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Organic Twin Mattress in Canada - where can I get one?

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My DS2 is going to outgrowing his crib soon. I would like to get a natural mattress. His crib mattress and my DS1's mattress I got in the US 6 months ago, when the $$ was almost equal. Now, it's way too expensive. Where can I find a decently priced mattress here.

Local (Montreal) would be cheaper, but I'm open to different suggestions.

Thank you, Ana
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Latex is supposed to be a good alternative to wool (and more cost-feasable) Ikea has them. Another option might be a wool cover. Are these guys Canadian?. THere are a ton of matress pads and overlays if you google them.

You can sometimes catch someone who is moving and looking to get rid of theirs on kijiji.ca ...sometimes...
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Ikea mattresses aren't organic but at least they don't have fire retardants (main source of offgassing).
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Thank you.

Obasan's cheapest mattress in $999. Too much for me!

My kids have Vivetique now. What do Canadians get for up to $500-600? I'll get Ikea if I don't have a choice, but would really prefer something more natural. It doesn't have to be latex. I'm open to more options.
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Natura is Canadian. We got our crib mattress from them. I don't know if they do twins, but worth checking!
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Sleeptek in Ottawa has them. Not sure on prices.
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I'm in Canada too and I've been researching mattresses for the last couple of months for DD. I'll tell you, if you want 100% organic and all natural (as opposed to any synthetic), you're not going to be able to find a twin size for $500-$600. Even a fully organic futon is more than that.

Some things to watch out for when you're shopping:
  1. if you're looking at latex, beware that most companies sell a combo synthetic/natural latex. Synthetic latex has generally been produced with chemicals. Companies can claim their latex is "all natural" or "100% natural" if it contains ANY amount of natural latex (so yes, they can and DO lie about it. Some are just informed about how the latex they buy is really made).
  2. again with latex, be careful if they get their latex from India. I read that Indian latex dissolves more easily into rubber (and thus is past the stage where it can be used to process into a mattress) so they add toluene to it to stop this process. From what I can tell, it seems that latex from Malaysia is best (and of course true 100% natural)
  3. if the bed has wool in it, you should opt for certified organic else it could have chemicals used in processing that remove some of its natural oils that are what give wool it's benefits and fire retardency
  4. glue to hold foam layers or wood together is often toxic. Best to find a mattress where glue isn't used. Beware of "water based" claims saying that means it's safe. Think about latex paint, it's water-based but still contains VOC's.
  5. when a company says their mattress is natural or organic, ask about ALL of the mattress contents (using organic cotton piled on top of polyurethane foam somewhat defeats the purpose of buying an organic mattress)
A twin, truly organic futon seems to run around $800 for 4.5" high and closer to $900 for a 6" thick. For a truly natural latex mattress, you're seriously looking around $1300. Add more to that cost if you want it topped with wool. For an organic innerspring mattress, you're looking at $1000 minimum. After I compared quality of mattresses and the content (is it truly organic and natural?), Obasan has some of the better pricing and initially I had thought they were crazy expensive until things came into perspective.

The Natura organic line is nice, but pricey. They use 100% natural latex in their organic line but the rest of their latex mattresses use a combo synthetic/natural. Green Sleep has an awesome mattress but yowza, it's pricey!

Oh, and buying a mattress feels like buying a used car. Untruths and deceit are rampant so ask questions and do your research. You don't want to end up spending over $1000 and have it NOT be organic, natural and chemical free!

I've got so much information in my head that it's hard for me to sort out what to tell you, so if you have any specific questions, please ask away!
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Thank you TechnoGranola for your detaile reply.

I don't have $1,000 to spend now. What's the next best? Ikea? Which one of theirs?

Thanks again everyone, Ana
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I was disappointed in Ikea's offerings online, they may have more choice in store though. Do you have an Ikea near you? Online, the latex mattresses they sell are either full synthetic or 80% synthetic. The 2009 Green Guide did suggest the Ikea Sultan Heidal mattresss which has "an 85 percent natural latex core, wool and corn-based platic wadding, and a safer flame retardant made from phosphorus salts and nitrogen compounds ($799/queen)". So, if you can go to an Ikea, I would look to see if they have that one in store in a twin. I would have definitely checked it out if I didn't have to use Ikea's online store!

Here's the Green Guide's Mattress Buying Guide (although they don't have the Ikea mattresses listed in their online guide!)
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We got our King-sized natural latex at Sleeptek in Ottawa. I love it! There was a great sale, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to afford it either.
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I did some research (not as much as Technogranola!) last year for my kids' mattresses as well. I found the same with Ikea, that all of them had some synthetic latex content. However, if budget is a real issue, I think theirs are a good deal.

