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15 Minute Sessions of Cleaning. Anyone else need to be held accountable? - Page 4

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I am playing the rest of the day with my kids.

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I just cleared out my desk and threw it away as my kids broke two drawers beyond repair. Now I need to:

*Clear the clutter on the living room floor from the desk.
*Load/run the dishwasher.
*Bag up the library books to return.
*Do two loads of laundry.
*Clean the bathroom.
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
I have more work to do today than there are hours in the day for it. We'll see what I actually accomplish...

~ Clear off my desk

~ Go through finished family artwork and decide what can be scanned, what needs to be photographed, and what would look nice framed as is. If the sun decides to come back out, take the photographs. If not, start scanning.

~ Go through the family memorabilia. Well, start going through it. This could take a few days and will involve pulling out more stuff and making an even bigger mess before it is done. I think I have it all in two spots now, which is a big accomplishment in itself.

~ I have a pile of picture frames to weed through and match to frame-worthy photographs. I already did the "large" frames/portraits/art last year and we finally gave away all the frames we didn't find a use for in early January this year. I believe what is left is 8x10 and smaller, but it might be 5x7 and smaller. There are more of them than the last round, that much I know.

~ Go through my next big scrapbook project and prepare it for several "travel" sessions. The project is mostly together, but is too much stuff for any one session. I have weekend getaways coming up in April and July (friend owns a cabin, so we scrap for really cheap there) with a 18-hour crop in May. One friend lives a mile away and we switch off cropping at each other's houses in the spring and summer. My real challenge is finding a permanent home for this project at our house, in addition to having it be portable. It is a 3-book series and covers 13 years. We are talking about a large project. It'll require some creative thinking on my part...

~ And more, but I am out of computer time now...
Well, that was Monday. What did I accomplish on Monday? Oh, I weeded out some items on the bookcase and now all the books fit properly. I dusted them, too! I rearranged the items on top of the bookcase, as well, but I am still not happy with the look up there just yet. It is fine for now, though.

DD cleared off her desk, which wasn't all that messy, and now three corners of the family office look good!

AmVets called on Monday late afternoon asking if they could pick up any donations. I only had a small box at the time, so I said I could drop it off instead. She said she already had three other pick ups on my street that day, so it was easy for them to pick up and no wasted time/gas. I agreed and got busy going through some more stuff (Monday and Tuesday). DH put the items out for me this morning and it grew from that one small box to two boxes, two trash cans, and a LARGE bag. Woo Hoo! I also gave away a box of stuff to a friend for her church crafts and a neighbor wanted a small piece of furniture and some frames. DD's school put a call out for baskets for the upcoming silent auction, so I gathered those together and dropped them off yesterday. I found two more after I got home (of course! LOL), so those will go to school this afternoon.

I got one of the above projects finished as much as possible at this point: picture frames. The rest will need to wait until I am finished with the bigger projects around the house since pictures (this size) are the final touches, IMO, for decorating. However, by giving away all the baskets in our project room that were not being used right now, I have space for these frames! Yippee! They can be moved out of our bedroom!

Not on the list, but accomplished on Monday in 15 minutes, was finding new homes for DH's items he had on a wall shelf we took down over a year ago. I dusted them and evaluated them. I had given him most of the items and I knew he had them out because of that. I knew what was important to him and what wasn't, except for one item. I set that aside and asked him when he got home that evening. He liked what I did with the rest and let go of that one item I wasn't sure about.

I was gone most of Tuesday, but I did accomplish a couple 15-minute decluttering tasks:

I thinned out and organized my fabric ribbon. I use it for sewing, gift-wrapping, general crafts, and scrapbooking. So, I divided it all by type (plain satin with sewing notions; sheers in frosted ribbon box; scrapbook-worthy pieces in clear round jar; collections and scrapbook-worthy spools in clear box with large pieces of scrapbook-worthy fiber). I gave away essentially an entire gallon-size bag of ribbon! AND I took care of a simple project I had been putting off because I didn't want to weed through the ribbon. LOL We ended up with an extra photo calendar for 2009 (gift to family members), so I hole punched it and threaded sheer white polka-dotted ribbon through the holes and hung it from the pegs in our kitchen.

