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Bmcneal, how's your nephew this morning? Any improvement? :
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My mom called this morning. It's bad. He's not shown any improvement. With life support, he's got a few days, without it, a few hours. They are letting SIL have today to be with him. ::
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oh, bmcneal, I'm so sorry to hear about baby Zachary! sending him and your family lots of love and light . . .
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O Beth!! I'm so sorry! () :

But I am very happy to hear your DH is at least getting interviews! I know up here in NH, it's hard to even get that right now!

LOTS & LOTS of hugs () to your whole family.
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Where did the time go?? He's over 2 mos now!

I posted in another thread about Jonathan's update...all is well (Thankfully!!)

He weighed in at 12 lbs 12 oz today and 26"!!! He is now 2 mos 2 days old. He laughed - full on laughed - last night for the first time. He has found it is fun to clap his feet together. He loves nursing and sleeping with me at night. He's getting used to daddy more and more (finally!). He loves his sisters, though! He just used his swing for the first time yesterday. Sometimes he loves it, others he hates it. He won't sleep in the cradle at all, but loves the bassinet (during the day but not at night, lol). He HATES the carrier and the sling I have, so my arms are full quite often.

I think that's all for now, since I posted the other thread. We are still using Flats & PFs for cloth diapers (w/training covers from gerber since he's so big). It is going very well. Walmart had a HUGE clearance on them so I cleaned them out and used terry cloth washcloths and flat CDs as doublers. I'm off to make some more!
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to Zachary

Lamine is 7 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! He is so amazing and beautiful and I am just in love I am still mulling over the birth--it was challenging and great and wow I did it!--and learning as we go along. I love nursing and being a mom in general and thank goodness for the Moby! I am looking forward to it warming up so we can get out more, but I am also glad we've just been getting to know each other. DH is working a lot so I'm with the baby all the time. He looks like both of us and it's funny to see him make faces e make. He's a really happy baby who can scream louder than anything. he smiles and gets excited every morning when we wake up : it's all great I feel less inept than I did in the beginning.
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Oh my gosh! Poor baby Zachary. I'm now crying and hugging two of my kids, who are both looking at me funny. If my DH were home he'd tell me I should stop reading "those boards." But, seriously, I'm so sorry to hear about that awful situation. That poor, poor family. I just wish I could do something!

Things are pretty good for us. Odin's digestion is improving considerably. He's suddenly become a much calmer baby again. He likes to swat at toys now and will sit on my lap and stare at things in the room for as long as I'll sit there with him. He also likes the playmat thing that I got for him at the kid-stuff consignment shop. (Oh! Speaking of which, today I got an Ergo there in beautiful shape, for $30! It's black with the cranberry lining. I tried it out at the Costco and he was asleep in minutes! I'm so pleased with my luck.)

My little girl just turned three at the end of last month. The pediatrician said she's unusually smart. Maybe that's why she's so much trouble. Good for her, though!

We're thinking of selling our house and moving closer to town. I'm supposed to talk to a listing agent this week. I'm so excited to not have to drive as much!
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Around 3 am eastern time, Zachary left us. They still have to arrange it, but the plan is for the funeral to be on Tuesday.

Zachary Calvin 03/05/09-03/07/09
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Oh, my heart is just breaking for your family, Beth! I am so so sorry. No one should have to experience the pain of loosing a child. It is so tragic. May your SIL find comfort and healing. Zachary
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Beth I am so sorry
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Beth- thoughts and prayers for Zachary and your whole family. I'm so sorry.
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nak but wanted to say I'm sorry for the loss in your family, Beth! to you and your family.

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I'm so sorry Beth. Your family is in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry, Beth.. Sending love and good thoughts to your family. Zachary

Things are very gradually improving here. DD's GERD is mostly under control with medication, but she's still just a very colicky, high-maintenance baby. Lots of crying, but we're figuring out her different cries and sometimes we can help her, sometimes I know all I can do is hold her and let her get it out of her system. She's getting really strong, almost 10 weeks and I don't think it'll be too long before she's holding her head up on her own. DD outgrew her newborn clothes a couple of weeks ago.. they barely fit to begin with so I knew it wouldn't be too long.

DD's at daycare full-time now and I'm back in school. She gives them a bit of a hard time, especially with feedings, but she's always smiling when she gets there in the morning so I'm not concerned that I did the wrong thing by sending her there so young. I'm much more sane and able to care for her better since we have regular time apart and I have regular interactions with other adults.. I felt like my brain was turning to mush being stuck at home for so long!

I wrote my birth story last week. Not posting it yet.. it was very cathartic just to get it out, but I'm not ready to share it yet. I think I'm going to donate all my pregnancy books to the local library, for some reason I feel like it'll help me get some closure and put this whole thing behind me. I had my Mirena IUC put in last week and that helped too.

I feel much closer to DH since DD's birth.. we've had some difficult conversations, but I'm getting a lot better at being open and communicating with him. I feel very fortunate to have him, we met a year ago on Valentine's Day and things have been so crazy and so fast, but I have no regrets whatsoever about us and he feels the same way We're both pretty overwhelmed with the whole parenting thing, but I think keeping our relationship strong is going to make things a little easier.
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