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BF in Public: Need Encouragement

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I have a beautiful 6 weeks old baby boy. Although BF is sometimes a bit of a challenge, I think we are doing relatively well. Except for being in public. We've already gone out with him a few times and every time ive been mostly unsuccessful in trying to BF him... he fusses and doesnt really nurse or falls asleep in his sling so it takes forever to wake him up and after that he's not very interested. Maybe he's catching some of my anxiety about being in public, even though i have a cool cover that should make both of us comfy. Anyone got some tips on adjusting to feeding in public? Thanks!
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Practice makes perfect. The more you do it the better you get at it. You'll be a nursing ninja in no time. He is only 6 weeks old so he wont be falling asleep like that for much longer. Practice at friends and familys homes if you are more comfortable there, then when you get the hang of it, you can do it anywhere.
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Practice at home and try ditching the cover. No way I could have wrestled a cover while nursing a little one.

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It may take some time but eventually when you LO is curious about his surroundings he will peek out the cover anyway. Its a skill like anything else. The first time I nursed without a cover i found it very liberating.
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Your little guy is only 6 weeks and you've already been out and about! That's great. It will get easier. Sometimes it helps if you wear a nursing top or a top that is a little large and lift up from the bottom. The shirt covers the top and the baby comers the rest.

There's a website called Jan Andrea at home on the web that shows how to make nursing tops and baby crafts. You don't have to have nursing tops but some people really like them. I like wearing dresses in the summer and made nursing sundresses.
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I was really nervous about BFing in public too for awhile, but my baby is 5 months now and it's become so natural. If you just keep doing it it does get easier and easier. I agree with trying it out at friends' houses and places like that if possible where you can sit more comfortably and feel more at ease. I used a nursing cover at first, but it was a big hassle after awhile. Now I just always wear a tank top under my shirt (I have a million of them!) and I pull the tank and nursing bra down and the shirt up and then I don't feel like I'm exposing anything at all and feel totally comfortable.
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Thanks for all the advice... I do agree about friend's homes - thats the only place outside the house ive been able to nurse, but i didnt really consider it public
great advice about clothes and tops!
thanx a lot
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I love my tank tops for NIP!

I'm only 5 weeks into this but we've been out and about tonnes ... with the tank top you really don't see anything. My coup so far was nursing while doing a walk though viewing of a condo that we were going to buy, while a TV crew filmed us for a 'home staging' show. I don't think anyone even knew that's what Esmé was doing. She was two weeks old at the time.
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Nursing was a real challenge for us in the first 2 months - at home or in public. When DS needed to nurse when we were out, I would find a more private space for us where I could relax and concentrate on the task at hand. Once nursing went more smoothly, I could nurse anywhere. I guess I'm just saying do whatever you need to ease your anxiety and be patient - odds are things will evolve. And I always used a cover - it just made me more relaxed.
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DS is four months old and I still usually use a cover when I NIP. He's very fussy at the breast and has a tendency to pop off without warning. I'm rather busty (especially now that I'm nursing) and already self-conscious about exposing too much cleavage, let alone a nipple. I wear a tank top under a v-neck or button-down top and feel more comfortable, but sometimes I just feel better under a cover.

That might not make me popular around here, but it works for me. You should do what makes you comfortable. More power to you if you can NIP without a blanket of any kind. I hope to get there myself some day.
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That might not make me popular around here, but it works for me. You should do what makes you comfortable.
Your second sentence here is what's important. It's what makes the MOM and BABY comfortable. If a cover makes you more comfortable, then go that way. For me, they make me more uncomfortable, so I don't use one. I always forgot to put it back in the diaper bag as I was re-packing it, dd wouldn't wait for me to get it put on, it was just one more thing to deal with, etc. I agree with pp though--things were still a little difficult for us at 6 weeks. She's now 7 months, and we're pros and NIP constantly. Keep practicing, and soon enough you'll be encouraging another new mom!
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if you don't have huge boobs target has some great nursing tanks. i never liked wearing a tank top and a bra so a nursing tank was perfect for me.

have you tried nursing in the sling? head on over the www.thebabywearer.com to see videos of how to nurse in slings and other carriers.
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