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my breech twin birth story!

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i keep trying to start this story and i don't even know where to start. it was like a month of kinda labor followed by a few minutes of intense labor. also, alot of the details are jumbled in my head, but i wanted to write what i do remember down before i look at my records.

jan 30th (at 33 weeks) i woke up with contractions about every 5 minutes. they weren't painful or anything but they were very regular. i took a bath and went to the dentist for a root canal and they were still every 5 minutes. i finally called the dr office and they said to go to labor and delivery. we packed a bag jic and got some food and showed up at the hospital. by then the contractions were 3 mins apart and i was 4+cm. doh! i had no idea...so they gave me procardia to stop the contractions and steroid shots for the babies and admitted me. we hoped to make it another 24-48 hours. the contractions slowed down and i stayed in the hospital until just over 35 weeks. i took the meds to stop labor for another week at home and stopped taking them at 36 weeks.

on sunday feb 22nd i started having contractions that were about 7 mins apart and i could feel them in my cervix. they woke me up that night and were the same on monday. by monday afternoon we decided to head to the hospital and see what was going on. i was almost 37 weeks. after 24 hours of no changes i was a little concerned about the babies' positions. baby 'a' had been butt down for most of the month before. we called my mom to come up and get the kids. when we got to the hospital i was 4-5cm but mostly effaced and very regular contractions. a quick sonogram showed baby 'a' was head down. i was relieved because the dr on call was NOT comfortable with a breech delivery. we called my doula (melissa) and photographer (lynsey) and decided that melissa would come up then and we'd call lynsey after rush hour and let her know how it was going. i turned down the pitocin that was ordered by the dr. the nurse seemed concerned that it was going slowly and i might not have the babies that night if they didn't do something. :-) i said i didn't mind if it didn't happen until the next day. after walking for awhile they checked me again and i was "6cm". we called lynsey to come up. the contractions got steadily a little bit harder but not that bad all night. i HATED the monitors and kept throwing up when they tried to get both babies on. i was checked a couple more times and was 6, 6, then "actually 6cm". :-( i was really starting to hate checks. i really hated the monitors. i regreted going in to the hospital so early. in the morning lynsey and melissa both went home and we were gonna call with updates if/when anything happened. dr cummings came in around 7ish? and said i was still a 6, but was super stretchy and could easily stretch to be "10 or 10,000". but baby was low enough that he would be comfortable breaking my water if i wanted that. i really thought it would happen fast if he broke my water and agreed eagerly. he clarified that i was comfortable with breech baby 'a' and i said yes, but he was head down now. he didn't argue. ? he said if he'd been on the night before he would have just let me go back home. he said i should eat a good breakfast, take a god nap, and he'd break my water. he told the nurses to leave me alone to sleep. i got a couple good hours of sleep (which were uninterrupted thanks to meredith ;-p ) and woke up feeling better and refreshed. the contractions slowed way down to like 10 min apart and weren't feeling very strong. i tried to eat and just kept throwing up. so early in the afternoon he broke my water. everything looked good and the hospital was pretty busy so we really were left alone from then on. i had the monitors on constantly after that and i really hated that. i had been monitored for almost a month at this point off and on and was just so sick of it. after about 2 hours i felt like i was maybe getting close to pushing - not pushy yet, but feeling pressure and these contractions hurt. i was worried that it would go fast when i got pushy so i called the nurse and asked her to check me. she checked me at 4:30 (the time is significant, haha) and said i was maybe a 7. i was so deflated. i whined to peter that i wanted my tub. yelled at him not to talk or touch me. yelled at him for looking at the monitors. the contractions were like one on top of another and it hurt and i was only 7. peter thought we should call melissa and lynsey and my mom and update and i just couldn't call and tell everyone that after 2 days i went from 6 to 7. then i felt pushy. like really pushy. like baby in my vagina gotta get it out now pushy. i hit the call button and said "i'm pushing". the nurse ran in and saw my face. i was standing next to the bad. she said "get on the bed - no gravity! don't push! i'll get the dr". i kinda half got on the bed. peter said "um andrea you are pushing." i said "i TOLD her i was pushing! what am i supposed to do!?" dr c came right in (i later learned he'd been waiting at the desk cause he knew i'd be fast). the nurses got me unplugged from everything and they raced me down the hall - running like in the movies - to the or (twin births have to be in the or). the nurses were yelling at me not to push and i told them to shut up. i was trying so hard to not have the baby until we got to the or. as we wheeled in the door out he came. i caught him myself (while the nurses yelled at me to move my hands - yeah right!) and peter was in the hall pulling on scrubs. they said to give one more push and i was so confused then i realized i was holding baby butt - NOT baby head. one quick push and out came his head. 4:43pm. 13 minutes after my last check where i was 7cm. peter cut the cord and they moved him to the isolette next to me while i moved to the or table. they had stirrups on it and i asked if i had to use the stirrups and dr c said we'll see. i heard someone say the fetal heart rate was 90. i thought i must have misheard. then they said the fetal heartrate was 70 and i knew something was wrong. they put my legs in the stirrups and i laid back and then just blinding pain. all i can say is those stirrups are built strong because my legs were fighting against them with all their strength and i had no control over them. during pregnancy we talked about how if i did not have an epidural and he had to turn baby 'b' or go in after him it would hurt. bad. i thought about that conversation and thought there was no. way. that was what was happening. i just couldn't let my mind think that was what was happening. out came baby 'b' and i pushed a little again for his head. later dr c said that he had to go in and grab him by the feet and pull him down. he was way tangled in the cord (peter and the nurses said it was around his arms, torso, neck, and leg) and my uterus contracted down fast with him transverse and high and that's when his heartrate dropped. it was very painful, but very fast and i keep having flashbacks to it (part of the reason i haven't written it out until now). baby 'b' was very blue and he pinked up with oxygen but went blue again everytime they took the oxygen. peter went with him to the nicu and baby 'a' went with me back to the room. he spent an hour or so in the nicu then they released him (with the small ransom of us agreeing to give him 1 oz of formula first *eye roll*). baby 'a' is cassius daniel and weighed 5lbs 15oz and baby 'b' is fox patrick and weighed 5lbs 11oz. i didn't tear a bit and felt great afterwards. they discharged all of us the next afternoon. so nice to be home! so after half-assed laboring for a month i really only had serious labor for about 13 minutes. nursing is going GREAT. better than with either other of my kids.

