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Scars on darker/olive skin

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Hey everybody! I've never posted here before but I thought I'd introduce myself. I am Dutch/Indonesian+Irish/Native American (Jessica Alba=coloring wise I have the same color skin as her). I was the first born American on my mom's side of the family. I have a question for you mamas with olive or darker skin tones. I asked on the natural body care but nobody had any advice for me. I have olive skin tone and occasionally I will get cystic acne (like maybe one a month) and if I am under high stress, like I have been lately, it will leave a brown scar (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). The scar will last for upto a year without treatment. I am using alpha and beta hydroxy acid toner on it but it's not really making a difference. Right now I have 2 scars on my cheek and one on my chin. Other than that I have a clear complexion (except freckles ) Any advice on how to get rid of them faster? Has anyone used Mederma on acne scars or derma e scar gel?
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Man I feel your pain, I have had cystic acne underneath my eyes multiple times! It looks like a huge lesions and it only happens under my eye. The scar it leaves is really dark and kinda crater like and once it goes away here comes another one. I am maybe butterscotch complexion AA so every new bump is super pink and any scars are super dark, nothing ever close to my skin tone

Can I ask what you do to stop getting it? It hurts so bad and I don't looking like I got in a fight for a month ya know.

On to your question I actually use shea butter and a cocoa butter stick and it helps take the scar away but I think time helps also. Mederma didn't really help when I used it. Also I do proactive and it made all the scars on my face lighten up. I know its not natural but I can't find anything natural that keeps my face from getting oily. So HTH
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Totally feel your pain as well. I do not have cystic acne, even- just pimples that are related to God knows what- and I still get scars. The dark spots last FOREVER. I am just part NA and Spanish but also around the same tone as Jessica Alba. That is, if I am in California- here in the northwest, I'm a lot paler.

Nothing helped me (I used proactiv for a month but it caused serious itching and problems because I do not have acne, per se, so I guess I was not oily enough) but I have found that shea butter soap does help keep my skin clear and smooth. Honestly I think that if you could solve these problems without paying up the hoo-hah for laser treatment, people would not get the peels and laser treatments.

I saw some makeover show at my sister's (she gets cable, woohoo ) and there was an AA girl with adult acne and they did a big peel on her and recommended some good soaps but did not give her medical advice. So my guess is, whatever is required further needs a prescription or surgery, because otherwise they'd have done it for her.

Good luck. Oh, and I found that Neutrogena makeups do not exacerbate my breakouts. But that's just me.
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Well I went out and bought Derma e Scar Gel from the pharmacy and am hoping it will work. I've discovered that when I get cystic acne it's from hormones, because I only get them around my period (or under high stress). Stress makes your body produce hormones that mess up your skin. So, I started taking a multivitamin from Rite Aid called Whole Source for Women and it has Dong Quai in it. Dong quai is an herb that regulates your hormones. I used it this last cycle and WHOA! did it make a difference. My PMS was down, cramps weren't as bad and I didn't get any zits to accompany my period : So I'm hoping the herbs will keep any new ones from forming and I'm going to continue drinking a lot of water, massaging my face with the scar gel, using the beta/alpha hydroxy acid toner, and 2-3 times a week I use Apricot Acne Scrub from St.Ives. The St. Ives keeps oil production down in the summer and keeps my skin exfoliated. I have sensitive skin so I only use it a couple times a week though. It's cheap, they don't test on animals, and it's easily found. It really helps control my skin in the hot, humid, summers of the South. On days that I don't use the scrub I use Korres Orange Blossom cleansing emulsion to wash my face. Its just a simple cream cleanser that calms down redness and feels cooling. I also use a homemade facial spray daily (sometimes many times a day): 30% Witch Hazel, 50% Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, 20% water and a few drops of essential oils (I use lemon and grapefruit). So, that's my regimen. We'll see how it works
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Thanks for the suggestions I am going to try it. I have been wanting something more natural. :
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I don't know if this is helpful at all but I'll mention it.

