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The only thing I can think of is the peanut oil they use to carry the hormone. The hormone itself is bioidenticle and should not be the issue. But perhaps the peanut. So, are you taking it by mouth or vaginally? If you are taking it by mouth, switch routes where its not systemically absorbed. If you are already taking it vaginally, see if you can't switch to PIO (progesterone in oil) which is yucky as its an intramuscualar shot, but a different carrier oil is used.

I am now 19 weeks and still on it as it relaxes my irritable uterus. So I get why you don't want to cold turkey it. Perhaps a low dose of benadryl? Like only half a 25 mg cap? Good luck.
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Hi Clara - glad things are going well overall!

As for the itching, I've never had that reaction, but my clinic told me I could go off the prometrium after our beta. I weaned off it over the course of a week or so, but faster than I planned simply because I hate it so much! No ill effects.

That's different than from our first cycle - we had to stay on until about 8 weeks, and I was nervous at first, but apparently most women at our clinic get told the same thing now - safe to come off if the pregnancy looks good.

Glad you enjoyed Toronto - and you got out of there just in time - they've got a general strike going on now, including no garbage pickup in VERY hot, humid weather!
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clara - congrats on the great ultrasound! thats wonderful news!! : sorry to hear about the itching, that sounds really uncomfortable. with fresh ivf cycles, my RE discontinues progesterone after the second beta. i understand your hesistancy to discontinue though and would echo the pp'ers. there are other forms of progesterone you could request to get you through these last weeks of the first trimester (like the PIO injections). hope your RE can help out. and congrats again, i'm SO happy for you!

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Clara - I discontinued the PIO after hearbeat, so around 7 weeks. I then remained on Crinone Gel suppositories until 11 weeks. I meant to wean off at that point, but really just stopped cold turkey since I was so tired of them. All is well so far, at 14 weeks. Good luck! I do understand the fear, as I'm still in its grips, although I do seem to be losing some of it and starting to almost get excited. :

Perdita - Good luck tomorrow at your u/s!

Daisy - Good luck tomorrow for your beta!
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Originally Posted by Perdita_in_Ontario View Post
Oh, sorry, no, I wrote that wrong above - it's NEXT Thursday. A whole week to go *sigh*
YAY tomorrow is Thurs!! let us know how it goes!!! :
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Daisy - gl on your beta!!!

afm - I got af on Saturday and started bcp's on Monday
(6/22).........things are starting to happen!!! yay!

How is everyone else doing??
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Perdita - Where are you?
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I already posted on the summer ivf thread, but figured I should post here too. My beta was today and the news isn't great. My level is at 14 - so not negative, but not great. I have to go back in on Sunday to test again. The nurse said either the number will have skyrocketed by then or I will start bleeding. So I am trying my best to remain hopeful, but it's hard to do since I started cramping yesterday. I just don't think that the cramping bodes well for this to end well.

Perdita, how did your day go? Update when you get a chance.
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Hi guys. Thanks for checking in. I haven't had time to update until now.

One little bean, good heartbeat, measuring appropriately. We are so blessed.

(I've spent most of the evening trying to convince DH that a midwife is a valid alternative to an OB. I think I've won, but ugh. It's like he hasn't been listening for the past 3 years...)

Daisy - I posted on the other thread too... but everything crossed for you!
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daisy - : i have everything crossed for you that you see a big increase in your numbers on sunday. : keep us posted.

perdita - soooo happy for you! congrats on the perfect scan, momma! :

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Daisy - Fingers crossed for you that your numbers will skyrocket. Hang in there. Sending you lots of good vibes and hugs

Perdita - I am so happy your bean is doing well. How did you win your argument with DH... I lost mine and am stuck at with an ob.

Tami - Congrats on getting started. sending you tons of good vibes.

AFM- Thank you all for the advise. The RE thinks that I might have just had progesterone overload and/or developed a peanut oil sensitivity. they wanted me to wean off which I have been doing and my symptoms have gotten so much better. I did want to continue until 14 weeks but the nurse told me to listen to my body and if i was having these types of reaction that I really did not need it any more. My asthma is back under control and the itching is somewhat gone. I have 1 more day left and then they want me to go off it completely. A little scary but I have to trust them since I am not really sure what is going on with my body.

Hope everyone else is doing great.
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clara - I'm sure it will be just fine. Your body is producing lots of progesterone on its own at this point, and yeah, is maybe telling you to back off.

As for midwife/OB, to be honest, I suspect he just gave up to avoid further discussions. He's not happy with it - he was better until he realized that a midwife means no doctor... LOL. Honestly, I'm even second-guessing now whether it would be easier to give in on the OB issue and hold on for the circumcision discussion.... sigh...

(sorry - these posts are not focussed on IVF any more... perhaps any further pregnancy discussions should be moved over out of the IVF area?)
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Daisy - : Don't give up until the witch shows. As I said before, I've had crazy miserable cramping with a bfp before. Maybe the babe is just burrowing in deep.

Clara - I think it will be fine. At least the doctors and you can keep a close eye on things, since they all know you are weaning off.

Perdita - Yeah for a perfect little bean! : : I'm a bit disappointed no one is joining me over here in twin lala land, but at least we have some babes. I gave up a homebirth when twins appeared, but we did compromise with a midwife group under an ob. As for circ, I believe our ped is with me on that, so if it's a boy, I'll be hauling dh off for a consult, since I know the doc's word would be better than mine.
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Perdita and Julia's mom,

We have a thread-January mama's pregnant after infertility or loss. No you do not need to have January as a due date, This is just the name Nummies chose when it started.
Come and join us! (I am due in February)
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Hi All!!

Perdita - Congrats on one healthy little bean!!:

Daisy - how are you doing?

AFM - I finally received my protocol!! I am now on BCP's and will do two cycles. We are officially doing our first IVF cycle in August::.......I start 225IU of Puregon on August 7th, then followed by Orgalutron August 12th......with ER the week of the 19th!!!...........couple quick questions if you don't mind.........what dose and cost was your Puregon?? side effects? and has anyone used Orgalutron? (I've never heard of it)......Thanks ladies - I know you've all probably answered these questions, so I apologize in advance if you have!

Thanks!! Hope everyone is doing well!!
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