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Happy Anniversary Multicultural Families Forum

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Did anyone notice? I did. Congratulations MDC!!!::
I saw from before this started how much this meant to many families. I posted some in the beginning and I suppose I am a lurker most of the time now. But given how hard people pushed to have this forum and what it means to have it, I could not resist but to celebrate the milestone.
I am so happy to see that parents have a place to come share many of their very real events that many without multicultural experiences might readily dismiss. That they have a place to exchange helpful hints and antidotes about life that are unique to multicultural families.
So congrats on having a place that doesn't dismiss or mock the complexities of the multicultural family unit. (Please note I am not implying that any place on MDC would do that). But I believe there is an adding safety net here. It's just so nice to see people respecting the complexities of all races and cultures and it's wonderful to have a place that allows us to acknowledge the struggles that let our families reach this point.

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that is really thoughtful of you yinsum, i had a sig line forever that said that you mdc for the multicultural family forum because i think it is so important to have an are that supports multicultural families.
so thank you yinsum for recognizing this special thing.
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Thank you for posting this, Yinsum! I tend to lurk, also, but it is so nice to have one place on the internet where sweeping generalizations and judgments based on stereotypes aren't the norm.
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Happy Birthday then!
I didn't know it was only one year old.
It's the page that comes up when I go to the MDC forum because theses days I just NEED quite oftern to read and learn and ask things now that I've found this forum !
Thanks to all the people who help it run smoothly.
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Here's to the appreciation of difference and the celebration of self love!:
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Thanks for creating this space just for us, Yinsum :

It's nice to be part of a virtual community where people face similar issues.
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