Coconut oil totally saved my face from scarring after a bad bout with poison ivy. PI always scars me (the scar lasts about a year). Someone told me coconut oil would make the rash go away. It didn't. However, when the rash finally cleared, there was *no* scarring. I was immensely relieved, because it basically covered the entire right side of my face and neck and that would have been a really awful scar.
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I love coconut oil for scarring as well!

As to not getting cystic acne, I would check your diet (something may not be agreeing with you) and try applying fresh urine (yes, urine) to the spot. It is 100% natural and effective!
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Thanks for this topic! My 8yo dd is already getting hints of acne (it runs severely on both sides). I'm going to try to prevent scarring by treating it right away, but if it does scar I appreciate your tips. My 5yo split her chin open last year and it left a fibrous scar. I was told to apply sunblock and avoid the sun. The texture of the skin is different, but the color is not different from the rest of her skin.
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I'm pretty sure my occasional cystic acne comes from hormones. And the Dong quai really seems to help that.

The scar gel is working (I think). They appear to be fading. I have also been putting SPF 30 sunblock only on the scars and I have been out in the sun alot lately, so maybe my face is getting tanned but not my scars :
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I don't post here usually...

I am mixed race. I have light olive skin now, but used to have much darker olive skin.

My mom told me to use those little capsules of vitamen E to help prevent scarring. Also had a doctor recommend it for ds#2 ( who is paler than me, but darker than his brother...)

Also, I have found that a dab of honey twice a day, leave it on for 10 minutes each time, on a blemish early on can stop the development of the blemish most of the time.

I have gotten the dark spots, too, and they last several months.

My acne mostly cleared up in my 40s when my hormones changed, but I do still occassionally have a break-out.

Good luck!
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I have always hated the skin discoloration scars left by acne. My scars weren't pitted or anything, just discolored skin. The pimple would clear and I would have the darkened mark on my face for a year too. When I was younger (before I became more natural about skincare) I got a prescription for hydroquinone. It worked wonders -- dark spots faded in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, hydroquinone is not the safest of ingredients (I found this out later).

There is something more natural called kojic acid (a by product of sake fermentation). It's a good skin lightener. You can read more about it here to see if it is something you want to use: http://thebeautybrains.com/2008/11/0...ghtening-safe/

The safest way to lighten dark spots/acne scars (although it takes awhile to see a difference) is vitamin c. It does take longer to work, but it does help fade discoloration left by acne scars and brown spots.

I would suggest using sunscreen if you do use a skin lightener or acids because it does temporarily weaken your skin.
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Originally Posted by isaoma View Post
There is something more natural called kojic acid (a by product of sake fermentation). It's a good skin lightener. You can read more about it here to see if it is something you want to use: http://thebeautybrains.com/2008/11/0...ghtening-safe/
i'm going to have to look into this because my dark spots from pimples also drive me crazy. thanks for the tip.
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I took my dong quai all month long and did not have ANY pimples this cycle. I also started about 4-5 days early. My skin is actually a little dry right now, 2nd day of cycle. I am 100% convinced my acne problems are hormonal.

I ordered some toner from a women on Ebay with kojic acid in it to help lighten the old scars. They are lightening up quite a bit so far just from Vitamin C treatment at night (Avalon Organics Vit C Serum) and my daytime toner of aloe/witch hazel. I've been putting sunblock on it too. I'm hoping the kojic acid clears it up for good.

Oh, and the Derma e scar gel, made the softer and got rid of the lump of scar tissue underneath the scars but did nothing for the color of them. I think it helps keloid and raised, textured types of scars better. I'll keep it though for the retexturizing aspect.
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Sunscreen! Seriously, if I wear sunscreen every day, then I find any scars I have are sooo much less likely to become discolored.
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Cocoa butter and or vitamin e (gel tabs with the gel squeezed on skin) helps even out tones.
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Vitamin E, internally and externally, helps with healing. (Check with your care provider about dosage internally.)
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