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Facial numbness/tingling?

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Okay, I know it's 9:30 pm on Christmas Eve and probably no one is on here but me, but maybe someone will read this and have some idea...

I've started (as of yesterday) having this weird "wave" of tingling/numbness spread over my face at random intervals. It begins at the top of my neck and spreads over my face to just about the bridge of my nose.

I'm both exhausted from lack of sleep and suffering major caffeine withdrawals, so I'm thinking those might contribute.

I've done google searches to no avail (though did find some strange fetish sites on a "facial numbness" search : ).

Anyone have any ideas? The only thing that pops to mind is stroke, but I'm not having any other symptoms.

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If that is your only symptom, and it is an isolated event, I probably wouldn't worry too much. Especially since you are tired and stressed, because that can affect your body in very strange ways.

But, if doesn't go away I would have it checked out. It could be something neurological. I say this because I have epilepsy and that sounds very close to what happens to me before a seizure. The right side of my face starts to tingle, and it spreads down my neck. My mouth also seems to be paralyzed.

I hope this didn't scare you, that is not my intent. If you have any questions feel free to ask. My advice would be to be aware of it, but don't worry. Get some rest and see what happens.
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I agree with everything ReadingMom wrote. It does sound more neurological than stroke-related, but stress can induce any number of neurological events. Get some good rest and if it doesn't resolve in a few days, visit a health care practitioner.

*sending you restful sleep vibes*

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A friend of mine had Bell's Palsy and it started with facial tingling, but it's generally only one sided. She made a full recovery, but it took about 3 months. I would suggest too that you go and be checked out to make sure it's nothing serious.
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