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~*~ Spring 2009 IVF Thread ~*~

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Since there seem to be a few of us gearing up for an ivf cycle... Please come on in and enjoy the support of other women going thru the same journey.

Waiting to be ready

Perdita in Ontario 4/7
DaisyMae 5/7
lissame72 5/11
MommieLove 6/5

Perdita in Ontario 4/23
DaisyMae 5/18
lissame72 6/4

Stims (Grow Follies Grow)
Perdita in Ontario 5/7
DaisyMae 5/30
lissame72 6/6

Egg Retrieval (Grow Embies Grow)
Perdita in Ontario 5/21
DaisyMae 6/11

Egg Transfer (sticky vibes)
Perdita in Ontario 5/24
DaisyMae 6/14

LuckyIVF 4/24
booja's mom 5/2
gemasita 5/3
Perdita in Ontario 6/5
DaisyMae 6/25

: : Grads : :
snowbell Due 10/12/09
abeecharmer Due 10/29/09
BellyBean Due 11/05/09
Julia'sMom Due 12/20/09
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Mommielove - I'm leaving you in here since the Feb IVf thread is pretty dead. We're still rooting for you! Do you know when your beta is?

As for me, this is ivf try #3. The only difference this cycle is a larger stim dosage to start. I'm prayin' I don't overstim with it. Just takin' it a day at a time for now.

Also, the iui gals have welcomed all ivfers on their threads (thanks gals ) so feel free to join one or both, as you feel led.

Finally, if any ivf grads are lurking...would you mind if we add you to the first page? It's always inspirational to see those that have gone before. If you want to be added, just provide your due date (or due month) in a post or pm me and I'll add it to the first page. Thanks!
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hi j's mom - thanks for starting this thread! mind if i join? we did round 1 of ivf in the fall, got pregnant, but m/c at 9 weeks. we just did a frozen embryo transfer in early feb and got our second bfp. my first u/s is scheduled for 3/16 and my edd is 10/29 :

i still feel much more at home with my fellow ivf'ers than i do on pregnancy boards, so i hope you wont mind my staying around to cheerlead!

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Thanks so much for starting a IVF thread!!

I will be starting my IVF cycle end of March. I am waiting for my meds to come through. I should be getting all my meds shipped by next week. I am awaiting insurance approval.

I am awaiting anxiously to get started but very nervous of course.

I think if all goes well I will be on lupron towards the end of the month.
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Sarah - I'm so excited for your postive and can't wait for the u/s!! I'll be thrilled to add you to graduates! Please hang around as long as you want, personally, i don't think I'll be joining a ddc before 2nd trimester next time around. Too hard to leave if things don't work out.

Wtg - So glad to have you with us, well not glad you need ivf, but glad you can support us and us support you. My meds are due today. So strange how everyone is different: 1st I need insurance approval, then the schedule from the doc, then the meds can be ordered. I'll just add you to Suppression without a date until you know.

I revised "lupron" to "suppression" because I believe some ladies use a nasal spray instead of lupron for suppression.
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Thanks J's Mom. I'll officially join after my u/s today, hoping everything checks out.

Wtng, Great to have you on board!

Sarah, Thanks for staying to cheerlead. And : for your bfp. I watched you in your first ivf thread and am hoping and praying this pregnancy is healthy and very smooth. Your due date is my birthday, btw! I LOVE my birthday (who doesn't) but I mean love the time when it falls.

How are you feeling Mommielove?
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abeecharmer--its great that you can cheer us on and to help support us. I really need all the support I can get. Congrats on your pregnancy.

poetgirl--gl with the us. Stay away cyst. Hows the bleeding going? Has it stopped at all.

juliasmom--this is so weird, I will be supressed soon. Its starting to get real.
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Originally Posted by wtg4miracle View Post

poetgirl--gl with the us. Stay away cyst. Hows the bleeding going? Has it stopped at all.
It's the darndest thing. Yesterday it looked like it was going away in the morning, didn't even put a liner in. Then in the grocery store, I had like a geyser of blood...it just came all at once. Great. Then nothing. Then the geyser again. More nothing at night.
So far today it looks like it's going away again.
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Jennifer - : I'm praying with you. May the u/s and b/w go smoothly and yield answers that you desire. :
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Hi All,

Julia's Mom: Thank you so much for organizing this thread. It's really nice to have a place to talk about all that is going on.

Poet Girl: : for your U/S & blood work. Hoping everything goes well.

Can you please add me: After much back and forth I am starting BCP on March 17th. I still have not ordered my meds. are there any pharmacies you would recommend?
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booja'smom--welcome!! Oh its great to have more people here. Not the aspect of us having to do IVF but you know what I mean. I think Freedom Pharmacy is where my doc is ordering from. I think they are an online company. They seem to be reasonable.
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Welcome Clara, I ordered from Schraft's and they were great.

J'sMom, Thank You! Your message felt like a warm hug.
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Originally Posted by booja's mom View Post
Hi All,
Can you please add me: After much back and forth I am starting BCP on March 17th. I still have not ordered my meds. are there any pharmacies you would recommend?
I'll be happy to add you! I go with Schraft's, just because that's thru my insurance. If you're not using insurance, I might actually suggest you either use the search tool for "ivf meds" or start a new thread. I know other's have talked about how to get the best deal. Good luck!
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Okay, just got back from u/s. As of now, bleeding is stopped. Two cysts are there but they have shrunk significantly, one is 12mm and the other 15mm and it is okay to start. I begin stimming this Saturday. I can't believe it. I didn't think this was going to happen. My blood pressure was through the roof though so my first order of business is to settle, let all the crazies start to go and just find my hummmmmm again.

J's Mom, you can put me down for start stimming 3/7

Can't believe I am moving forward after all this time! :
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I was wondering should I be taking DHEA, wheat grass and whey protein to increase the quality of my eggs. I have 2 bottles of DHEA at home but worried about taking them. Are you gals doing anything in prep for IVF?

I know I need to do acupuncture, meditation cds, and warm foot soaks. Anything else I'm missing here.

Poet I think you mentioned some kind of drink you do, sambuca?
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Jennifer - Yeah for proceeding!! You can be the 1st to get their bfp! I'll add you to the list.

Wtg - I think DHEA is a part of many prenatals, so great! I don't know anything about wheat grass, but I do think I heard that whey protein is not recommended during pregnancy. You might want to check that out.
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Poet--: you are moving onto bigger and better things!
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yay poet!! i just read your update and i am so happy for you! i can't wait to celebrate your BFP!!! wohoo to saturday!:

julia'smom - thanks for thinking of us grads. just like sarah i feel much more at home in the IVF world than the pg world. i feel like i am still holding my breath everyday that it keeps sticking. so, i guess you can add me - my edd is 10/12/09.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! I will be rooting for y'all!
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gracious, this board is hoppin' today!

b's mom - i used freedom fertility pharmacy and was very happy with their service and prices (as happy as you can be with shelling out thousands for meds!)

poet - : so glad the u/s yielded good news!! hooray for starting stims!!

wtg - i heard a high-protein diet helps egg development. i dont know if its true or not, but i tried to be conscious of that during my stim period (at least it gave me something to focus on to feel like i was helping). are you listening to the anji ivf meditations?

snowbell - : hi! always good to "see" you!

~ sarah
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abeecharmer--I got tons of cds from amazon for guided imaginery. I went to crazy last week ordering them. I am finding ways to stay positive and calm throughout all of this. I was thinking about anji. I might try them out also. I have to increase my protein somehow since I am a veggie.
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