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Where to buy Avocado Tree

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I am new to gardening. We just bought our first house (in Atlanta, GA), and my husband and I would like to have an avocado tree that produces edible fruit. I have done a little web browsing and found recommendations for Mexican varieties that can withstand cold temperatures. I also read that they should be grafted in order to produce edible fruit in a few year's time. I've seen some recommendations for dwarfs which could potentially be brought indoors (though I think we would prefer if the tree could stay outside). I found a really interesting recommendation for one avocado tree called a "Fantastic Avocado" which is supposedly the most hardy of all the Mexican varieties. Plus, you eat the whole thing, including the skin! Here is a link-the mention is at the bottom of the page.


The big question I have is where can I buy any of these and how much will they cost? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
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This is a little far away from you, but we are in zone 8B and this place:
Has avocados suited for our region and it looks like they ship (we are about five hours away from Atlanta).
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My neighbor gave me one that was started easily w/an avocado pit in a container. I think they're easy to start and easy to grow. I think it takes a few years to produce fruit but I'm not sure. I need to start a new one b/c mine died in our last frost.
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Your post is a couple of years old, but if you still want a cold Hardy avocado, you can find a variety called Fantastic, which is reported to be cold Hardy to about 10 deg.
The website is www.toptropicals.com
I bought a tree from them. It was a pretty tree, and with shipping included it was less than $50.
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