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Wish I had some advice but I don't. DD is still spitting up a lot-- just not as much as she was at the very beginning. Sigh.
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Well, Eowyn seems to do much better on her left side, mostly prone, or at a very slight angle only. The carseat type angle is very bad for her. As is straight up and down (like on my shoulder, with me sitting really straight).

I still can't nurse her on the left side normally at all without her vomiting all over us both. So I hold her in a football type hold for left side nursing, so she is literally lying on her left side instead of her right.

The big challenge for me is that she needs to be held all the time, which would be no big deal (Guinevere was like this, though not pukey) because of the pouch/sling, only I'm right handed and cannot wear the pouch over my right shoulder (I'm an idiot and cannot figure out how to do it and it not drive me nuts), but wearing it on my left puts her at an angle that she can't tolerate well.

And while she's doing well with neck control, she's not up to a point where I'm comfy putting her in the Ergo or mei tai. So I'm thinking about getting an insert for the Ergo if it's not too expensive.

We'll see.

She does best burping if either lying on her side (she prefers side-lying nursing to all else it seems) with me gently patting her back, or with me leaning back and her on my chest, face down (well, to the side), if that makes sense. But it feels like an ongoing experiment, honestly. I just keep tentative trying new things. But for now the main no-nos for us are:

- Giving any kind of medication (Mylicon or Cocyntal, etc.) after nursing = giant vomiting
- Nursing on the left in a traditional hold = ditto
- Putting her in the bouncy seat, swing, or carseat for any length of time beyond say 5 minutes = lots of gassiness/discomfort/fussing
- Having her head elevated more than just slightly on a sleeping surface = lots of fussing

Stuff that's helped:

- Side lying nursing with her on her left side and me leaning over to feed her off either breast
- Burping her lying on her left or on my chest
- Not changing her diaper or jostling her around immediately after nursing
- Letting her sleep on her side (we cosleep, so I'm right there just in case)
- We're both on probiotics
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What is considered projectile vomiting? Makenna shoots it a couple inches but I'm not sure that is considered projectile? Like yesterday while lying down on her back she turned her head to the side and it shot far enough to not get on her face or shoulder and land right next to her.

Thanks for the tips Nighten! I think I will try burping on her side. At 3:30 in the morning i was burping her over my shoulder in my bed and she spit up massively and it ran down the burp cloth and made a huge lovely puddle on my bed.

Nighten: Have you thought about a mobi wrap? You can be more flexible about how you put her in that way (which way you lean her) or just keep her upright yet have head control. Also I have a kangaroo pouch sling and I find it easy to put on on either side...nothing to adjust on it like a ring sling which confuses the heck out of me.

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To me, projectile vomiting is when it has force -- it shoots straight out (and sometimes out her nose) rather than mostly spilling out of her mouth (which is what I call spit up).

I found an Ergo infant insert today with free shipping and ordered it. It's cheaper than another sling or wrap, so I'm going to try it and see if that works, since it looks as if it will hold her in a position she'll be more comfy in. The pouch style slings I've got all hold her at a more extreme angle (more like fetal position I guess?), and she's just not happy in there. Which is a shame as I love love loved using the slings with Guinevere.

Oh well. Will try the insert when it gets here. Hopefully that'll do the trick.
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My baby has days where he spits up lots and days where he is fine. There was one day where it seemed like he wasn't keeping any milk in him - as soon as he nursed, out it would come, via mouth or nose.

Yesterday he spit up more and DH thinks it's the Carl's Jr I ate. Whenever I get a craving for junk food, Sam seems to have trouble nursing and sleeping later that day. But it's not all fast food...he's ok if I have some popeye's chicken or In-N-Out but NOT if I have Carl's Jr or McDonald's. He was like that in the womb too though...

He doesn't seem to be in pain when he spits up...he just does it and goes on wiggling in a happy way. I do burp him after he nurses on a breast but he doesn't always have a burp. I have to put him so that his tummy presses against my shoulder and sometimes I put him on his back and move his legs into his chest a couple times before burping him again. For his naps, I put him in the middle of the boppy so that he is upright a bit if he hasn't burped. I tried putting him in the bouncer but he doesn't like it right now.
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Originally Posted by kssinca View Post

Yesterday he spit up more and DH thinks it's the Carl's Jr I ate. Whenever I get a craving for junk food, Sam seems to have trouble nursing and sleeping later that day. But it's not all fast food...he's ok if I have some popeye's chicken or In-N-Out but NOT if I have Carl's Jr or McDonald's. He was like that in the womb too though...
I wonder if it is the preservatives they use?

Alena spits up a lot when I eat certain things- dairy in particular- so that's out of my diet. Also tomatoes and onions give her painful gas, spit-up, and she cries all afternoon, so those are out. Eggs get her a bit, so I limit those, but I haven't cut them completely.
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Owyn is really starting to spit up a lot. It's strange, because she isn't uncomfortable, doesn't seem to be anyway. She burps great when eating. She usually lets me know when she needs to burp (starts fussing a little, pulling away from the breast), and will usually eat a little more after burping. She has had one projectile vomit, it was Exorcist-like, just crazy!

Anyway, she spits up numerous times after everytime she eats. The only time she doesn't seem to spit up a lot is when we're in bed at night. If she falls back asleep while nursing, she'll lay right down with no spitting up. We've experimented a lot trying to figure out what factor is making her spit up.

I asked the dr. about it at her appt. yesterday. The only thing we can come up with is her sensitive gag reflex. She gags when she has a pacifier in her mouth, she gags if I try to soothe her with my finger, she gags on the breast if too much gets in her mouth. She has had a little cold lately and gags when she coughs. Anyone else had a baby with such a sensitive gag reflex?
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