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Sarasota Ped

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My cousin lives in Sarasota. She is about to get kicked out of her Dr.'s practice for using an alternative vaccine schedule. Can anyone recommend a progressive ped in the Sarasota area?

Thanks so much for your help.
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Unfortunately that's prettty common here. Dr Sevilla (Whole Child Pediatrics) and Dr Blanco/Dr Clementi are the only pediatricians that I know of that will tolerate not vaxing (they are pro-vax but will not hassle you too much about it) Good luck!
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Thank you for your help! I will pass along to my cousin!

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My son sees Dr. Sevilla. He is pro-vax but very tolerant of working on a delayed/modified schedule.
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Thank you, thank you! My cousin had not heard of Sevilla and I think is going to make an appointment!

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