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MDC Parent Information Discussion Threads:

"If You Regret Circumcising Your Son(s): Please Post Here"

Various religious circumcision discussions: Here, here, here, here, and here

Mothering Magazine Circumcision Articles

WEB RESOURCES for further information

Graphic Circ Videos

Important Foreskin Information Discussion Threads:

Natural Development of the Foreskin, etc:
Possible Separation Issues/Pain/Sore/Red/Irritated/Ballooning/Normal Development,etc.

"Definition of Retraction and Why it is Bad"

"A Warning For Parents of Intact Sons" (Why not to forcibly retract the foreskin)

Member Recommended "Foreskin Friendly" Physicians

Foreskin Issues by Marilyn Milos

If you have a web resource you'd like to add, please go here.

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