we've got pics up of the boys here - http://www.flickr.com/andreasutherland
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Wow! What a story! It sounds like you are one tough cookie, all the way around. You did a wonderful job, mama.

Thank you for sharing the story of your twins' births with us.

Congratulations, and enjoy your little ones.
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what an amazing story!! congrats, mama!!
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Beautiful story! Congrats! There must be something about twin pregnancies because I had a month of labor too (minus the breech boys).
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Congratulations, and welcome little ones!! What a wonderful story! ANd beautiful names, and beautiful babes... congrats to the whole family.::
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congrats aja i know i said it when i saw you and cash right after they were born and almost started to cry lol, jeez that is so not like me thanks for sharing your birth story!
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wow - that took some nerves of steel.

you uber mama ::
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Congratulations! What beautiful babes! ::
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That is such a story!
I am so proud you stuck to your guns for a natural birth despite breech!! Congrats!
and I also had the "reach in" thing happen, it's hard at first...but after about a year and a half I can't remember the pain hardly and I don't think of it much, I'm mostly healed from the emotional trauma. It does get better!
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I just read this on HAND! Congrats again Aja, I'm just thrilled that nursing is going well for you guys! And I'm in awe of your story. Having a breech twin A in the hospital is just amazing. I'm so proud of you for telling them to shut up and not letting them smack your hands away so you could catch your darling son on your own. YOU ROCK MAMA!
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Originally Posted by liss_420 View Post
what an amazing story!! congrats, mama!!
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Wow, great birth. Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Your boys are beautiful! I recognized your name from a local list and I guessed I knew your doctor (and by his last initial, I'm pretty sure I'm right). He's a great doc and the only one I know of in a 100 mile radius who will even attempt breech twins or VBAC twins, etc. He's a good guy but I'm surprised the nurses at that facility gave you such a hard time. I'm happy know you all are home and healthy!
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You are a wonder woman. :::::

What a fantastic story and how amazing that baby a was breech but you still got to have a vaginal birth, and catch your own baby - even if that was not in the plan!!! I am going to be keeping your story in mind a lot over the next several months, thanks so much for sharing!

Welcome to the world Cassius and Fox - you are both beautiful!!:
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thanks everyone!

nightnurse - i actually really liked the nurses i had. i was just so sick of the hospital in general and at the end it got crazy and everyone was frantic.
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Your story is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new babies!
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I felt like I was there, reading your story. Wow!!! I'm in tears, how beautiful!!!!
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Congratulations and thank you for sharing your exciting story!

I can't get over the whole 7 cm thing...you feeling so deflated about going from a 6 to a 7 in two days, and then 13 minutes later, baby. Did anyone have anything to say about that, after the fact? (Was the nurse feeling sheepish about her measurement? Or was that chalked up to the whole "super stretchy" bit? Astounding!)
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Originally Posted by AmyC View Post
Did anyone have anything to say about that, after the fact? (Was the nurse feeling sheepish about her measurement? Or was that chalked up to the whole "super stretchy" bit? Astounding!)
i think it was chalked up to the whole super stretchy thing. lol
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Wow, Aja! What a story, I hung on every word. Great starts for your boys. Love their names too.

Congrats all around!
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