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A thread for EVERYBODY

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i'm sending out a big group hug to every single person in our ddc today.

hugs to all of the new mamas and their babies whose posts i just don't have the freedom to respond to right now due to the little tyrant sleeping peacefully in my lap,

and a big group hug to all the mamas still waiting...you're almost there!

so a big lots of and a dash of :
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Awe! Hug accepted! I did lose my mucous plug yesterday so things are happening...:
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Hehe! You're so sweet! Hugs back to you, as well!
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Thanks Jenny- I could use a hug today.

And I will pass one on too
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Another thanks for the hug. Good to hear from you.
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Aww thanks jenny.

I'm glad you two are doing well!
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Thanks so much!

Hugs to everyone in the forum, it has been a great community to be part of and so exciting that people are starting to have their babies.
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Thanks!! I'll take the HUG and hug you (and everyone else in our DDC) back!!
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to all! I think this is a great group of ladies & I am so glad that everyone is doing well!

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Thanks and back at y'all ~ this group has meant so much to me, and I feel honored to be a part of such a cool birthing club!
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