I am feeling a bit under the weather today, so my one project for today is to cut out 8 child-size aprons for DD's upcoming party. She chose the fabric from my stash and I have the "pattern" (an apron that fits DD). The fabric has already been washed and I think it is a poly-cotton blend, so it may not need pressing. One can hope, right?
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sunnysandiegan, wow, I am so pressed with your progress!!!!!! Kudos to you!!!!

hotamamacita, congrats and enjoy your time playing.

I have been so lazy today. But I finsihed a lengthy email that has been on my heart. My project for the day is to do the aforementioned weekly home blessing, which will take less than an hour and to start supper. Also, I will generally pick up the apartment before my husband gets home. And I haven't made my bed yet.

I feel myself slipping, but wait, there's this thread and I'm pulling myself back up!
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File small claims paperwork and drop off a paper to FS
Dishes. Always dishes.
Gardening, a few seedlings need to be started and I am hoping to do SOMETHING with the weeds in the bed where I need to plant my cabbage family.

Actually, I got so much done yesterday, today seems manageable! Even with a sick toddler and a sick-but-denying-it Mommy!:
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Thanks PoetryLover! I am on a mission! We are hosting my DD's birthday party in our home in about 10 days.

I am so happy I got my project de jour completed today! : All 8 aprons are cut. The top ties are cut and pressed and some are sewn, but they are very challenging. As is my DD this afternoon, so I am taking a break from all that. DD is in her bedroom chilling out (hopefully reading or sleeping, I think the time change has affected her negatively). I am ignoring the aprons for now.

Dinner is simmering on the stove (homemade soup) with potatoes in the crock pot "baking" and DH just called to say he is on his way home. :
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I got all MY stuff packed today...I need to pack some of DH's clothes (still) and be ready for my plane ride tomorrow!
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I was extra productive today. I swept, mopped and vacuumed, cleaned the mirrors, took care of the trash in the rooms where it doesn't get emptied as frequently (bedroom and bathroom), washed dishes, cooked supper (cumin beans and rice stuffed zucchini & baked sweet potatoes), made the bed and did general maintenance. I have a job interview in the morning, so DH printed out extra copies of my resume and cover letter, plus my references. Now I need to lay out my outfit.

Congrats again to all who were productive. It certainly is something to cheer about. Every little bit helps. Sometimes I'm still amazed at what I can get done in 15 minutes.:
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put away a load of laundry, picked up the living room, vacuumed the living room and hallway, picked up the kitche, started the dishwasher, wiped the counters and table, and straightened the baby's room.


This 15 minute thing is kinda working.....holyfreakingcow!!!
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I cleaned the kitchen after dinner.

While DH & DD started choosing background music for DD's party, I worked on one apron to test the length of the top ties. DD modeled it for me. The ties are kinda short, IMO, but DD loves the apron just the way it is. I am going to make the back ties tomorrow and fully test the one apron before moving forward.

DH also brought down the picture frames for me while I was cleaning up the kitchen and I put them away for awhile in the project room. I having an empty spot all ready for them!

In addition to the aprons tomorrow, I'd also like to do at least one project sitting on our bedroom floor (mentioned upthread, page 2, I believe) and/or clear off my desk. I wonder how many 15-minute sessions I can muster?
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Goals for the day:

1) Job interview--I'm trying not to be nervous. All interviews make me nervous, especially working interviews.

2) Wander around town aimlessly. Go to a couple of my favorite second hand shops.

3) Make a good anniversary dinner. Start early (don't know what I'm making yet).

4) Swish & Swipe bathroom and scoop litter box.

5) Fill cats' food dishes.

6) Apply for at least 1 job today.

7) Write for at least 1/2 hour.

8) Don't be nervous. Just be my natural, bubbly self.
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Best wishes PoetryLover! You'll do wonderfully! Just like you said... "Just be my natural, bubbly self."
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
Best wishes PoetryLover! You'll do wonderfully! Just like you said... "Just be my natural, bubbly self."
Thanks! I received an offer. I just have to talk it over with my hubby now. It's a toddler teacher position with one year olds--and I love that age group.
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Poetry- that is wonderful! If you take this job I hope it'll be a perfect fit for you.

well- I had a huge anatomy test this week- so studying has made my home look horrible. I seriously am almost out of clean dishes!

