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Grocery cart or no grocery cart

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I just really wanna know (just like Sid the Science Kid says ) how many mamas put their LO's in the front of a grocery cart seat (without the cover, and without wiping down the handle) and never/rarely worry about it?

TIA - Kate
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Well, I don't now because she's over the weight limit, but I did from the time she was sitting well until she hit 35 lbs.

Once in a while when she was little she'd lean forward and bang her head. I think I caught her putting her mouth on the handle once in about three years.
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I do too.
I probably should worry about it, but with all the other things on my mind I just can't seem to work up to it.

I do have a cart cover, and I think I've used it all of two times.
I just try to make sure that everyone washes their hands when they get home (when I remember), and I have a very strict policy of no mouthing the shopping cart
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always put him in the seat, never thought twice about it!
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I try, but she wants to walk around. WHY does she not stay in like other kids? Why?

A cart cover, wiping, well what is the point if she's going to crawl out from under the bathroom stall and then stick something in her mouth. Or pick grains off the floor in the bulk-foods aisle and eat them. Cart cover. Hahahahahahaha....
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I use the cover.
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I always put my little ones in the cart seat, and never considered wiping it down or covering it. They're too big now, but apparently they survived it just fine!
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don't worry at all.
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I use the cover when they are little, like sitting to a year. Except my kids both somehow ALWAYS find the ONE little spot that isn't covered, and chew on it- Ew! If I don't have the cover, I don't worry about it too much. We just wash hands well when we get home.
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I never used a cover or wiped down a cart. Kids are too big for a cart now but they sat in them for many years. I never worried
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Stick them in the seat (no cover, no wiping). Then they climb out when I'm not looking (the second two did it at under a year old).

PS. I LOVE Sid the science kid. DD2 (3yo) was out in the snow the other day with a shovel that was too big for her. She put it under the snow, then pushed down on the handle. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "I made a lever!"
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I absolutely have to use the cover because the deli gives kids slices of cheese so I know all the carts have cheese residue on them and DD is severely allergic to dairy. With my older one sometimes I wouldn't use the cover, but I usually did because I liked the pocket for her snack and drink.
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Me... all three kids have sit in a grocery cart and have never had any illness because of it.
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I, also, have food allergic DD and used cover when she sat. Now at 3, she prefers her own cart and uses the sanitizer wipes to clean. Along with the cheese residue, our local store also serves cookies that are manufactured in facility with peanuts (another potential problem).
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Yea, never used a cover....never wiped the handle.
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No covers or wiping here, either.
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No Covers or wiping here either. Though I am pretty sure I have brought home a bug or two from it. We had a pretty bad stomach flu last winter after a shopping trip.
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I used the cover I it. I now wipe it off but ds is to big for it but he is a runner so I make him sit in it anyways He is a small 4yo but ehh I don't want to loose my Ds so people can give me weird looks I will also put him in the back of the cart only once in a while because evertime I do he gets a cold
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Never used a cover or wiped down the cart. I think maybe those anti-bacterial wipes they have near the carts scare me more than any germs? I don't want to touch them and then have to go wash my hands.

4 kids who have always sat in the cart and they are almost never sick... and when they are it consists of a low grade fever and they sleep a bit more for a day or two, that's it.

If I had a kid who was always coming down with something, I might do things differently. Like, put them in a baby carrier every single time, instead of use the seat in the cart.
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No covers or wiping here and we always used the seat. It never occured to me, and when I first saw a mother doing this I assumed her kid was immunocompromised, going through chemo, had allergies - something to make her want to take such precautions.

Now I realize that it's something folks with healthy kids do, too. I don't see the need for it, myself (except in situations like I mentioned.)
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