I looked into organicgrace.com, and found they had good deals, albeit being a US company, you have to pay shipping. Their latex is from Malaysia, and have twins in the $600 range, but of course that's US, and she'd quoted me around $100 to ship two twins to me in Vancouver.

I ended up buying two natural latex foam mattresses from a local Vancouver company - Discount Foam. They are just a hunk of foam with a thin cotton bedsheet-like zippered cover - no wool, no glue. I paid $630 each. Now, I asked and was told they were 100% natural talalay latex, but didn't research it further.
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I have 2 mattresses from Organic Grace! (One crib and one twin.)

Shipping isn't too bad, but the brokerage at the border is more than the shipping price!! I got one directly to Canada, and one to the US, that I later brought over!

Does the Discount Foam have any in the Montreal area?

Thank you
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Originally Posted by abemom2 View Post
Does the Discount Foam have any in the Montreal area?

Thank you
Here's their web site (which is kind of crappy, their images don't seem to work) http://www.discountfoam.ca/home/ They are in B.C. but say they ship worldwide. Just make sure you ask where they get their latex. Then you can research to see if it is truly natural and not a partial synthetic (or post the manufacturer of their latex here as I may have already done the research). Synthetic latex is usually styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) (and I'm not actually sure if it can be anything other than SBR).

Organic Grace sure does have nice stuff. I feel your need for buying in Canada though. With the exchange rate and duty, a mattress from the U.S. ends up being pricier than what you could get here.
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I recently saw an ad in a local Vancouver paper for Majestic Sit & Sleep "sleep green" -- it reads "the largest selection of Green Living Mattresses is now even better! From soy-based foam spring mattresses to an expanded selection of organic latex mattresses, we have a healthy choice for you and your family."


Their website doesn't seem to list prices : but the newspaper ad read "Green Living Mattress" from $638 Queen Kalama Mattress to "Organic Latex Mattress Options from $1398 Queen 6" Latex Gold Mattress".

It says there's a factory outlet store in Surrey at 13562 -- 77th Ave.

I've no experience with this company, just saw the ad and remembered the thread.

My daughter's wool bed is from the Snug Sleep factory in North Vancouver but their prices have gone wayyy up from when we bought it.
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Thanks for the additional info.

Looking into the mattresses.
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There was a Google word-ad in the sidebar for this thread for a company called Essentia http://www.essentiadirect.com/

Here's what their site says:
Truly Canadian Made Mattress
Essentia's natural memory foam sleep products, and all their components, are proudly manufactured in Canada.

OP, you said you were in Quebec, which is where this company is:

2055 Autoroute Laval 440 West
Laval, Quebec, Canada
H7L 3W3

Still pricey, but sounds like a good company who knows what they're talking about. Shipping in Canada and the USA is free, and CAD$ on par with the listed USD$ prices.
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Any chance anyone has any info on the "Bed in a Box" by Obus Forme that sells at Zellers? It sounds like it's *trying to be green* with silly things like "green tea" embedded in the mattress etc. I have my doubts though. I'm going to go in again today and see what other info I can find (the sales associates are worse than useless).

Any input? It's for my 3yo DS and I'm concerned about off-gassing.

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Be sure to ask if the mattresses have any flame retardant. We went to a store in Ontario that had Natura mattresses and the salesman told me that it was made from organic materials but sprayed with flame retardant to California standards.

We bought organic mattresses from Soaring Heart in Seattle when we were living in Redmond. We really like them. We got the ones that are not sewn together. There is a latex bottom portion, a 4 inch wool topper, topped by a cotton mattress pad. I think we paid about $600 or $700 for the twins.
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Originally Posted by westcoastmom View Post
Be sure to ask if the mattresses have any flame retardant. We went to a store in Ontario that had Natura mattresses and the salesman told me that it was made from organic materials but sprayed with flame retardant to California standards.
Natura's organic line has ZERO flame retardants other than natural wool. Their non-organic line contains boric acid as a flame retardant which is very different from the PBDEs sprayed on other mattresses. http://www.naturaworld.com/blog/inde...-chemicals-185

Like I said in an earlier post, you need to research and find out info for yourself. The information the salesman gave you was lacking info and/or not accurate.
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That was 3 years ago, and the organic mattress we were inquiring about was much more expensive than the other mattresses in the store.

I don't know if his info was right or wrong, but at the time I read everything on Natura's website and there was nothing to provide that info.

We ended up moving from Ontario shortly after that, so we didn't spend more time researching it
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