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Palpating for twins at 18 weeks pregnant.

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This seems to be a question that has been asked before without a clear answer. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy) and I'm 98% sure that I'm having twins. I have some signs, but the largest sign is that I'm sure I can feel/palpate two babies. I can easily feel hard head/butt/back baby parts at least 8" apart from each other. The baby is only supposed to be 5.5" at this point, so it doesn't make sense. I read a couple of other posts and it seems that no one else has been able to feel 2 babies this early on. I even told my midwife that I can clearly identify many baby parts and she hardly seemed to believe me. My sister is 25 weeks pregnant with one child, we were comparing and my baby lump is as large as hers.

I am having an ultrasound on March 19th, so I will keep everyone updated.

Signs I might pregnant with twins...

I had a premonition three days after ovulation that my egg was splitting. We only tried to get pregnant for one month and I really didn't think it would happen first try, so this is odd.

At my 14 week appointment my midwives said that my uterus was huge and made a twin/triplet/octuplet joke.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant and I'm measuring about 22cm. With my first pregnancy 5 years ago I measured right on at every appointment.

Showing early - I'm thin and was out of my regular pants by 8-10 weeks (depending on the pants)

I've gained 20lbs already!

Last, I swear there is WAY too much baby in there! Either it's two babies or I'm going to give birth to a 3ft long child!

Thanks in advance to all the read this and help ease my crazy mind.


Wife to a wonderful DH - Mother to a 5 year old DS - Plus one or two on the way!
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Well you certainly could be! I'm hoping you get the answer you're hoping for on the 18th - can't wait to hear!
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Keep us posted!
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I will be sure to keep everyone updated.
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It's possible, good luck!
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The weight gain was a HUGE sign for me. At my 20 week appt I was up 6 pounds in 4 weeks and I'd already gained back what I lost from being so sick! Totally unusual for me. Good luck!
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I measured small with my first two pregnancies and knew something was up when I measured way bigger than I should have by 12 weeks.
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I guess I didn't ask this question very clearly. Was anyone able to palpate 2 babies this early (I think I've been feeling 2 babies since 16 weeks)? At least 2-3 times a day I think that I can feel hard head/butt baby parts at least 8" apart.
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I wasn't and probably a lot of people aren't because one baby might be lying behind the other, kwim? So I certainly think it's possible but it wasn't true for me. Mine were first palpated at 26 weeks (although I had suspected twins all along).
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Thanks for the info. Sometimes it feels like one huge hard lump and other times I can feel hard baby parts way down in the left of my pelvis and another lump high on the right over my belly button. It certainly seems like two. By the way, I must poke at my stomach at least 5 times a day, so that's got to help the odds.
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My babies were stacked. Ben was smooshed against the back of my uterus so no, I never palpated two babies until much later when he moved to my left side.
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Palpating I never was clear that early on what was what. I could find their heartbeats on my own with a fetoscope at 18 weeks +. So I guess if I was able to find the heartbeats I must have had some idea on who was where. I just can't remember now!
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I had my ultrasound today. We're having just one girl!.. So much for knowing what's going on in my belly.. We're super excited though, I really wanted a girl. Thanks to all who responded here.
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Deleted post-- didn't see the reply!
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It was only one baby.. My uterus was really high and I could feel every part of the baby early on. It just seemed to both me and my midwives that it was possible for there to be more than one in there.. Anyway, I only had one, she's 8mo now.

Good luck with your u/s. I hope you get what you're looking for.
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Funny, I had all the same signs as you and we did indeed have two babies. I didn't palpate two but I could feel kicks on each side and would joke to DH that either we were having two or our baby was 3' long.

Just goes to show that the only real way to know for sure is to have an u/s. Congratulations on your little princess!
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