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My recipes are already posted.But,I wanted to add a tip that I love.


I learned,via Alton Brown,that using a loaf pan "steams" the meat loaf.


So,I experimented.Using the loaf pan to shape the meat,I put it on a larger broiling pan and flattened it a bit.


Alton is right!! the meat loaf came out very flavorful and with a crispiness around the edges with plenty of moisture.



Also,check your fat content.The dryness can come from using too low fat of a meat.I wouldn't recommend using all 15% fat ratio for instance.


Also,using tomato paste(contadina) instead of sauce gives lots of flavor.


Let us know what  your experiments lead to!





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pioneerwoman's recipe has you use a broiler pan, too, and I found the result last night to be just as you said- crispy on the outside, but moist in the middle.


I will say this, though-- the meatloaf wrapped in bacon might not be the best choice for those who eat meat but rarely.  :)  I had a hard time sleeping last night, and plenty of indigestion.  And I don't think that was just 1st trimester blues, though I'm sure that's part of it. 

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novaxnocirc.gifprolly....if meat is only eaten seldom....the quantity would be the main factor here....also the time in hours before you lay down.......I eat meat, only on occasion, and NEVER in the evening.....in fact...I have learned that, for me,(I'm OLD), my main meal is about 2 in the afternoon......while experimenting with this, I found I wasn't sleeping well, so I added greek yogurt in the evening, and this extra protein worked well for me....our bodies change with age, climate, stress, etc.....my nutrition is always a changing novel......sending peace

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