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I would try the Maca magic powder. My container costs asround $19.00 @ my local health food store and isn't much different from their website.
just google maca magic.

I take two teaspoons a day, and it lasts.
I'm not sure how long this container should last bc I don't know how to do the conversion, but i can tell you its definitely over a month.

I have my husband on the capsules of maca, not maca magic, but another brand. I think its NOW brand. I may change to another (better) brand for him because i can't get him to take the powder..

I do not mind the powder AT ALL. I just mix it in a little water and shoot it back.

I'm convinced the cycles I was on maca, they were a little shorter. I kinda got lazy and stopped taking it before this month (and got lazy with my whole regime of exercising, eating low GI, etc.) and my cycles went back up to 38 days the past two cycles.

I'm not fooling around anymore, and i really want to try to stick to things, and I believe the Maca makes a difference in me.

fyi, i have 'mild' pcos.
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Hi Leelo! Thanks for the message. I ended up getting the Maca Magic capsules/ 500mg each. It sounds like I may need to take 6 capsules a day though... maybe I will try the powder after the first month.

I have DOR issues... have had three miscarriages since last November, one chemical and two after we detected a heart beat. My FSH has been high since my loss in February (not sure if it was prior to that or not), and my cycles all wacky with low AFC. I don't know that this will help me, but figure it's worth a shot and if anything it may help with the night sweats I get some months due to low estrogen. I never thought I would be going through all of this at 34 years that's for sure!

I have also considered taking vitex, even bought some fertility blend that I haven't taken. I guess I am just scared of it messing things up worse... not that they could get any worse I suppose.

Thanks again!
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I would not do the vitex. I'd try the MACA first since it is known to stabilize things. Have you gotten any insight in to the miscarriage issues? If you see an RE, they will take hormone levels once you are pregnant especially with a history of previous miscarriages. Maybe they can address the problem?

I would also start a post addressing your issues if you haven't already.
There is so much advice and support on here!

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After re-reading, I can see that you've gotten your hormones tested.

Are you being seen by an OB or an RE once pregnant? If possible, i'd move to an RE since they can better address the hormonal/low AFC issues.

I'm sorry for your losses.

The bright side is that you know you can get pregnant!

I wish the best for you.

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