I need 15 minutes to get a drying rack full of dishes done, then another 15 for cleaning out the fridge. Then I need 15 in my office, and 15 in my bathroom.

wish me luck!

ets- I did the dishes- it took more like 25 minutes! And I still have about 1/3 left. But I'm still going strong!
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Rebirth, I did accept the job. I am super excited!

Also, you can do it! Just 15 minutes at a time...
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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post
Rebirth, I did accept the job. I am super excited!

Also, you can do it! Just 15 minutes at a time...

Congrats on the job!!

I did the dishes this morning, then we had company, and now we have more dishes, plus the dishes that were drying and didn't get put away, plus the house was torn apart by the two toddlers.

They had a great time, though! And I got maternity pictures taken!
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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post
Rebirth, I did accept the job. I am super excited!

Also, you can do it! Just 15 minutes at a time...

I haven't accomplished anything today. I'm still feeling under the weather and hung out in bed most of the morning, then showered and did some research and then walked to get my DD from school. We worked on her homework (writing) while I continued my research (adopted kitten is coming on Saturday) and I am back in bed with a headache. I think I need more fluids and I haven't eaten much of anything today (a few whole grain crackers and a bagel with some mozzarella cheese melted on top).

A friend from Orange County (2 hours away) is bringing the kitten on Saturday and she wants to see our house. I need to finish our bedroom tonight and tomorrow somehow. The family office just needs a tad bit of work (my desk and a small pile of containers on the floor by my desk), so it could wait until Saturday morning. Maybe my DD and DH could help out a little with what is left? They are both helpful people, but these particular projects are mine. The timer could really come in handy...
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CultivatingMyRoots, congrats on the maternity pictures. That must have been such a nice time.

Sunnysandiegan, you did accomplish something today: the fine art of taking care of yourself when you're feeling under the weather. It's much better to rest than to push yourself too hard, as you'll only get sicker and sicker. So pat yourself on the back.:

I did everything on my list except #s 6 & 7. There is no need to apply for jobs at the moment!! And I spent so much time on task #2 (wandering around town aimlessly) that I didn't have time to write. BUT I found awesome deals at my favorite second hand store. This store is always hit or miss for me. Today was a total hit!! It seemed that everything was in my colors (lilac, brown, tan, light pink), fit and looked good on me. I've put off buying clothes lately, as I didn't have a lot of extra money and I didn't know exactly what kind of job I would get. So after the interview and the offer, I was pretty sure I would accept it, and splurged on an appropriate wardrobe. Yay!!!!

Oh--and I spent half an hour exercising--so I guess I could have taken the time to write.
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poetry- congratulations!!! tHat is wonderful! I'm sure it's such a load off your shoulders.

I am having guests at 2:30, nad my home is just so NOT company ready!! AHHH! And my sister is off of college for spring break, so I need to wash sheets, make the bed and get DH to set up the bedframe. Plus I want to make her a sweet little basket of things to enjoy while she's here. So- I need about 15 minutes in every room. First I'm going to concentrate on the biggies, then the smaller things, and the whole house needs a thorough sweeping. Oh, and of course- there's the dishes!

I'll be back... someday... :P
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Rebirth, thanks. I am excited to be employed again.
Also, remember that it's still early and so much can be accomplished in 15 minutes...

DH and I are switching our bedroom and livingroom (due to noisy neighbors talking LOUDLY on their porch and keeping us awake half the night). So we have to move all the furniture in those two rooms. And we have to vacuum the carpets and wipe down the baseboard heaters (plus clean the walls/doors where necessary; it might be a good time to thoroughly dust the bookshelves, as well). We've agreed that today is the day and we'll do this in 15 minute increments.

The other thing I have to do is find my old college transcripts for my new job. I have them ... somewhere.

And then there's dishes to be done and general straightening. Plus, I want to make a meal plan for next week (or maybe the next two weeks). And it would be helpful to put together outfits for the week, as well.

Dinner tonight is going to be crockpot something or other.

And sometime before we switch the rooms, I want to do aerobics for 50ish minutes.
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