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5 months seems like a big month for torturing mother! My first did it, and so did the twins, and so will my last (I expect). The babies are going through a big developmental leap, starting to get around or at least WANTING to get around and can't do it to their satisfaction, want things but can't ask, possibly teething, etc.!!!

I would pack the kids into the car, and drive until the babies were asleep. Then I would go through a drive through for lunch, park, and have my oldest come visit with me in the front for an hour or 2.

I paid for babysitters. I had a regular time that a high schooler would come play with kids so I could have a break. I didn't even leave the house, but it helped SOOOOO MUCH!! I know others who have part time nannies or put their kids into daycare part time because they just need the break. Don't feel bad if you need to do something like this too!

I got a housecleaner every other week because we just couldn't get healthy.

We went out as much as we could to play dates, classes, etc. I didn't have it in me to go out every day, but it was a few times a week.
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^^^^^ I totally forgot about this! I hired a highschool student. She came over 3 days a week after school. From 3 - 6. Helped me with chores, childcare, changed diapers, never complained. I saved the easiest to prepare meals for her which she could handle. In exchange, I had someone to chat with, could take a shower, etc..
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5 months were... oy. I remember Hurricane Katrina, IRL and it seemed like in my home hundreds or miles away. .
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