the birth and afterwards! I'll get pics and stuff posted when I get home too.:
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sending happy positive easy birthing thoughts your way.
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Best wishes!
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happy wishes!
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Best wishes for a safe, healthy birth and baby! Hope to hear your good news soon.
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Best wishes for a happy, healthy birth!
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Good luck :
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Good luck!!
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Good luck mama! :
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Good luck!! Can't wait to hear the good news!!!
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Hope it goes/went really well for you!!
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Can't wait to hear about your newest addition!
Happy birthing vibes :
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