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ok- I've been at it for an hour, and I've got my office/guest room in order, and the kitchen is 1/2way done. I'm taking a 15 minute break- then I want to finish the kitchen, start the laundry, do some dishes and straighten the living room up.
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Originally Posted by rebirth View Post
ok- I've been at it for an hour, and I've got my office/guest room in order, and the kitchen is 1/2way done. I'm taking a 15 minute break- then I want to finish the kitchen, start the laundry, do some dishes and straighten the living room up.
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Can i join in?

: im doing some hardcore de-cluttering today:

earlier today i went through all of the kids video's and DVD's. we have collected quite a few over time. my son was pretty shocked when i told him we were getting rid of all but a very few VHS, but i assured him that if there were any that he felt he couldn't live without we would DL or find on DVD. im over having so much plastic stuff in the form of VHS. we still have a lot of DVD's, but they take up a lot less space and we do watch them as we dont have "TV" after that i went through all of the kids books on the livingroom book shelf. im the last person to get rid of books, but we have accumulated a lot, mostly thrift shop books and not all of them are ones i like. i try to keep books in the living room that relate to the season, so im cleaning out all of our winter books to make room for spring! also de-cluttered those books to the ones that we really love. it felt good! i realized about 50% of the books that were on the shelf i dont really like, so those ones went into the thrift shop pile. i let the kids check to see if there were any that they love and my son picked one. thats it.

i also de-cluttered while i was putting the laundry away. we have WAY too many clothes.. mostly becaus emy thrift shop has so much great stuff and always cheap. but im not going to keep doing so much laundry. it makes me : i got rid of quite a lot and thats just from stuff that i just washed. a few days ago i did my daughters closet. my clothes are already very minimal. i actually need a few things, but my baby daughter has a ton. she has inherited all of my daughters stuff, a lot of my friends & nieces stuff..and then of course thrift store. i like shopping so its hard for me, but im going to try not to buy new stuff. even if its used new.

i need to do 15 minutes in the bedrooms downstairs too. after lunch im going to tackle those.
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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post
DH and I are switching our bedroom and livingroom (due to noisy neighbors talking LOUDLY on their porch and keeping us awake half the night). So we have to move all the furniture in those two rooms. And we have to vacuum the carpets and wipe down the baseboard heaters (plus clean the walls/doors where necessary; it might be a good time to thoroughly dust the bookshelves, as well). We've agreed that today is the day and we'll do this in 15 minute increments. [DONE EXCEPT 1 BOOKSHELF to be moved tomorrow]

[Do tomorrow] The other thing I have to do is find my old college transcripts for my new job. I have them ... somewhere.

[Do tomorrow] And then there's dishes to be done and general straightening. Plus, I want to make a meal plan for next week (or maybe the next two weeks). And it would be helpful to put together outfits for the week, as well.

[DONE] Dinner tonight is going to be crockpot something or other.

[DONE] And sometime before we switch the rooms, I want to do aerobics for 50ish minutes.
Also, I have to transfer closets and sweep & mop the floors after all the moving of furniture. :yawning::yawning:

Welcome, MamaFern! It sounds like you got a lot of decluttering done. It's amazing how much *stuff* we accumulate.
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Mind if I join in too?
Between taking care of the baby and my toddler I haven't been taking care of my house. It shows right now pretty bad..
Today is Sunday over here (I live in Japan) so we do have church but things i want to get done today:
-Move the crib and entertainment stand (MOVED) out of the playroom (thats somehow ended up being a storage area) and take pictures so I can list them and sell them.
- Lay down the mats i got for the playroom floor so the floor isn't so cold
- Go through toys and organize them into categories for when I get the storage bins for them (right now all the toys are all over the place)
- wipe down books (DD had an accident on her books)
- Declutter toys/books.
- Laundry, umm, laundry, umm laundry... did I mention laundry
- Make dinner- Done
-Clean sinks- Done
- do dishes..- Done

I think thats all for right now. If I get that all done Ill come back and add more.
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I am forcing myself to clean the living room tonight. It's so cluttered!
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Ok, done with the first 2 15 minute sessions.. I completed:
Made dinner..
Wiped down sinks
Did dishes
DH moved the entertainment stand and is now laying down the mats.

Now Im going to go shower and shave and get ready for church since we have to leave in an hour.
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OK, I am done with my 2 15 minutes sessions today; put laundry away and clean kitchen sink countertops and cabinets.

15 minutes sessions are much more managable than 2-3 hours cleaning sessions. Thanks for the idea!
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Welcome OkiMom and Brooks97! Congrats on your productivity!!

Okay, it's time for me to begin my 15 minute sessions of cleaning. doneFirst I will sweep and mop the floor. doneI also need to clear the kitchen table and wash the dishes.

