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Help me find a name

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I'm going to do this. I'm tired of saying I will and then...well not. I found a software I'm getting in the next couple days (I know you don't need anything but I do if for nothing else than to keep motivated ). Part of it has a character development (WriteItNow if anyone is curious). I have a last name and the character/personality (he's based off a real person) but am having a hard time renaming him (essential). So help me out here!

He's 5'9-5'10. Shaves his head but when his hair grows in is a dishwater blonde/sandy brown. He has two colored eyes (naturally)..one blue and one green. He's very pale and does have freckles but not in an obvious and noticeable way. He was involved in high school sports but stopped by his junior year due to a shoulder injury that made it so he couldn't pass physicals. He's a late life baby and has siblings but they are all much older than him. He was essentially raised as an only child. Very much a Leave it to Beaver type guy.

I'd like his last name to be Marion. I don't want to say what his real name is as I don't want that to taint anyone's ideas. I don't want a biblical name if possible. He's just not the type of person for one. I'm ok with culturally different names however he is seriously pasty white and I don't think he could pull off a heavily cultural name kwim? I would love a Gaelic/Irish name. I'm thinking Aidan (or some spelling of it). I'd like a full name, including a middle name so even if I figure out the first name I still need help with a middle.
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How old is he?
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The real person is 24 but I'm hesitant to keep that age. No younger but he seems too young. I think I found the right name after posting but I'm not totally set on it yet.
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Malcolm (though not the best with Marion)
Rhys (Reece)

Just the first that I thought of (typed as I brainstormed! LOL)

There's always William, Ryan, David, Ross
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Ooo those are good!

Liam was on my list earlier...not sure why I nixed it actually.
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Is he the protaganist? or antaganist? If he's pro, then I like most of the names the pp suggested. How about something fancy sounding for the middle name, like Winchester?

Bryce Winchester Marion
Liam Winchester Marion

But, if he's the antagonist, then something less popular/trendy sounding.

Stanley (sorry, but pasty white in the description immediately brought the name Stanley to mind - lol)
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He's a pro. Definitely not an antagonist.

at Stanely. He could definitely pull off that. I like the idea of a longer middle name. Eastman is ont he list for that. My options are:

Phineas Liam Marion
Phineas Patrick Marion
Phineas Eastman Marion
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