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9 y/o with Painful Swollen Lymph Node in Groin

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My ds has a very painful lymph node in his groin today. He has had a little pimple like red bump on his bottom for a few days as well. Could this be causing this?

A few days ago a lymph node was swollen in his neck...that is gone now. Now it's moved to his groin.

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Goodness, I don't know. I would take him to the pedi just to be safe about this one, but that's just me. DH had a pimple like thing on his bottom that turned out to be somewhat of an abscess. It was infected and all of his lymph nodes looked like grapes. He had to take abx to clear it up but in the mean time he was pretty sick
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The little bump on his bottom is no longer swollen, just red, so it is healing.

Otherwise, he is healthy and happy. Is there anything I can do naturally to get rid of the swollen node?
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well that's good then...

Hmmm, well....Enlargement of the glands can be rapid or gradual. Rapid swelling is common with viral or bacterial infections and can be accompanied by pain

Herbal treatments: Echinacea, Wild indigo, and licorice are used to boost immunity and improve the flow of lymph

"Viscum album also enhances the immune system while reducing inflammation and encouraging repair of damaged cells."

Head and neck massage can help too.
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Well....after putting the pieces to the puzzle together regarding my sons rash and swollen lymph nodes...it is a possibility he was bitten by a tick! The rash was the classic shape (bulls eye), which he got in March, and just a few days ago...I found a tick in his hair *grrrrrr* (recently went for a hike in the forest).

Guess a visit to the homeopath is in order. Anybody else have had tick bites? On the internet it is all worse case scenario that it's lyme's disease.
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My kids had Bartonella (cat-scratch fever) last year which resulted in one giant lymph node (each). The swollen lymph node corresponds to where they were scratched and a red pimple-like spot appears on the healing scratch - the scratch is well healed when the pimple appears. Did your son, by chance, get scratched by a kitten recently? Ok, it's a long shot but just thought I'd throw it out there.
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