I also washed hung/folded and put away 2 loads of laundry and transferred my old closet to my new closet. There are a number of clothing items and pairs of shoes that I am considering donating. But as I'm starting a Toddler Teacher position, I want to wait 2-3 months before getting rid of some things. In the past, that line of work (and constant up/down) kept me trim. Plus, winter's taking a hike soon enough ... and I'm hopeful. :-) As for the shoes, I'm going to take some time to think about which ones to donate and, sadly, which old favorites have been worn to the no tread point. :-(

Now I am going to make dinner and do after-dinner cleanup with DH, lay out my clothes for tomorrow (and maybe the week) and then relax.

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I too have a lot to do today! top of my list are;
2 bathrooms..sweep/mop kitchen floor..laundry room de-clutter...cat litter box

i already have done dishes, put on the dishwasher and put a load of laundry into the dryer. i did a ton yesterday in terms of de-cluttering. i have 5 garbage bags of stuff to go to our thrift shop. im : about this.
im also hoping for a shower! the life of a mother

i have lots more to do. i am still trying to get to my storage closet and i have a bedroom piled with stuff that needs sprting decluttering. but im not sure ill get to it all today. we shall see!
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I just did the dishes and wiped down the kitchen sink. I also wiped down the toilets and sinks in the bathroom. I got up early and worked out, showered and got dressed.
Things I need to do still..
List items to sale (Completed)
Clean up front room.
Go through boxes I still haven't unpacked since we moved (in September)
Take some good pictures of the girls to send to my SIL (shes making a DVD of pictures for my grandpa-in-law)

Theres more but Im starting small so I know I can get it all done.
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All done!! I'll be back with new goals tomorrow evening.

Happy productivity to everyone!!!

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I'm going easy on myself tonight, as I am exhausted. I only plan to do some yoga, wash a few dishes, prepare tomorrow's coffee to brew and to lay out my clothes and pack my lunch for tomorrow.

Anyone who thrives with accountability, free to join in...
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Ok 7yoDD is out with a friend and bbDD is (kind of) in a good mood (as she starts fussing...grrrr...) so here's my list if I can get to it here before bbDD melts down:

kitchen cleaned up-dishes loaded (already empty), counters clean, floor swept, trash out
living room-quick floor pickup
Beds made
switch laundry
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All done!!! Now I'm going to bed very early.

So many thanks to hubby for making supper (Lentil and Barley Soup) tonight.

Sending Productivity Vibes your way, Theoretica.
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Im having a lazy morning so Im probably not going to get much done today.. I woke up, worked out, did dishes, made breakfest, took a walk, did one load of laundry and put a load away... I was done by 8 and its almost 11 and I haven't done anything since. Heres what I need to get done:
- Finish cleaning living room (didn't get it done yesterday)
- 2 loads of laundry
- wipe down kitchen sink
- wipe down hallroom bathroom
- pick up den.
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I finally feeling better! Getting closer and closer to 100% again!!!!! :

So, I am back. We now have a kitten (rescued from a 7-11 gas station by a friend), who is quite the entertainer and people lover. She is in my lap and it is hard to put her down to get things done. She is just sooooo adorable!!!

Anyway, DD's birthday party is in a few days and I have work to do. I finished 90% of the family office before the kitten arrived, which is good enough for me for now. I've got hard-core cleaning to do and party prep to finish.

Today - in 15 minute increments:
1. Our family finances
2. Clean bathrooms
3. Cut out apron linings and ties
4. Play with kitten
5. Repeat until something is completely done, then add in another task to take its place..

Wish me luck!
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Okay...I have a girl that came over to entertain my girls.

First goal:

Gather up laundry start new load
Put load in dryer
Gather up floor mats to wash
Get bedding to wash
Dust dd1's room and sweep upstairs.

Okay I will be back when I am done...I am thinking that will take about 15 minutes...let's see:
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Okay it took a tiny bit longer than 15 minutes because I had to help get the girls ready to play outside.

Next goal:

Dust dd2 room
make bed
try to find hangers for clothes.
Clean counters, tub, toilet in bathroom #1

Okay off I go!
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I'm totally in on this. So, need something to keep me motivated.

So far today I have done the following:

~Got DD's school lessons done
~Got DS2 school lessons done
~DS1 is almost done his lessons
~I have a load of laundry in the washing machine ready to go into the dryer

What I need to get done today:

~fold and put away about 6-7 loads of laundry
~empty dishwasher, re-load dishwasher, empty, re-load,....
~continue working on my March challenge (de-clutter whole house to get ready for sale)

Good luck everyone, we can do it!!!!

See you soon,lol
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