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What are these tiny red dots on my skin?

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My grandma and my mom both have them, and I'm noticing them more, the older I get.

I'm sure others have them, but what are they? They're very small, and it's like a dot of bright red blood that is just right under the skin....the size of a dot from a pen.
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Does this look like what you have?

Click for picture

If so, it's a Petechia http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/petechiae/HQ01208
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post
Does this look like what you have?

Click for picture

If so, it's a Petechia http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/petechiae/HQ01208
My mom and I both have these too, on our upper arms. That website link says to get to the doctor right away if you notice them appearing, like it's something serious? They don't seem to be, since my mom has had them for a good few years and has no health problems....so I don't know, im confused.
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Yeah, I'm not sure, because when I google Petechia, most of the pictures don't look like what I have. ...the one posted by Amylcd does look like it, but it doesn't seem to be on a site that talks about Petechia. ...so I don't know.
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I have those little red dots some I have had for years other just came up recently some disapear as quickly as they appear.

On a side note when I was pg with dd I got the petechia on my feet but the ob's didnt know what it was or why it happened and I never found out. Possibly had to do with my liver which was starting to go bad. I researched it after dd was born and I am 99.9% sure I had colestasis (horrible itching with no visible rash like PUPPS) It hit at the end of my 7th month and disappeared within a week.

This is what my feet looked like http://hrdmrdajfd.tripod.com/babydaugherty2/id2.html
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Hey there! I was searching on here for the same condition and came across the picture on google images. I have been trying to find out what it is for awhile. My mother has them too, which she has had for years but doesn't know what it is as well. I have had the ones on my arms, hands, and a few inside my palms since I was a kid. Now this past year I have found 2 on my right leg, 1 on my left leg and 1 on my left foot. Also a couple on my chest. Just wanted to see if you found out what they were. I know it's Petechia because all the pictures I have seen and things I have read about it doesn't really match the same thing. Like before, it says serious medical problems could be possible but my mom is healthy too. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks..

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I have those too & have had them for years. Only on my chest. Some come and go, some are there long term. I hope it isn't serious!

Curious to know what they are as well.
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DH and I and our parents get those little red mole things. I looked up "red mole" and it said they are called cherry hemangiomas and are harmless.
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Yup, I was just going to mention cherry hemangiomas. You can get them removed by a laser if you hate them enough, but they are completely harmless.
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I have those too. I have two on my scalp and have recently found one on my right leg

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Thanks, for the picture.  Now I know what me and my son have.  My dermatologist said it's 'caused by age and I'll get more of them as I get older.  They aren't dangerous.

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To add to the cherry hemangioma diagnosis, don't try to pop it. I did. They bleed a lot, then are bigger after healing. My first one appeared on my upper arm. After the initial attempt to "pop" it, it got bumped hard enough a few times to nearly rip off (about half of the bump was detached). Also my son tried to pick it off while nursing, and tore it a bit, so I wore bandages over it for awhile. Now it is the size of my nipple and pretty obvious. Not hated enough to remove, but I will if we ever have extra money for such things. It just gets bigger with each injury.
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with age? My daughter has had one on her face since she was 2. The doctor said it was a ruptured blood vessel and would go away, she is 9 now and it is still there. I have o e now on my breast, but at least it is not visible like my dauughter's.

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If it's the cherry hemangioma, it won't go away, but it will get bigger as one ages.  I've had one on my stomach since I was a child, and it has gradually gotten a little bit bigger over the years and I now have several more smaller ones.  Take your daughter to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  

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