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Low baby.. Worried

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So, I'm 32 weeks today and yesterday at the midwife appt. she said the baby was really low and was asking if I was having any contractions (Not really) and we talked about when to call (4 contractions in an hour). Last night I had one contraction that I'm sure of, but nothing else, so not at all concerning.

But, with my son I was induced and had the pitocin drip all the way up, no epidural and I hardly felt a thing (mild menstrual cramps). The nurses would come rushing in asking me when I wanted the epidural. They said that with contractions like I was having (with an internal monitor) I should be in a lot of pain. My midwife thinks that was probably because my body was completely not ready for birth (36 weeks, got to 4 cm, ended in a C), but there's always a chance that I'm one of those flukes of nature that doesn't feel contractions.

Now I'm starting to worry. If I was in pre-term labor, would I know? Does anyone else have a low baby?
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I have a low baby, my DS liked to hang out low as well. I don't think a low baby alone is a bad thing, especially if you've btdt or have a roomy pelvis. If its accompanied by contractions or dilation or effacement then I would be worried.
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Indeed! So low! Some days I feel like it could just push its way out! And, this little one seriously knocks at the door. I can feel all kind of movement right at my cervix; so much, in fact, that it feels like a little hand might just push its way through!

I have had no noticeable contractions, however. I am 33 weeks today.
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Same here!! I have feet in my ribs and a head and hands MUCH lower!!!!
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I've got a low hanging out in my pelvis baby too, thankfully head down. She is definitely low but the MW didn't say anything about being worried/concerned about it. It quite a strange feeling though... like she is tickling my cervix or something??
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My little one is sitting very low lately. This is my first baby, so I have no clue if that's normal, but that's where she likes to hang out. I do occasionally get painful contractions, but I was told as long as they stay more than an hour apart that it's okay.
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I bet its just how you are put together! If you are one of the lucky people with a butt you probably have room in there for a baby! I know I have no butt and a short torso and I carry in my ribs : I'm much looking forward to him dropping.
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Im really low too but I'm also 80%effaced and 2cm dilated. I think that a low baby right now is fine and pretty normal I think for a second baby. If the other stuff was occurring I would be more concerned.
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