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CSAs in Metro Atlanta Area

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Hey everyone, I have been attempting to locate a CSA in the metro Atlanta area for this summer and have had no such luck on the usual websites I utilize for such queries. Would any of you mamas have any information you might be able to share? Thank you much.
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There are two in Athens, if you live on that side of town. If you can find someone to also join with you, so that you only have to go every other week, it might be fun. Lots of stuff to do in Athens to make a day of it.



I buy at the Suwanee farmers' market (again, I don't know what side of town you are on), and one of the farmers there runs a CSA. It's called It Began With a Seed, and the farmer is David White. His CSA is full for the year, but you can get on the list for next year (if a Suwanee pickup is convenient for you).
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There are a bunch of Atl CSAs on localharvest.org

We are going to do Two Mule Farm this year (we pick up in Lawrenceville but I think he delivers to Marietta too). It sounds like you are in-town. There are a ton of pick up sites. Here is a direct link to Atlanta ones. http://tinyurl.com/brnjp9
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We love ours!
They have a bunch of delivery sites and a really good variety of produce.
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I have been part of 2 CSA's direct with the farmers and now I am with a coop/CSA at http://localfoodstop.com/. Its all organic and as local as they can get it, but using some out of state produce as well. What I like most about it is that they offer 3-4 fruits and 6-7 veggies per week, you can order as often as you like without a huge commitment, they offer a small bag and a regular bag and you can sub items when needed. The quality has been outstanding, the coordinator is SO VERY ACCOMODATING. Here is the menu for this week:
Regular Bag: Lemons - 2-3 CT, Strawberries - 1 CT, Grapefruit Pink 2 CT, Tomatoes Grape 1 CT, Squash Yellow 1-2 CT, Mushrooms Baby Bella - 1 CT, Potatoes Sweet 1 - 1.5 #, Spinach Flat 1 CT, Beans Snap 1 #, Lettuce Redleaf 1 CT

Small Bag: Lemons - 2 CT, Strawberries - 1 CT, Lettuce Redleaf 1 CT, Tomatoes Grape 1 CT, Squash Yellow 1 CT, Spinach Flat 1 CT, Beans Snap .75#

You can also order coffee, spices, and honey, and bread, they are expanding to eggs, tea and cheese soon.

Here are the locations for pick-up currently (adding more in 2009):
Wednesday: 425 Market Place Antiques, 425 Market Place, Roswell, GA 30075
CSA pick-up hours: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Deadline to order: Tuesday 10:00am

Wednesday: Natural Food Warehouse, 10591 Old Alabama Connector, Alpharetta, GA 30022
CSA pickup hours: 11:00am -12:30pm
Deadline to order: Tuesday 10:00am
Thursday: Unitarian Universalist Church Metro Atlanta North 11420 Crabapple Road, Roswell, GA 30075
CSA pick-up hours: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Deadline to order: Tuesday 10:00am

Friday: Natural Food Warehouse, 6000 Medlock Bridge Pkwy, Johns Creek, GA 30022
CSA pickup hours: 12:30-2:00pm
Deadline to order: Tuesday 10:00am

Good luck! Heathy EAting!!
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If you are closer to the southside try Serenbe Farms they have a CSA for local pick up in Palmetto but I think I read they will have an Atlanta drop off this year too
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I have friends who use Gaia Gardens and love it - they do honey too. I am thinking about signing up for the CSA offered by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (sunday pickup after services). There are also a few local farmers markets in Atlanta that are nice if you don't want to commit to a CSA - We go to the one in downtown Decatur - Wed. afternoons until dark.
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we go to Cane Creek Farm in south Forsyth county. They are awesome and have a few different delivery locations for their summer share (www.canecreekfarm.net). The website has info; they are organic and Lynn (the farmer) offers classes on organic farming. Plus it is really fun to actually go out to the farm with the kiddos...they have chickens, lambs, etc.
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